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eBay Roundup 2018: Trends, Marketing, Tools, Problems and Seller Stories

By Andy Geldman

eBay Roundup 2018: Trends, Marketing, Tools, Problems and Seller Stories

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Eric Murphy

Eric Murphy

1 year ago

You guys should do a story exposing the real workings of eBay returns especially with regard to getting a shipping refund when eBay agrees buyer used inaccurate return reason or in cases where eBay allows you to take a restocking fee when return comes back broken and useless. Let me explain what most sellers do not know because eBay is very shady in how they present it. eBay: You can take up to 50% restocking fee if buyer returns item in different condition that you mailed it in. -Fallacies: 1) you must get the returning buyer to admit they altered or damaged your item otherwise ebay will not side with you. 2) You must offer free returns so you are out the return shipping which is not recoupable. 3) If you end up taking 1 penny for your destroyed item eBay will then keep your entire final value fee. So lets look at an example of a sale. You sell an item for 100.00 and it has a COGS of 50 as that is a pretty standard margin. In order to be come up well in searches you are offering free shipping and returns which is also sold to you… Read more »

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