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eBay SEO: 20 Tips to Improve Your eBay Search Ranking

By Matthew Ferguson

Here’s how to get to the top of eBay’s search results, from listing optimization and advertising, to product identifiers and item specifics.

eBay SEO: 20 Tips to Improve Your eBay Search Ranking

Succeed on eBay and maximize profits with the best software for SEO, analytics, feedback, listing design and optimization.





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Darko Zoric

The very very best article about ebay SEO I have ever read, and the most usefull about ebay in general, and I have read a hunderds of articles about ebay on plenty of websites. It is explaining in simple hard facts every important aspect a seller should know to optimise the sales on ebay. Thank you very much Mr. Ferguson. Regards from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Replying to Darko Zoric

Agreed, I have also read a few on eBay SEO and this one is to the point and mentions a lot that the others don’t.


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