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50+ Predictions for Ecommerce in 2017

By Andy Geldman

50+ Predictions for Ecommerce in 2017

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Igor Nusinovich

Igor Nusinovich

3 years ago

That’s a nice compilation!

IMHO there are still 2 important points missing:

1. From the multi-channeling point of view: There is an active move to multi-step marketing and branded eCommerce. This means the switch from multi-channel to cross-channel marketing. On one side, sellers become exposed to more channels and have to react quickly to new opportunities and markets. On the other side, there is a danger of uncertainty for the sellers in the specific channel, as they are not always able to adjust to the marketplace-introduced changes. This leads sellers to the need of more dedicated community, independent from the specific marketplaces. This is done by higher awareness to post-selling touch with clients, mail and social marketing, and a rise of dedicated points of sale, such as branded website.

2. For the industry-wise eCommerce: The rising competition requires the sellers to stand out professionally, providing specialized high-quality content to buyers. Etailing as a profession extends from the eCommerce rules knowledge to the industry-related specialization. This also will require sellers to use more tailored solutions for selling, providing them comparative advantage in their specific industry.


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