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Complying with EU Product and Labeling Regulations: A Complete Guide

By Fredrik Gronkvist

EU product regulations can be incredibly complex. Here's an overview of the main standards and requirements, and what happens if you are not compliant.

Complying with EU Product and Labeling Regulations: A Complete Guide

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Charlie Tan

Charlie Tan

3 years ago

We require our Electric motor Vendor to submit certificate of conformity especially on EMC Compatibility directives. This includes HV & LV motors. imported from China. Seems they have a hard time meeting the conformity requirement. Are these motors not required to conform to EU EMC directives? What are the options?

Hi Charlie,

This is the case in most industries. The vast majority of suppliers in China don’t have a clue about EU product safety standards.

That doesn’t mean that the product is exempt.

I don’t know which specific EN standards apply in this case, but my only advise is to keep looking for suppliers.

Perhaps, work with larger batches of suppliers, until you have a few with a verified compliance track record.

Paul V. Rosa

Paul V. Rosa

1 year ago

Two years ago I watched the movie Brexit. In as much as it is only a few more days until the deadline arrives, I decided to watch it again. It made a great many claims about the heavily bureaucratized regulations on all manner of products. I tried to find some examples of regulation for particular products but don’t really know where to look.

I’m a citizen if the USA and am just trying to understand some of the issues. I have no financial or personal interests in these matters.

What struck me about the movie was the plight of the fisherman. Was the claim it made accurate: that local fisheries were barred from fishing the waters off British shores but that non-EU members could fish without limitations?
Were the enormous numbers of laws mentioned also accurate? Some of the graphics seemed a bit heavy-handed.
There seemed to be a few internal contradictions in that movie.
What surprises me is that the EU never made a counter effort to refute those claims in as “populist” a way as the movie did, if they were inaccurate.

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