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Are FBA Limits Killing New Product Launches?

By Andy Geldman

Fulfillment centers are full to bursting and Amazon has been ramping up storage limits to try and get the problem under control. Sellers are suffering.

Are FBA Limits Killing New Product Launches?

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Jeff B

If you sell on Amazon, you have to dance to Amazon’s tune. When you see that something like this is coming you can’t just ignore it and carry on regardless, you have to come up with a strategy to work around it. If US sellers continue to complain about Amazon not being nice to them instead of figuring out how to overcome the restrictions and work within the rules, then there will be nothing but Chinese sellers left. We compete with Chinese sellers and it doesn’t take a genius to see what they did with their new product launches after… Read more »

Kristin K

Replying to Jeff B

Well you would say that wouldnt you?

Richard J

Replying to Jeff B

“When you see that something like this is coming you can’t just ignore it and carry on regardless” The article stated that Amazon is changing its mode of operation with little notice. How do you “see” something like 6 weeks to get additional inventory checked in? Businesses like mine depend on Amazon to be the same day after day, every day of the year. It is up to Amazon to add resources to avoid bottlenecks. It isn’t up to third party sellers to “help” Amazon with their problems. Look, the market is ripe for a valid competitor to Amazon. And… Read more »

Pro Seller

FBA is still hands down the best way to sell on Amazon. You gotta be kidding me if you think im gonna be waist deep in packaging tape and boxes all day long.


Replying to Pro Seller

You missed the worst part. Amazon penalized sellers with yet another fee if we dont remove what they consider excess regardless of seasonality. We sell toys and have been hit with $1500 in excess fees every month since this started because our IPI was below 500. Now that we are running out of FBA inventory our IPI is just going down like a rock. It is an endless loop, catch 22.


We’ve been affected by this too. Our best selling products were selling 100+ per day. Amazon would not allow us to send in more than 131 units of each. Between our 3P warehouse, Amazon, and the Courier service, it’s a 5 week turn around of getting stock into Amazon right now. That means Amazon, and us, lost out on a huge amount of sales this year.

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