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Multi-Million FBA and Private Label Seller Will Tjernlund

By Andy Geldman

Multi-Million FBA and Private Label Seller Will Tjernlund

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One thing I’d like to know is how he find american manufacturers and suppliers. I did the googling thing but most of the time, the result I get are for pretty useless stuff…
I wish there was a single place like alibaba where you can find america manufacturers and suppliers.

Will Tjernlund

Replying to kent_cool

Hey Kent,

The best way to look for american suppliers is by looking for high sales velocity products that are not fulfilled by Amazon yet


Excellent post! Very informative… and VERY motivational. Took a lot of good gold nuggets from this one.


Replying to James



Enjoyed reading your article and insight. We manufacture our own product, a high quality home improvement type product. We sell on Amazon, as well as other places. We currently have someone that is piggybacking on a bunch of our listings offer our product at 2-3 times our selling price. We know they have to have us fulfill it if they get an order as we produce it in house and don’t have resellers. We have our brand registered on Amazon. How would you recommend that we get them off the listing. Amazon doesn’t seem to care. We do though as… Read more »

Will Tjernlund

Replying to Dave

They do not have your product in stock. I deal with the same kind of people. They usually have around 20,000 listings and sell everything at 2-3 times market price. They are hoping you run out of stock, and a customer accidentally buys the product at the crazy high price. Then they order the item from you at normal price, ship it to the customer and keep the difference. Essentially online arbitrage

Tell Amazon that they are selling counterfeit products. Amazon HATES counterfeit products! If you say that in your complaint, Amazon will most likely take down their listing


Replying to Will Tjernlund

Thanks Will! We filed a report, but only listed one ASIN, but stated that all of our products being sold by this party were counterfeit. They removed the one ASIN, so we’ll be working on submitting all of them today. Best regards.


Replying to Dave

Hi Dave, we have had the same issue. We submitted a violation report via Seller Central and have received the standard ‘we will look into it but won’t tell you the outcome for privacy reasons’ response. Two weeks have passed and the hijacker is still there. Was this the report you filled in? Or is there another for counterfeit claims? Cheers


Replying to Will Tjernlund


I saw your last comment last night, but you must have removed it. The link to the report form is https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/reports/infringement.

So, the day after we had the initial item removed, we figured we have to fill out the form for every item. In the initial report, we stated that the party had 140 items of ours. We were busy for most of the day working on other things, but when I went to verify the ASINS, Amazon had removed them from all of our listings!

Hope this helps. Thank you again for your insight.



Replying to Dave

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply. I did not remove my comment so not sure what has happened there! Yes that is the same report we filled out. It has been two weeks and have not heard a thing from Amazon and the hijacker is still there. I have contacted Amazon and all they say is it is being managed by their ‘concerned team’ and that I will not be told what happens! This has occurred twice before as well, and submitting this form has not achieved the objective. Very frustrating!




Replying to Dave

Amazon will make you buy their product and submit a counterfeit claim with pictures, evidence, etc.

Katie Watson

Replying to Dave

Those people doing this make me so frustrated. I turn them in all the time. The worst part is if they have higher metrics then you and so they are able to edit your listing. I report them for trademark violation etc. I did have an interesting conversation with a seeker support person who had an “unofficial” suggestion for the problem of these companies piggy backing on our listings and then marking the price up 2-3 times. This rep said to purchase one from them and immediately afterwards make your product to out of stock. This piggy backer drop shipper… Read more »


Replying to Dave

They probably are piggybacking on your listing not because they actually want to sell the product but to see your page views. They price higher so people don’t buy from them.

They can run a report and it will tell them how many page views your listing has received. Then they can estimate your sales by assuming an 8-10% conversion rate of page views. If your sales look attractive then they may add a similar product in that category.


Replying to Dave

Dear Dave.
I have the same problem. After too many hours on amazon, I was told to buy the other peoples product , take pictures and then send them to amazon legal.
They will have them stop selling your product.
Catalog Dept told me about it.
The legal is the only way to stop it.


Replying to Dave

You would need to first – purchase the product from the piggybacker and get it shipped to you.. then determine if in fact it is YOUR product they fullfilled… make copious notes and plenty of photos and contact SC and make your complaint.. this is how they can be certain the piggybacker is really selling your product. Hope this helps…


Replying to Dave

This is very annoying, but don’t worry, it’s fairly easy to remove.
Just place an order from them, and open a case.
Explain that the product is different and that should do the trick.
Also, if you hold a trademark, you can write a cease and desist letter, and it scares most sellers.


Hi Will, thanks for sharing your inspiration story. We are generating around 30% of our sale from Amazon marketplace and our focus is on eBay. After reading your post, we will start putting in more time in Amazon FBA. Just like to know can you share your experience with the “outsource” which do the product posting for you in Amazon. How do you really manage them and know that they are putting in the right search keywords in titles? What sort of information you need to provide for them to work.

Justin Cooke

Hey Will, thanks for the Empire Flippers shout!

I remember you emailing me when you were getting out of college and just getting started. Looks like you’re CRUSHING it on Amazon, man – congrats on the success!



Great information for a seller who is doing a good business, but could be doing much better.

Some of this information is very helpful in getting to the next level, or someone just starting out.

Thanks much!

Lisa Marie Blaskie

Will Thank you for your story it was nice to see that we are already doing some of the things you list and great to see new ideas.

I have had several successes in my past including corporate and my own businesses. A few failures along with big successful ventures.

Now I’m a 60 plus lady with high energy and dreams still out there and have people like you too motivate me.

Thank you!


Hi Will, from a fellow Minnesotan and UofM alumni (Twin Cities campus)!

No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get to your FBA Expert website. I tried every link in the article and typed it in myself as well.

Also, I’m writing a couple of books on Amazon FBA, so I’d love to interview you and feature you. You can email me and/or respond on Facebook.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Will Tjernlund

Replying to Shelley

Hey Shelley.

You caught me in the middle of a redesign ha!

email me at william tjernlund at gmail.com

Jeff Shapiro

Hi Will,
Amazing information.


Larry Mekus

I read this article 3 times already. What an inspirational success story. Do you have any plans to offer training or anything in that line. I want to enroll and learn from the best.

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