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Free eBay Selling Tools for Market Research and Creating Listings

By Alex Knight

Alex Knight walks us through the best FREE apps for eBay market research, and listing new and used items. Will his gnomes find new homes?

Free eBay Selling Tools for Market Research and Creating Listings

Succeed on eBay and maximize profits with the best software for SEO, analytics, feedback, listing design and optimization.





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Great article. I thought I’d give WowLister a try. It fails every time due to the Amazon item not normally having a UPC, and therefore the UPC field in the eBay listing is blank. It does not create an eBay draft for me to edit and finalize. Am I missing something here? Thank you.

Doug Feigelson

Replying to Robert

HI Robert,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We’ve heard of this issue, but it certainly shouldn’t be happening on every item. Can you email us the ASIN you’re trying to list at


Kevin Fennell

Great Article. I will be looking into a few of these. However, I was hoping you had any information on a good listing/inventory software (for free). I have been using TurboLister forever but have always found it to be a very clumsy and basic program. I am finding myself listing in the hundreds and soon thousands. I need a good system to show me what is currently listed and what is not, ending dates, etc. I need good information because I find myself double listing a lot of items and costing me a lot of time. Any suggestions.


Thanks for the research – I’m looking for a replacement for Turbo Lister (eBay Seller Hub is NOT a replacement), which is how I found it. I guess price research would sometimes be of use to me, but apart from that, all I want is a listing tool. I have no “customers” to analyse. I have no Sales Performance to analyse. I have no expenses/margins/profits to analyse. I have no repeat items where click-through and conversion rates would tell me anything I could learn from. I don’t want a CRM system. I need to read your reviews in more detail,… Read more »


Replying to Mike


I’m like you…what listing aid did you finally decide to use??


Hi there,
Great article. It seems like ListingsHistory may have stopped being supported or has been abandoned. I have signed up, twice with two different ID’s and email accounts. Their confirmation email never arrives and you cannot complete the sign-up process without that email. Its a pity because I found what I was researching but couldnt access the sales details.

Pete Randall

ShelfTrend looks worthwhile however creating a free account even for any short period just doesn’t provide you enough functionality to truly test the software. I simply won’t subscribe where a company is not prepared to you fully test the software. Not worth adding ShelfTrend to this article in my opinion.


Need to update your reviews. The free software is no longer free.

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