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The Future of Distribution – How Products Will Get to Markets

By Jake Rheude

The Future of Distribution – How Products Will Get to Markets

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Very cool & thought-provoking article. Great read


An insightful article. Possibilities are many. Feasibility is the key. That entirely depends on local market structures and culture and may differ from place to place. The next key issue is the need. That, would define the cost of time and whether a particular product delivery is underlined with urgency. The third issue is at what costs. If any disruption or a change results into more complexity, unease, reskilling of traditional workforce, investments in infrastructure and the margins, the markets would shun these. Hence, considering the differential in margins from a producer to the retailer, in the chain, the question that would arise is whether the change proposed is sustainable. The fourth issue is about the customer. With an overdose of technology, if the life of a consumer is destined to complacency, complexity, unease, hassle and a bot, the consumer would move away. Humans, though while appreciating the deployment of technology for the betterment, quality, efficiency, cost reduction and overall standardization of processes, wherever needed, they would despise anything that disrupts their established comfort and routine. Excessive deployment of technology driven by investment capacity alone but fraught with misconceptions is bound for failure.

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