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Amazon, eBay and Beyond: Hello Baby’s Cross Border Trade Story

By Trevor Ginn

Amazon, eBay and Beyond: Hello Baby’s Cross Border Trade Story

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Excellent article. Thank you for sharing your secrets and tips.

We trade on most of the eBay and Amazon international sites and have been approached by CDiscount. We also use Volo and are planning to give CDiscount a try when integrated so your thoughts and experiences were appreciated.


Fabulous article, great info given to save me hours of research.

I am looking to expand too as I see lots of interest in my products too

If we put Ebay and Amazon as 1st and 2nd marketplaces, which other marketplaces would you rank 3rd , 4th and 5th for a UK seller


Trevor Ginn

Replying to Anna

3. Cdiscount
4. Bol


Great Article, I found it difficult getting into some of the marketplaces without a business address, What third party can point me in the right direction ?

Trevor Ginn

Replying to Jacob

No address, can’t you use your home address??


Really good article.
One strategy i see some successful merchants use is to sell on all markets amazon are active in, then list on the biggest marketplace in that country.
So lets take Japan, since there is Amazon.jp with Amazon fulfilment centres in Japan, some sellers are selling on Rakuten whilst using FBA to fulfil orders from Rakuten.
The same strategy is applied to many countries which has Amazon fulfilment centres.
This approach relieves the shipping needs even and the warehouse costs.
Hope it helps.

Trevor Ginn

Replying to prince

I have thought about using FBA in USA, CA, JP and also multi country inventory but there are two issues with this:

1. Managing stock levels in multiple locations. Not impossible, but another headache to deal with
2. Importing into countries outside the EU. This requires dealing with duty, importers etc

Stuart Cohen

Thanks for the excellent article.

We have found so far that while our sales on Amazon.uk were good, they didn’t scale to Germany. We were doing all fulfillment from the UK. We suspect it’s better to have your goods placed locally in each country rather than shipping them from the UK. Has that been your experience? We just never got any momentum in Germany, even with search terms etc.

Trevor Ginn

Replying to Stuart Cohen

It is probably best having inventory locally, but this requires managing stock levels in multiple locations. For the moment we are using the Amazon Fulfilment network (AFN) in Europe

José Leonardo

Very interesting.

We are based in Mexico and want to sell / ship to the USA. Is that possible with Amazon without using Amazon fulfillment?

Trevor Ginn

Replying to José Leonardo

You should just be able to ship into states via airmail if you are set up for a Amazon.com selling account (available through your Amazon North American unified account)


Hi Trevor,

Thank you for sharing this very rich article. I had never acknowledged other platforms outside of amazon.

On Cdiscount, how does handling the inventory work exactly? Does it have a fulfilment system “a la” FBA?


Trevor Ginn

Cdiscount does have a fulfilment service : CLoqistique: http://www.cdiscount.com/clogistique.html

so does bol.com: https://www.bol.com/nl/m/service/logistiek/index.html


Replying to Trevor Ginn

Hi Trevor, Thanks for your very generous sharing of information. We have been expanding into the Amazon European marketplaces since July 2015 and, while there are constant problems with corrupted or disappearing listings and bullet points, we are making progress and are doubling down on that strategy. Our present hang-up is VAT tax. In 2015 we fulfilled everything out of the UK, though we also took orders over the Amazon.de platform. I lumped these German sales into my UK sales and paid the 20% VAT tax on the whole lot of them to the UK. I did not file a… Read more »

Simon Grey

Replying to ScarfKing

I have a solution for your VAT issues.

If you sell in these countries your immediately liable if you use FBA. (something Amazon don’t tell you)

Please contact me if you would like to know more.


Replying to Simon Grey

Hi Simon,

I would be interested in the solution if you dont mind sharing.


Simon Grey

Very good article.

I am a one man band and get a little swamped.

I am interested in the French Channels and Bol

I wonder if there is a third party that knows these systems and can set these up for me. Rather me learning each channel.

Any ideas?

Dave H

Thank you so much for the GREAT article. I just shared it privately with a group of merchants I am linked to. Question for you regarding eBay. You use a master eBay account, but you then have separate language translations for each country. 1. How? How do you create a separate listings by country from within one account? “Now we use a single eBay account and have localised eBay listings for each country – translated into the local language.” 2. Do you then do local fulfillment (from Amazon or otherwise) in those countries? I imagine a French buyer would be… Read more »

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