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International Ecommerce: My Top Ten Myths

By Matthew Ferguson

The aspects of cross-border ecommerce that sellers often misunderstand include strategy, translation, returns, taxes and duties, shipping and more.

International Ecommerce: My Top Ten Myths

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Matthew, many thanks for your insightful post. It covers very well all of the key pressure points for brands or retailers that want to sell across the globe via platforms/ marketplaces today. Allow me to add some comments from my side: re myth #1: excellent point regarding ebay GSP and Returns handling. Yes this is a large issue, especially in e-commerce. However, there are fulll-service multichannel Saas software/ service companies that also can do the whole fulfilment piece for you incl. returns handling and billing (across Europe). As additional interesting insight, based on our experience of dealing with both French and german platforms, return rates in France are a lot lower than in Germany (at least for apparel and jewellry). re myth #3: One of the big things that I think needs to be understood here as well is that if your brand is unknown in a foreign country, of course there will be the need to invest into markting to get visibility. Most of the platforms offer Marketing packages (especially the so called closed platforms like Zalando) who have steep prices but also offer a lot of visibility to end consumers. re myth #10: You mention some of the… Read more »

Matthew Ferguson

Matthew Ferguson

4 years ago

Thank you!!

Good point on Myth 1. There are nuances and other options of course. A platform provider is always useful to scale. Centralising your procedures reduces risks and considerably increases the potential to grow the bottom line without growing the overhead. Do you use any?

On Myth 3, this is very true. Building a Brand in a new market is a very long term game you must play, using a combination of tactics and strategies. What strategies have worked best for you here?

For Myth 10, I admittedly have never liked aggregating, but it can be a good short term or middle-ground choice. I think it relates to your strategy.

Ashlee Hughes

Ashlee Hughes

4 years ago

Hi Matthew,

Thank you so much for this article. I was wondering if I could ask you a question by email? Thank you for your time.

Ashlee H.

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