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How to Choose an Automatic Repricing Tool for Amazon or eBay

By Andy Geldman

Andy Geldman explains how to set competitive prices while minimizing effort and maximizing profit.

How to Choose an Automatic Repricing Tool for Amazon or eBay

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Prabhat Shah

A good one to read folks. I am looking forward to have live discussion on this topic tomorrow 7- 8 pm with #oswtalk

Jack Phillips

Interesting read. However, one area that is not addressed in terms of repricing is the effect it could have on customer perceptions. One of the reasons we have not embraced repricing tools is the potential for customers to pay one price and see it lower, from us, the next day. Most of my customers will need to by many of our products regularly and I am hoping to convert them to our website. Additionally, Amazon, at least in the US, doesn’t allow you to have a higher price on Amazon than your lower price on any other site. So, you… Read more »


As a seller for 15 years I tell you this article is perfectly written and extremely informative. Congratulations and keep the good writing.

SpaceWare Support

Hi Andy,
Your list appears to omit AMan Pro which has repricing as well as order and listing management. AMan Pro has a free, fully functioning 21 day trial and costs $49.99 per month or $499 per year regardless of the number of SKUs.

Kevin –


Thanks for this, Andy. It’s a great overview of repricing tools. Easily the best one out there.


great article. im new to this and it has given me a lot of helpful info to start with. thank you


A good and fair article Andy. A little tip I learned when I used to drop ship (I now solely buy in products). There was another seller who carried the same products from the same drop shipper. Whereas my repricer was set to ‘price match’ +/- 10% of my RRP the other seller would undercut by 1p. This was just a race to the bottom until I was selling everything at 90% of RRP. I therefore set the repricer to be +2p and sure enough my price increased by 1p every hour and so did his until several days later… Read more »

casey xiao-morris

I am shopping for a repricer. I would like to know how Splitly compares with the tools you mentioned.

Thank you

casey xiao-morris

Replying to Andy Geldman

Hello Andy, I can not say enough how much I enjoyed the article. I read it again today. I have a few more questions for you if you do not mind: 1. has a repricer called Profit Peak. what do you think of them? 2. I own 100% buy box of my products. I believe it is still beneficial for me to use repricer to stay competitive. do you agree? Which repricers would you recommend, that is specialized in gaining competitiveness rather than Buy Box? 3. I intend to find out the optimal price to charge for my products>… Read more »


On June 26th I read the updated version of this article that was posted. It had a nice matrix chart showing all the repricers, each benifit and cost. I did not take a screen shot but I wish I did.

It appears that the chart has been removed or the link to it. Is there a way I can get it back? It was very helpful and I wasn’t expecting it to disappear after I bookmarked this article.


Replying to Andy Geldman

Thanks Andy for the quick response.

I do understand the reason but I don’t have the time to study all of them or subscribe to their trial period as some of them don’t tell you the cost up front.

If anyone does take the time to put the matrix back together, please share.



Hi Andy,
I’m currently contemplating on selling on the website which was recently purchased by Amazon. I would like to know what advise can you offer me on repricer tools that will be compatible with a platform other than EBay or Amazon?

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