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Diversify with Multiple Marketplaces, Your Own Store and Social Media

By Andy Geldman

The main marketplaces are hyper-competitive and ultra-demanding. Is it time to protect your business by selling through multiple channels?

Diversify with Multiple Marketplaces, Your Own Store and Social Media

Control, automate and simplify your business with the best systems for managing multichannel inventory, customers and orders.





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3 years ago

Yes, it’s very important to establish an independent business online. I was selling on etsy, and had my store closed over night – cause they claimed that it didn’t comply with etsy marketplace policies.
I contacted customer support, but there was zero court of appeal, and my etsy account was terminated!
They basically burnt my store to the ground over night. A digital arson attack.
So all the months of effort building my etsy store, and researching that marketplace have been wasted. Selling on third party marketplaces cannot be the core of your business. You are entirely at the whims of their support team and management. All might go well for a while, “and then one fine day…”
Become independent. Just use these marketplaces for small sales – don’t give them huge commissions. Then follow-up your customers by email, and direct them to your own store for large-ticket purchases.

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