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How Average Can Be Exceptional: Neil Waterhouse on Building a Million-Dollar eBay Business

By Andy Geldman

How Average Can Be Exceptional: Neil Waterhouse on Building a Million-Dollar eBay Business

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At what stage do you use an ebay store? Surely you wouldn’t have a store if you only sold 2 products.

Jack Phillips

Replying to Arthur

Assuming you mean an eBay store the decision is when the listing fees you save with a store are more than without it. Not sure that an eBay store adds enormous value otherwise. For us, it allows us to group large number of products in categories so that customers can shop our items exclusively.


Replying to Jack Phillips

Having an ebay store lets you have ‘good til cancelled’ listings which is crucial if you wish to keep your sales history. If you have a popular product, at the end of your listing period you have to create an entirely new listing and work your way back up to the top spot for those keywords. If a competitor comes along with the same product and they have good til cancelled listings you will have a very hard time every month trying to get above them in best match.

Excellent article with some fabulous info – especially your analysis of how Cassini works. Your explanation “fits” my own observations more than anything else I have read. It really has become much more “Google-like”. Many thanks!

I agree that the landed cost of an imported good is the hardest to see and requires the largest leap of faith.

Geoff Salsbury

Excellent article and very informative, I will re read it over and over so that it all sinks in. Extremely useful advice!


Neil Waterhouse never fails to impress with his sales savvy and i recommend all prospective and current ebay retailers read or listen to something that he’s written or said.. .. even if you learn a little, you’ll learn a lot. thanks again Neil 🙂


Great article. Thanks Andy and Neil. Great overview reinforcing the foundations of good business and ecommerce.


Great article.

You referenced that if you have an existing established account, when you create a new account you can make a phone call to eBay and they will cross-link the two and remove your limitations.

What limitations are we referring to here?


Paulette Caruana

How much will it cost to set up a web sit with the virtual assistants from the philipines? Just an estimate.

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