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How To Optimize Amazon PPC Campaigns and Find Untapped Keywords

By Franz Jordan

Franz Jordan explains how to optimize your cost per click and reveals the best method for finding long-tail keywords with untapped potential.

How To Optimize Amazon PPC Campaigns and Find Untapped Keywords

Grow your Amazon business with the best tools for optimizing listings, managing ads, improving your feedback and much more.





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Jack Phillips

It seems ridiculous that you need to purchase ads on Amazon on top of their high selling fees (and outlandish fees if you use their FBA service). Looks like to me that if you are paying them 15%, which is the fee in the US for my niche, then they should be working to drive traffic to you. On eBay, I pay 3.5%, plus about 2.7% for PayPal. They also offer an ads service which I don’t participate in for the same reasons.


Replying to Jack Phillips

Actually, the fees can be MUCH higher if you do Fulfillment by Amazon. You have the Amazon fee at about 15% and then the FBA fee which is about 20%–then add the advertising fees on top of that…it’s about 45% of your revenue goes right back to Amazon. Gulp.


Replying to Jack Phillips

Very true Jack


You said “On eBay, I pay 3.5%, plus about 2.7% for PayPal”.

Wow, you must be in a low comission niche? Most categories are around 9 to 11% + Paypal fee.

Ebay+Paypal combined fees are slightly cheaper than Amazon fees. However, the traffic is less too!

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