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Twelve Tips For Your Product Sourcing Strategy

By Andy Geldman

Twelve Tips For Your Product Sourcing Strategy

Find and purchase profitable inventory with the best tools for market research, product analysis, importing and wholesale.





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lester Ingram

GREAT JOB…Best stuff I have read in months…Good common sense , straight to the point, Super informative…Good bunch of guys, I feel the wisdom.. A BIG THANKS to everyone….

lester Ingram

Has anyone felt any changes , since the Chinese stock market crashed ?

cameron scott

Hi a message for Andrew Youderians comment on dropshipping. Andrew mentions we dont really need to have a new website for it to be a great dropshipping wholesaler. but ive been told differently & wonder how you would get around inventory without a dynamic website that updates daily, phoning a company 2 x a day doesn’t cut it especially if your only purchasing one or two products at a time.

Andy North

Ok, not a business-related comment this one but, as image is also important, allow me. You write: “…if your store compliments their image…” Compliments? Really?!?

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