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How Should I Promote My Products To Drive More Sales on Amazon and eBay?

By Matthew Ferguson

Matthew Ferguson evaluates Kelvin’s eBay and Amazon listings, to help him increase his conversion rate and keep his watch business ticking on.

How Should I Promote My Products To Drive More Sales on Amazon and eBay?

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Chad Wooters

I say Kelvin K.’s behavior is completely unethical. He is essentially going behind the backs of his own customers and undercutting them. Eventually, he will lose all his retail outlets. People who don’t dance with the one that brung’em end up leaving the party alone. No retailer in their right mind would continue to buy from Kelvin. He needs to decide if he is a wholesaler or a retailer. You cannot be both. If a wholeseller does wish to offer their products directly to the public then they should never ever offer their goods below MSRP.

PayPal Terminator

The answer is simple you dont. thats why your paying ebay 20% of everything you sell in listing fees. Its their job and if your not selling its not because of them its you. The only way a buyer buys something is if its something they want. Point blank. you can list 10000 things and if no one wants them, your stuck with them. You dont pick the product line, the product line picks you. First you select a category you want to sell, then research that category for products. Second ask yourself what products of that category do the products sell the most. Go on Ebay,etc and find a keyword search. If want to sell speakers, type in a brand of speakers and search for sellers who sell a bunch of items. Look at their past sales and choose products have sold lot.

There’s software like Hammertap (was once good and now is garbage) but Terapeak is a software package that looks at sales, product categories and past sales. Start there.

PayPal Terminator

Word of advise. Dont believe all these things, oh we can put your website listed first, or spend $$$ and we’ll optimization, asin pay per click, etc. They are all costly. The bottom line is that if someone wants a product they are going to buy it from the cheapest source possible. You have these thieves out there that will charge based on Cost Per Click (CPC). They start at 50 cents and go up from there. that means that company gets $.50 cents to whatever you agree to for cost when some clicks a link that brings them to your store. Your still charged the fee, regardless of the buyer buys something or not. $20 with 100 clicks and no sales you still ow 100 clicks x 50 cents per click!


We will have to agree to disagree.

This statement is false: “The bottom line is that if someone wants a product they are going to buy it from the cheapest source possible”

It implied everyone is hunting everywhere until they find the cheapest. Thats simply not true buyer behaviour for all. Many buyers are platform centric. Many value quality and ease of purchase. Many value a safer transaction they trust will come on time over a cheap alternative they must sign up for on an unknown entity.

Some do game the system. Most dont. You cannot skip an entire proven valuable marketing weapon because a few abuse it.

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