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My Top Five Tactics for Rapid Product Testing on the Amazon Marketplace

By Danny McMillan

Product selection isn’t about hitting the bullseye first time. It’s about experimentation, data and trying again. Danny McMillan explains his approach.

My Top Five Tactics for Rapid Product Testing on the Amazon Marketplace

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hsin cheu

The advice in this article is complete BS. The recommendations are not realistic and is guaranteed to cause your Amazon business to fall of a cliff. A huuuuge cliff.

Andy Geldman

Replying to hsin cheu

Hi, thanks for the comment. We welcome all opinions here, including negative ones, but it would be fairer if you can be more specific – what do you mean by “realistic”?

I hope you appreciate that the advice is for product testing only, not real product launches.

Also, there’s no need to reply to yourself under a different name with comments like “This guy ^^ knows whats up”.


As Andy said.

Happy to hear all opinions. Feel free to contribute your points in greater detail.

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