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29+ States Are Bringing in Sales Tax Economic Nexus. Are You Ready?

By Jane Fazackarley

Sales tax will never be the same again after South Dakota v. Wayfair, as a majority of states jump on this new opportunity to tax remote sellers.

29+ States Are Bringing in Sales Tax Economic Nexus. Are You Ready?
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1 year ago

I am right in presuming that this is just for sellers (online) in the US not UK

Hi Phil, great question! Most of these legislative updates applies to sellers who are based anywhere (remote sellers) and meet one of the thresholds that would trigger economic OR physical nexus. So if you’re based in the UK and have any of the below activities in the US, you may be subject to registering and filing sales tax returns:

-Storing inventory in the state (including with 3PLs and Amazon FBA)
-Using affiliates in the state, even if all they do is link to your website
-Setting cookies when people in that state visit your website
-Selling through an online marketplace that has nexus in that state

In addition, if you are based in the UK and meet or exceed any of these economic nexus thresholds (unique for each state) listed on this page, you may need to consider which states you’ll need to register in.

On the flip side, if you’re based in the UK and only sell within the UK, you likely don’t need to worry about these nexus triggers for remote sellers.

Hope this explanation helps!

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