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Selling on eBay: Myths and Facts

By Victor Levitin

Selling on eBay: Myths and Facts

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Leonard Guillaumont

Buyer’s experience, buyer’s experience and buyer’s experience 🙂

Just twitted:
“You pay [marketplaces] final value fees when somebody buys your item. This is awesome if you compare it to Google. goo.gl/Ho6Zbn”

Quite obvious indeed, but not for every company. I thought it was worth highlighting your article as you’re good at sharing this seller experience with the community.

Let’s see how chinese customer’s service will catch-up with western expectations…

LG, Plugmystore

Mark Hetherington

I think the idea of descriptions being important is overhyped. I have many examples of where we have had accurate and informative descriptions of items with good photos and everything else we “should have”, thousands of feedback at 99.9%, yet sell hardly any of the product while many other sellers with poor, little or no descriptions, poor ratings and so on are selling many more than us even though they are more expensive too. Even Ebay’s support team had no answer after extensive conversations. Basically, we think for some items many people just buy the first one they come to on Best Match, which is one of the reasons Best Match doesn’t work.

On mobile, most people avoid long descriptions and lots of photos, especially if they are not on Wi-Fi or 4G. Out and about, most people in the UK are still primarily using 3G and page and long page loading times are far less likely to hang around long enough for descriptions and pictures to load and will most likely go for the simplest description. We tried removing most of the pictures and description from one item and sales increased. Nothing else we tried had worked.

Frankly Ebay is a mess now, and at one time made up 90% of our business before the introduction of Best Match, which killed it. Ebay now takes up around 60% of our time and produces around 25% of our income.

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