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34 Expert Tips for Cross-Border Ecommerce, from Language to Logistics

By Andy Geldman

34 Expert Tips for Cross-Border Ecommerce, from Language to Logistics

Find the best international selling services, consultants, agencies, accountants, VAs and more for ecommerce businesses worldwide.





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john obrien

john obrien

5 years ago

All good stuff and great value…the key for success is marketing recognition and delivery, International opens up markets that would be extremely expensive to set up and knowledge of delivery and Customs can be very daunting. So before embarking it would be a good idea to ask first. Not all products lend themselves to the international shipping but many countries do not mind paying more for shipping if its what they want.
We provide a drop box shipping solution and is also a great way to enter the global ecommerce market, basically your buyer registers with our drop box company like and you as shipper do not have to be involved in the shipping and customs and delivery as its managed shipping via our drop box program where we contact the customer set up the registration and you get paid as normal for your product and we take over the shipping etc. and provide tacking etc and everything in between. We have a trial program underway for special emerging ecom regions like S E Asia !

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