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Shipping Private Label Products from China: My Nightmare Story

By Danny McMillan

Shipping Private Label Products from China: My Nightmare Story

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Many thanks for sharing your experience. Not many people would share their experiences in this matter. You wrote thoroughly and was worth reading it. I will be starting my private label journey next year after researching into chinese manufacturers for the last 15 years!

Danny McMillan

Replying to Kaladanda

You are more than welcome! I am a big fan of sharing lessons learned. There are always two sides to a coin, sharing successes are motivating but you learn much more when your back is against the wall. Some of this was unprecedented and out of my hands, some was bad luck whilst others was down to me being sloppy. The great thing is we have put a load of processes in place now to avoid a lot of the issues morning forward. This was also an extreme case, most people have one or two issues per shipment – as… Read more »

Niall O Faolain


Fair play for ploughing though it. I had one of the biggest challenges of my FBA career over the past few months as well, 4000 defective units.

Still resolving the issue now…nearly there i hope. I think sourcing products in North America/Europe is essential. The cash-flow & risk factors compound the bigger the business grows.

Anyway, well done for getting it all resolved…lot’s of lesson here we can take on board as well.

Have a good christmas!


Danny McMillan

Replying to Niall O Faolain

Thanks Niall.

Would love to hear your story and how you managed to bring it to a conclusion.

Drop me a message at dannymcmillan.com if you get a chance. 🙂


Danny my dear,

We never thought you should face so many many problems in this time! You are so powerful, and taught us more than supposed!
Thank you!

Marcus Sauer

I am experiencing a few problems getting a current shipment past customs. It is pretty upsetting. I googled something and this story popped up. Makes me feel better- thanks for the lessons learned. About to take an idea big soon, was sure to bookmark!


Yeah, you’re so right. Not for the faint of heart! Great though that things often just work out – miraculously even. Traversed the same issue of swapping from one freight company (that did it all DDP, no EIN, & consignee all sorted) to a new one that needed all the info. Hardest thing as a foreign importer is who to use for an ultimate consignee when the delivery address is an FBA warehouse, NOT Amazon? Seems some broker/forwarders with FBA prep arms will be your consignee but many won’t for the reasons you mentioned. They don’t want to be the… Read more »

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