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Skip McGrath on eBay Past & Present… a Seller’s Perspective

By Alex Knight

We spoke with long-time seller Skip McGrath about the changes that have had the biggest impact on eBay sellers over the years.

Skip McGrath on eBay Past & Present… a Seller’s Perspective

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Michelle Miller

Incorrect that TRS sellers get a 10% FVF credit now UNLESS they offer FREE returns. So, those of us that don’t offer free returns lost our TRS badge and discount.

Carolyn's Quality Products

I am a small seller – average of 30 orders per day. Free returns has caused me zero problems. In the last 3 months 1 return on a quantity of 6 – buyer kept 1 because she opened it and returned the other 5. I will continue to use free returns.

Vintage Lane

At the end of the day eBay is going to side with the buyer 99 % of the time . Always have always will . I’ve changed return policy to stay in compliance never have had a issue if item mat he’s description there shouldn’t be a problem.


Replying to Vintage Lane

I disagree. My items have matched my description on every false INAD claim and ebay didn’t have my back. They said in each situation they could see the returns were clearly remorse but there is nothing they can do and I have to accept the return anyhow.


I was saying that eBay always sides with the buyer I understand about matching description eBay knows half the time if not more it’s buyers remorse . Bottom line is the seller takes the brunt of it 99 % of the time. End of the day it’s a money thing.


I started selling on eBay in 2005, I was very successful and earned hundreds of pounds every month. Several things happened that killed our business 1. Their advertising campaign brought in new sellers who had no understanding of cost prices, ebay charges and profit, many SKUs we were making 100 to 200% profit were being sold almost at cost. 2. Greed got the better of eBay, seller fees increased from 3% to 10%. 3. We sold a lot of items to the US (from the UK), eBay decided that UK listing would no longer automatically appear on the US eBay… Read more »

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