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10 Essential Ingredients for Working With Virtual Assistants

By Marcin Hashevsky

From hiring a virtual assistant to having a company wiki, Marcin Hashevsky explains the elements your business needs to run like clockwork.

10 Essential Ingredients for Working With Virtual Assistants

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Tony Heywood

Thanks Marcin

One of the best articles I have read in a long time. Informative and thought provoking, full of good practical information.

The one area you didn’t cover………………………… DO you pronounce your name?



Replying to Tony Heywood

Hey Tony,

I’m glad you like it.
Feel free to reach out, I’m super curious where you are in your business.

Oh, and it’s MarTCHin Hash (#) Chef (the cook) Ski (the winter thing) 🙂



hi Marcin
this is a very good article.
thank you for sharing your knowledge to the online selling community.
i would like to ask how did you find your VA? what criteria or tests did you conduct before selecting your VA? how do you find good VAs? and how do you spot the bad ones?
maybe you could do another article on finding the perfect VA/virtual team?


Replying to Kaladanda

Hey Kaladanda, There are many ways to find a VA. Most common places are (for Philippines) Upwork etc for direct hire, then there are services like Freeeup for hiring through an intermediary party. My approach was always Direct. Simply assigning a test tasks to a few candidates and selecting 2-r people that are similar in abilities. THEN>>> it all comes down to Chemistry between you and them. The connection on a personal level is VERY important. And that can only be established through longer VIDEO calls. I can train any reasonably skilled worker to do ANY task (using SOPs… Read more »

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