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Feedvisor is the end-to-end optimization and intelligence platform for large sellers and brands on Amazon. Feedvisor’s platform and team of Amazon experts offer algorithmic repricing, strategic advertising campaign optimization, and brand and content management. Together, these features help drive demand, profit, and revenue growth on the Amazon marketplace. View Feedvisor.
Sellics Seller Edition
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Sellics is an all-in-one tool for Amazon sellers featuring profit calculation by SKU and organic or PPC sales; inventory management; review management; keyword ranking tracker; product research tool; Sponsored Products (PPC) manager; and competitor monitoring. View Sellics Seller Edition.
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MarketHustl provides listing optimization, product photography & PPC management to Amazon businesses of all sizes. Clients range from brand new sellers launching their first product to larger sellers doing $10's of millions a year on Amazon. View MarketHustl.
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Sellozo provides a suite of management and optimization tools for Amazon Sellers, powered by real data. View Sellozo.
AsteroidX is an Amazon PPC management company that uses proprietary software and human expertise to increase sales and reduce ACoS. AsteroidX has
Teikametrics Flywheel helps sellers save hours of time a week, reduce wasted advertising spend, and increase organic sales. With data learning, pow
PPC Scope is an Amazon Sponsored Products (PPC) advertising analytics and optimization platform. Sellers can use PPC Scope to improve ad performanc
Prestozon provides automated bid suggestions and focused analytics for Amazon PPC ads. The suggested bids are customized for each keyword. Users c
Ignite is a management and optimization tool for Amazon Sponsored Products PPC ads. It provides data-driven keyword suggestions, optimization recom
Junglr is a complete PPC management service for Amazon sellers, from campaign creation and ongoing optimization to keyword research and product launch
OperationROI is an agency specializing in developing product driven marketing initiatives for online retail-oriented businesses, leveraging channels l
Perpetua is an AI-optimized solution for managing Amazon Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands Ads. Features include advanced reporting tools, al
PPC Winner is an automated advertising system for Amazon sellers. The system creates new PPC campaigns automatically and manages the advertising pr
PPCStrike is an agency that creates, optimizes, and manages Amazon Sponsored Products PPC campaigns, reducing ad spend, maximizing ROI, and sending ta
PPC Scanner analyzes an Amazon product's PPC campaigns and finds mistakes including duplicate keywords, poorly performing keywords, bad semantic core,

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