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Brand Abuse on Amazon: What to Do When Black Hats Attack

Sabotage is running wild on Amazon, with hundreds of agencies offering services to help sellers attack their competitors. Here’s how to fight back.

By Chris McCabe

Bezos Passes the Baton to Jassy: How Will it Affect Sellers?

After 27 years running Amazon, Jeff Bezos is stepping down and Andy Jassy will take charge. How will the change in leadership affect marketplace sellers?

By Chris McCabe

Are FBA Limits Killing New Product Launches?

Fulfillment centers are full to bursting and Amazon has been ramping up storage limits to try and get the problem under control. Sellers are suffering.

By Andy Geldman

Would You Let Amazon Liquidate Your Returns and Excess Stock?

Amazon is piloting a new program to help FBA merchants resell returns and liquidate stock. Would you take this option instead of disposal or removal?

By Andy Geldman

Should You Diversify Away From Amazon? Or Go All-In Instead?

Amazon marketplace “roll-up” companies are buying FBA businesses, but they aren’t looking for the next big thing. All they want to do is sell more on Amazon.

By Andy Geldman

The Future of Ecommerce is a Psychedelic Mashup of Online Trends

Influencers, live video streaming, social media, gamification and ecommerce have been combined into one chaotic and addictive shopping experience.

By Andy Geldman

Why Amazon Will Never Be The “Everything Store”

Amazon’s latest expansion makes it clear where its limitations lie. Luxury Stores looks great and keeps out the riff raff, but it will never catch on.

By Andy Geldman

Amazon’s Immune System is Essential to its Existence

The only way Amazon can handle the scale of activity on its marketplace is with automation. It would be a very different place without this immune system.

By Andy Geldman

How Amazon Makes Small Changes to Subtly Manipulate Seller Behavior

Minor changes to the Seller Central dashboard are having major impacts on seller behavior, discouraging support requests and driving prices ever lower.

By Lesley Hensell

Amazon Seller Account Registration: Is Video Screening the Answer?

Chris McCabe looks at a new program which vets Amazon sellers over video calls. There are a lot of upsides, but will it make it past the pilot stage?

By Chris McCabe

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