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The World’s Top eBay Sellers 2021

The top 1,000 eBay sellers worldwide, updated for 2021, including country lists for the US, UK, China, Germany and Australia.

By Andy Geldman

The World’s Top eBay Sellers 2021

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Online Marketplaces in India: Amazon and Walmart Evenly Matched

The biggest players in India’s ecommerce industry are Amazon and Walmart-owned Flipkart. Unlike the US, Amazon’s advantage here is slim.

By Andy Geldman

Online Marketplaces in the Middle East: It’s Only Just Getting Started

Ecommerce in the Middle East is something of a paradox. Internet use is high and consumers have money to spend, but the ecosystem lags behind.

By Andy Geldman

Online Marketplaces in Southeast Asia: A Unique Region for Ecommerce

Southeast Asia is a fast-growing market for ecommerce, but Amazon and other western companies are notably absent. Local marketplaces lead the way.

By Andy Geldman

Top Liquidation and Clearance Websites for eBay and Amazon Sellers

We look at the best US and UK websites for sourcing liquidation and clearance stock, with tips for buying profitable lots to sell online.

By Kate Merton

Online Marketplaces in Latin America: Mercado Libre the Clear Leader

Mercado Libre has been at the forefront of ecommerce in Latin America for twenty years. Amazon and three large ecommerce groups lag behind.

By Andy Geldman

Online Marketplaces in Europe: Dynamic, Diverse and Disjointed

Behind Amazon and eBay, Europe has dozens of online marketplaces. But despite the economic unity, country and language divisions remain stark.

By Andy Geldman

Online Marketplaces in Africa: Fast Growth, Enormous Potential

Ecommerce is taking hold in Africa, as internet access expands, trust grows and logistics modernize. No market has more room to grow than Africa.

By Andy Geldman

Online Marketplaces in Australia and New Zealand: eBay and Trade Me Lead

Australia and New Zealand are attractive markets for international sellers, but these are two countries where Amazon does not dominate ecommerce.

By Andy Geldman

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