Contributor Terms

Please read through these terms if you are applying to be a Web Retailer contributor. Contact Us if you have any questions.

What’s in it for you?

  1. You will be the credited author of the article.
  2. We provide a one-line attribution at the top of the article, with your name, title, business name and one link which can be to your website, a social media profile, or another agreed URL.
  3. We provide a longer bio paragraph at the bottom of the article. This can include two links relevant to your business and/or the content of the article.
  4. We will publish your article on the site, and feature it in our next email newsletter. We will share it on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter social media pages.
  5. You will become a member of our global network of expert contributors.
  6. You can call yourself a “Web Retailer Contributor” on your website, social media pages, in presentations, promotional material etc.
  7. We do not pay cash, provide preferential treatment in the reviews directory, or enter into any other arrangements that could compromise ethical or legal standards in return for article contributions.

What do we require from you?

  1. You retain copyright of the article, but grant Web Retailer a perpetual and exclusive license to publish the article on our website and in print. You will remain the author of the article, and no one else will be credited as such.
  2. Your article is exclusive to Web Retailer. You cannot post it on any other website, including your own. You can post quotes and extracts, as long as you link back to the article on Web Retailer.
  3. The article body cannot contain links to your own website, or other sites that you are financially connected to in any way.
  4. If you link to websites that you have any other kind of relationship with, the relationship must be clearly stated within the article.
  5. You will receive email notifications of new comments on your article, and when replying to comments should do so in an accurate, transparent, respectful and positive manner.
  6. You indemnify Web Retailer against any intellectual property, professional liability, negligence or other legal claims arising from the article, and all the content contained within it (including images and other media).

What is Web Retailer allowed to do?

  1. We have editorial control of your article and may change any part of its content including title, subtitle, images, text, your attribution line and your biography paragraph.
  2. We may not however, completely remove your name, attribution or biography from the article.
  3. We will schedule your article at our discretion and may change any scheduled date previously communicated. We will aim to give you notice of any scheduling change, but are not required to do so.
  4. We may show advertising and other promotions next to and within your article, at our discretion.
  5. We may promote your article on social media, through advertising and on other websites and media. We may include excerpts from your article in these promotions, including images and video.
  6. We will allow readers to comment on your article, and will moderate comments in accordance with our Comments Policy.
  7. We may refer to you as one of our contributors, a member of our global network, one of our industry experts and similar terms on our website, social media pages, and in any other publications, advertisements or promotional materials etc.
  8. We may edit your article at any point after publication, if we deem it necessary, at our sole discretion.
  9. We may withdraw your article at any point after publication, if we deem it necessary to protect our reputation or any other valid interest of ours or our readers.
  10. We may publish articles in the future that are similar to yours in topic or content, but we will not plagiarize your writing.

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