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If you are an expert in your field, and want to write a practical, high-quality, in-depth post to help our audience of businesses who sell through online marketplaces then we'd love to hear from you.

Before you get in touch please read our guidelines and terms below and make sure you agree.

Guidelines and Terms

When you contact us please confirm that you have read and agree with all our guidelines and terms, or let us know if you have any questions.


  • Posts should be comprehensive in explaining the topic including key issues, practical advice and recent developments.
  • Unless the topic is essentially country-specific, posts should be relevant to an international audience. Approximately 50% of our audience are in the US, and 15% in the UK.
  • Posts should be positive in tone, balanced and of practical use. They should not "sell" a particular point of view.
  • We don't generally publish articles related to news or events, such as commentary pieces.
  • We like to work with authors on developing an article concept. Unsolicited article submissions are unlikely to be published.
  • Most Web Retailer posts are in-depth, typically over 1,500+ words in length. Opinion pieces can be shorter.
  • Charts, tables and other graphics relevant to the content are also highly valued by readers.


  • Articles must not be posted on any other websites. Quotes and extracts may be used, and articles may be republished in print, as long as Web Retailer is credited as the source of first publication.
  • We do not pay for articles, but post them under the author's own name, including a bio and link to their site.
  • Articles are featured prominently on the site and in the weekly members' newsletter, and promoted on social media and to our media contacts where appropriate.
  • Links to the author's site, or sites they are connected to in any way, are only allowed in the body of the article if they are completely natural, in context, and the most appropriate and authoritative source to link to. Any relationship to sites linked to must be disclosed.
  • Web Retailer has editorial control and may change the article content or publication date.
  • By contributing content (including text, images and other media) the contributor warrants that the content owner has given their permission for it to be published on the Web Retailer website and used in third-party publications to promote the article (including social media).