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If you are a vendor of software or services to businesses who sell through Amazon, eBay or other online marketplaces, we would love to have you in our directory.

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Listings Feature Comparison

What's Included Basic Listing Premium Listing


Multiple categories
Inclusion in all relevant categories info
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Only shown to users in selected countries info
Tick Tick
Product logo shown in directory
Cross Tick
Higher ranking
Displayed above Basic Listings info
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Full description
Complete product description shown
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Review summary
Average rating and review count shown
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Activity tags
Tags such as "News" and "Popular" shown info
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Unlimited reviews
No limit on the number of reviews you can receive
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Website badge
Show your rating on your site info
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Newsletter featured
Reviews considered for inclusion in the newsletter info
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Quick Reviews enabled
Unlimited use of our review solicitation system info
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Instant notification
Get an automatic email when a new review is posted info
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Review investigation
Reviews that break our rules investigated on request info
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Basic listing data
Links, description, pricing and supplier comments
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Compatibility data
Cross-linked list of integrated marketplaces and apps
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Forum links
Automatic links from discussions that mention you info
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Embedded video
Include a video from YouTube or Vimeo in your listing
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News service
Updates added to your page and shared on Twitter info
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Special offers
Set up an offer to promote your product or service info
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Premium listing tag
Shows members that you are a leading supplier
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Deep links
Links for news, blog, forum pages etc. shown
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Priority change approval
Listing change requests processed in 48 hours
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