eBay Marketing

Price Spectre Logo
1. Price Spectre

— Product Details Automatic repricing tool for eBay sellers. Price Spectre automatically monitors competitors’ listings and prices your…

Feedback Boost Logo
2. Feedback Boost

— Product Details Feedback Boost for eBay reminds customers to leave feedback and alerts you when they do.…

Scarcity Manager Logo
3. Scarcity Manager

— Product Details Scarcity Manager automatically adjusts the number of items remaining on eBay listings to create a…

StoreYa Logo
4. StoreYa

— Product Details StoreYa creates Facebook stores using inventory data from popular marketplaces and shopping carts. Social marketing…

Title Builder Logo
5. Title Builder

— Product Details Title Builder is a free tool for creating item titles for marketplaces, suggesting keywords ranked…

Quantity Manager Logo
6. Quantity Manager

— Product Details Quantity Manager automatically adjusts the quantity available on eBay when a fixed-price item is purchased,…

dive logo

— Product Details DIVE (from APA Engineering) is an eBay-compatible application providing dynamic pricing for eBay and Amazon…

Froo! Smart Social logo
8. Froo! Smart Social

— Product Details Froo! Smart Social automatically posts eBay items to Facebook and Twitter. Items can be posted…

My Store Catalog Logo
9. My Store Catalog

— Product Details My Store Catalog from Seller Panda creates an interactive online catalog from eBay listings with…

Price Guard Logo
10. Price Guard

— Product Details Price Guard automatically keeps eBay prices competitive and profitable based on competitors, target profit margin…

Vendio Logo
11. Vendio Buyer Appreciation

— Product Details Vendio Buyer Appreciation sends a personalized “Thank you” email to each new bidder or buyer.…

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