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Amazon Sponsored Ads in 2017

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What's it about?

Topics: Amazon, Paid Ads

Sponsored Ads 2017 Trends

We take a look at the current trends and discuss some tests you should be considering for 2017. Now more than ever, you should have your framework in place to maximise conversions in your Amazon business.

Product market fit (Sink or Swim?)

How to spot if your product and profit margin meet the requirements of your chosen category? Know if you can compete or if you are swimming in a dead pool of “me too” products?

AMS (Amazon Marketing Services)

We discuss Amazon Marketing Services, the benefits of being inside the program and how you can leverage this great platform to create big wins in 2017.

Off Amazon PPC

We chat Facebook Ads, landing pages and lead magnets. 2017 is just as much about on Amazon as it is off- Now is not the time to be caught behind the beat.

Launch Partners

We would like to say a big thank you to our partners; Global Sources, The European Private Label Summit and industry bible

Danny McMillan - Seller Sessions

Danny is an Amazon Seller has been guest speaker at The Smart China Sourcing Summit in Hong Kong, The European Private Label Summit & The Private Label World Summit… He also contributes to industry bible

Richard Morgan- Seller Sessions

Richard started on Amazon in 2015 and after his first launch he travelled to Hong Kong to build his product portfolio for 2017. He is chief moderator of Seller Sessions and in charge of keeping order…

Brian Johnson - PPC Scope

Brian Johnson is hands down the world’s no 1 PPC Amazon consultant. Along with his own agency, he has the Sponsored Products Academy, PPC Scope software and Amazon PPC Troubleshooting Facebook group.

Bryan Bowman - AMZ Profit Pros

Bryan Bowman is a private label seller with over 10 years of e-commerce experience. He is a full-time consultant for companies listing their products on Amazon. A wizard with data, master of high converting funnels and a don when it comes to PPC.

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