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How To Master Your Marketing Strategy on Amazon

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What's it about?

Topics: Amazon, Marketing Strategy

Every online retailer knows how powerful Amazon is. The gigantic marketplace is so huge that it now contributes to over half of all online product searches in the world, and 90% of consumers will check Amazon even if they’ve found their product elsewhere.

Mastering your marketing strategy is the best way of running a highly-profitable online business when selling on Amazon. So what are the key strategies online retailers need to know in order to win the Buy Box and maximise their ecommerce sales?

In our next Veeqo webinar, we’ve teamed up with Amazon marketing expert Tom Buckland to share some invaluable insider secrets that will help your Amazon business grow.

In 45 mins, you’ll learn…

  • Marketing best practices used by successful Amazon retailers
  • How to spike your bestseller rank on Amazon
  • Automating your Amazon review process
  • Improving influencer reach with simple viral marketing campaigns

About the Speaker

Tom Buckland is a digital marketing consultant based in the UK. His mission is to help retailers master their marketing efforts on Amazon. Tom creates and implements successful Amazon strategies for a large number of companies by promoting them on Google, teaching them how to launch new products and increase rankings on Amazon.

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