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What's Happening With Amazon's New UL Requirements?

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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Amazon has rolled out a new requirement that all laptop and USB chargers must be certified to comply with particular UL standards. If you're a private label electronics seller, you're probably impacted. Oddly, given the large set of products impacted and the cost of compliance, there hasn't been a Seller Central announcement from Amazon. Rather, Amazon has been slowly suspending products over the past few months.

Join us on a Facebook LIVE Webinar with Chris McCabe and Bernie Thompson, to learn about these new requirements.

In this webinar, we'll cover these:

  • What are Amazon's new requirements for chargers?
  • What has Amazon done so far to communicate and enforce them?
  • What is the cost of compliance for each affected product you might have?
  • What steps should you take now to protect your private label electronics business

Leading this webinar are former Amazonian Chris McCabe, whose company eCommerceChris helps sellers communicate with Amazon to protect and save their business, and Bernie Thompson, Founder of Plugable Technologies, an Amazon private label electronics seller since 2009 and founder of Efficient Era.

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