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2017, The Year of Amazon… What Exactly Happened?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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Topic: Amazon

A lot can happen in a year – especially on We’ve outlined noteworthy changes, trends & need-to-knows that occurred on the Marketplace in 2017. With these in mind, we’ll be discussing their potential impact on 2018 and focusing on how Amazon sellers and vendors alike can put their best foot forward this upcoming year.

Don’t Miss Out—Join 3 of the leading industry experts as we delve into trends, innovations & strategies we believe will be essential in shaping the Amazon Marketplace in 2018.

Some Topics We’ll Discuss:
  • Amazon’s advertising growth, both on & off
  • A look back on some of Amazon’s biggest sales days
  • The impact of Amazon’s new branding opportunities
  • Bridging the gap between 3P Sellers & Vendors in the marketplace
  • Live Q&A forum

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