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Seller Labs 5th Birthday Extravaganza

Friday, April 27, 2018

What's it about?

Topic: User Conference

Can you believe Seller Labs is celebrating our 5th birthday?! Our fearless founder Brandon started the company five years ago (almost unintentionally). He isolated some pain points in his own Amazon seller business, came up with some powerful solutions, and decided to share his creations with the rest of the Amazon seller community. The whole community benefited then and, in the five years since Brandon broke ground with Feedback Genius, we’ve grown and added more tools to help Amazon sellers.

And now it’s time for more benefits! In honor of our 5th birthday, we wanted to give back to those who have supported us along the way: YOU! That’s right, on our birthday, we’re giving presents to you.

The celebration starts Friday, April 27th with a Facebook Live event at 1:30PM ET. (No registration required!)

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