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Diversify Online Sales with Branding and SEO Tactics

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

What's it about?

Topic: Marketing Strategy

Today’s ecommerce seller knows that relying on a sole channel to grow a business is not only risky, but inefficient. In this webinar, we’ll be talking about diversification and the branding and SEO tactics you can implement to achieve growth through multiple sales channels.


  • The importance of a diversified sales strategy
  • SEO tactics to attract new shoppers
  • Branding tactics to create loyal customers
  • Ask the experts: Open Q&A

Guest Speakers:

Andrew Maffettone
Director of Marketing & Operations, Seller’s Choice

Andrew Maff is a digital strategy and marketing expert with over a decade of experience improving the online presence of ecommerce sellers all over the world. Andrew aims to provide actionable advice for ecommerce marketers, with the help of Seller’s Choice, a full-service digital marketing agency for ecommerce sellers.

Bret Rosendahl
Co-Founder & President, Radd Interactive

Since founding his first company at just 16 years old, Bret Rosendahl has developed over 10 years of agency experience. As co-founder and president of Radd Interactive, an SEO and PPC company based in San Diego, he oversees the entire operation from campaign strategy and development to planning and team management.

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