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Ebay Global Postal System

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Started by SCENESEBAY,
3 Apr 2019
}:(have just signed out of ebays Global Postal System 1 had a problem last year with a sale which ended up losing my rankings,(stopped GSP then, but seemed to be persueded to rejoin 2 major problem with multiple item postage Ebays GSP parcel to the USA £46.65, my sending £9.65, need I say more 3 Have sold items to buyer in French Polynesia, with Ebays GSP they won't send. So if buyers from abroad could find my items befofore I joined Ebays GSP, there claim you would get more viewers is a l

Looking for a inventory and shipping software management

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Latest: 10 Feb 2016
Started by kwunhanghk,
19 Aug 2015
I am currently looking for a inventory and shipping software for management. wants it support bar-code, excel or CVS for import and export, muti channal, live inventory, FedEx and USPS. Any suggestions? Plx Help

Posting Rules

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Started by Andy,
7 Jun 2005
Please keep the conversation helpful and positive, and follow our policies below: Policy for all posts: Do not start more than one post on the same topic. Stay on-topic when replying to posts. Do not use offensive or provocative language. Do not link to offensive or fraudulent sites. Don't use link shorteners. Be honest. If you have something to promote, say so. We reserve the right to delete posts, including reviews. Additional policy for re

Conceptual technology for preventing credit card fraud

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Started by liyiran0704,
Today at 5:33pm
Dear All, My is Lola and I am student from Texas Tech. I am working on a conceptual technology that potentially may be used on prevent online credit card fraud. I am trying to talk to related people to just get some insights! I really appreciate it if you guys can give me some insight on the the current credit card fraud situation. My email address is! Thanks so much!

Getting feedback from other sellers on the value of an item?

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Started by LoveToFlip,
19 May 2019
Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of a forum where people can post pictures and discuss the value of items they can't find comps for. I have some items that I have done many, many searches on and can't find anything comparable (so I don't know how to price them). I would love to find a place to go where I can get other sellers' input and feedback on things we find but can't find anything comparable. More info on an item, as well as suggestions of value. I also hope to find such a p

Are you using Facebook ads? Here's a game changer

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Started by jackieeldridge5,
18 May 2019
News you need to know: In the coming months, we'll begin rolling out a tool that lets people see and manage their off-Facebook activity. Mark Zuckerberg announced this feature last year, and it's designed to give people more transparency and control over the data other apps and websites share with us. This will include a list of the apps and websites someone visits that use our business tools such as the Facebook pixel, SDK and API. We've had conversations along the way with businesses, agen

Amazon Sales Velocity Limits and Account Reviews Explained

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Started by,
17 May 2019
Hi everyone! I think most of you saw that article. Brilliant! What do you think about it?


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Latest: 14 May 2019
Started by venomquads,
3 Apr 2019
HI, I have given up the day job, going to sell on Amazon UK FBA. Will be flying out to China tomorrow to see some factories. I am looking at pet products mainly. What I need to do is get the Amazon account set up quickly and efficiently and get everything rolling quickly to make sure it is going to be hassle-free. I have also booked a trade show to show my new brand of product. It's not necessary to do this for Amazon I know but I felt I would get some fast feedback and learn more about wh

Amazon Automated Pricing

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Latest: 14 May 2019
Jax Music Supply
Started by Jax Music Supply,
9 May 2019
Hi. Amazon is apparently now offering a free automated pricing tool. Has anyone used this? It would save me quite a bit each month to use it. I don't know how long this has been offered but today was the first I saw anything of it.

Direct Liquidation

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Started by Meister,
7 May 2019
Hi i wanted to try youre site but im actually from France can you explain me a little bit how it work and i how i can ship to france

The Best liquidation page?

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Started by jechu23,
6 May 2019
Which is the most reliable sales page for liquidation products? like 888LOTS, SOURCE, BULQ,...?

Hello from the UK

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Latest: 3 May 2019
Started by terry128,
23 Apr 2019
Hello everyone, I am new here and wanted to introduce myself. Looking forward to participating and learning some new things!

Amazon Sellers Are Paying $10k A Month To Trick Everyone!

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Started by,
2 May 2019
Hi guys! Just read article on BuzzFeed and decide to share it with you. Some Amazon Sellers Are Paying $10,000 A Month To Trick Their Way To The Top It was shocking for me to learn how some sellers dealing with business. :O What do you think about it? Is it your way to success?

Social Commerce

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Latest: 30 Apr 2019
Started by ShopTab,
20 Aug 2014
Hi everyone! I'd like to get some more opinions about social commerce (selling through social networks as opposed to selling on traditional e-commerce sites). I work for a social commerce company called ShopTab ( and we give businesses the ability to create stores within their Facebook business pages. We've seen a lot of change social selling recently (i.e. Facebook testing the "Buy Now" button to their advertising platform), and I'm curious about what you think the future of

How are you handling the new online sales tax liabilities?

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Latest: 29 Apr 2019
Started by jackieeldridge5,
29 Apr 2019
How are you handing the sales tax liabilities? Are you managing it yourself, using software to track it or do you use a tax consultant? What is the best way to tackle this? Thanks in advance for your response! There are so many rules. Here it is in nutshell: Prior to the Wayfair ruling in June 2018, sales tax collection was determined by Quill v. North Dakota Supreme Court case where retailers simply had to have a physical presence in a state before they needed to collect sales tax. Howev

Payment Gateway not requiring a PayPal merchant account

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Latest: 26 Apr 2019
Started by bilel216,
23 Apr 2019
Hello, Which are the Payment Gateways that accept PayPal as a payment method but don't require the merchant to have a PayPal Merchant Account? (I so far only found 2Checkout and Worldpay) Thank you, Bilel


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Latest: 23 Apr 2019
M. Brazilian
Started by M. Brazilian,
11 Apr 2019
hi, do anyone here know from a tool that I can see the amount of sale from an Amazon seller?

Do you offer product samples?

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Latest: 23 Apr 2019
Started by K_Meridian,
10 Apr 2019
Hello everyone! I'm curious to know if you give out product samples and/or would be interested in receiving a product sample. We're not sure if we're going to go down this route, but we'd like to get preliminary feedback from folks on forums before diving too deep into this. What has been your experience with product samples? Would you say it would make a big difference or a small difference in your purchase decisions? Do you offer product samples as part of your eCommerce business? Has it

Wish pickup program?

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Latest: 19 Apr 2019
Started by bigbird,
19 Apr 2019
Was wondering if anyone tried out the Wish Local program? Wish is saying that it'll bring more shoppers to your store. Wanted to know if this resulted in more sales? Thinking about trying it since it's free

Accurate Profitability per SKU Amazon Accounting Software?

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Latest: 16 Apr 2019
Started by nathan62,
23 Mar 2019
I am an experienced Amazon focused reseller currently using SellerActive to sync marketplaces with Quickbooks Online for our Amazon and eBay businesses. We are lacking the ability to automatically see our true profitability per SKU on our Amazon sales as the reports we can run in Quickbooks do not include everything on a per SKU basis. Does any automated solution include all of these (per SKU, not just total per period): Referral Fee FBA Fee Storage Fee Amazon sponsored product advertisin

Amazon FBA Account Suspended

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Latest: 16 Apr 2019
Katrin Hadson
Started by Katrin Hadson,
29 Aug 2018
Hello everyone, I am in dire need of your help. I have been selling on Amazon for just over a year now, and as far as I can tell, things were going great. I’ve been making enough to cover all costs and overhead, I’ve been responding to all of my customers promptly, and I have been doing my best to get my products in the mail as quickly as humanly possible. Last month I hired my first employee, and I thought things were going better than ever. The income was steady, the work was getting done we
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