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Introduce yourself here: the sequel

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Started by Andy,
26 Oct 2017
Our first introductions thread has become a little unwieldy at 21 pages, so here's a new one! Please say who you are, what you do, and what you'd like to talk about in the forum... and if there's anything you would like other members to contact you about. To get things started, I'm Andy, the founder of Web Retailer. I deal with advertising, design, forum moderation, editing and more. Happy to talk about anyt

Dani Avitz: Ask Me Anything

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Latest: 3 May 2018
Started by Andy,
30 Apr 2018
This forum thread is now closed. Thank you to Dani and everyone who posted a question! This is our Ask Me Anything event with Dani Avitz, an industry veteran and former owner of iCommerce - a global ecommerce agency helping online retailers with every aspect of their business from marketing and marketplaces to branding and logistics. Dani is now the Co-Founder and COO

Looking for a inventory and shipping software management

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Latest: 10 Feb 2016
Started by kwunhanghk,
19 Aug 2015
I am currently looking for a inventory and shipping software for management. wants it support bar-code, excel or CVS for import and export, muti channal, live inventory, FedEx and USPS. Any suggestions? Plx Help

Posting Rules

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Started by Andy,
7 Jun 2005
Please keep the conversation helpful and positive, and follow our policies below: Policy for all posts: Do not start more than one post on the same topic. Stay on-topic when replying to posts. Do not use offensive or inflammatory language. Do not link to offensive or fraudulent sites. Don't use link shorteners. Be honest. If you have something to promote, say so. We reserve the right to delete posts, including reviews. Additional policy for r

Best Way to Get Started In Ecommerce for Beginners

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Started by organicacai,
Today at 9:11am
What is the best way for a beginner to get started with ecommerce? I have tried retail arbitrate but it is very time consuming and it's really a hit or miss that you have very little control over. I have began attending ecommerce Meetup groups to network with people. I noticed I have a tendency to read any information I can find online and often end up getting too overwhelmed with information overload to take any action. The worst part is that because the ecommerce world is ever changing, the in

Cross Border Aggregator from Latin America, Middle East

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Started by priyanka.singh,
14 May 2018
Hi There, Can someone help me in searching a cross-border eCommerce aggregator in Latin America, Middle East, and South East Asia? We are based out of India and have around 1000 Indian merchants willing to sell the products on marketplaces from these regions. It would be grateful if someone can connect us to local aggregators from these regions. Thank you

Pick Up And Packing Parcel In USA (Houston)

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Started by caonghiahh,
18 May 2018
Hi Guys I seller in Vietnam. So now i have small stock in USA with no fee and i wanna find shipping solution which can be pick up & packing and send out my parcel when i have orders. Anybody have suggestion for this solution. Thanks guys!

Need beta tester for my Amazon Seller App

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Latest: 18 May 2018
Started by,
8 Apr 2018
Hi everybody, I am developing a mobile application for Amazon FB sellers. The app is a notification engine called AmzTrigger ( and is available as free private beta test version on Google Play store. I am looking for beta tester to improve it. The app will be free for small sellers (less than 50 ASIN). Could you help me please ? short vide on youtube : Thank you !

Building a private label product - Avoiding IP infringement

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Started by nick.ecommerce,
17 May 2018
Hello Guys, i run an eCommerce company and i have been importing products for the last few years. In my opinion, Private labelling is a fantastic business model if you do it properly. I wanted to get your thoughts on the following two scenarios: #1 By using sites like Alibaba you find an existing product you wish to sell under your own brand. Should you decide to only change the packaging are there any useful resources or tools you use to check if the product holds a design patent? #2 A

Should I still do business through Alibaba OneTouch

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Latest: 15 May 2018
Started by justinzhang,
4 Aug 2016
Alibaba is the best B2B platform at home and abroad, millions of buyers and suppliers are doing business through it every day.But why can so many companies that don’t use Alibaba attract continued orders?Alibaba is strongly recommending and promoting OneTouch, so should we still do foreign trade through Alibaba OneTouch?

Marketplace Alternatives?

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Latest: 11 May 2018
Started by Sharks26,
14 Mar 2018
Hi Guys, So due to a fluctuations of sales on the usual Amazon and Ebay we are now trying to spread our risk and list on more marketplaces. We have joined Onbuy at the start of the year as they seemed like a great up and coming marketplace with virtually no monthly subscription in the UK and we have had steady sales, which certainly make up for the bad days on Amazon & Ebay. What marketplaces do you guys use as we want to integrate with more? I have not used flubit or fruugo? Tha

Need some info, if you could please!

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Latest: 9 May 2018
Started by terriannbiagi,
8 Jan 2018
Looking for the BEST eCommerce marketing channel. My brain is about to explode with options, so I'm leaving it to you folks to lead me in the right direction... ChannelAdvisor, ecomdash, SellerActive, etc. Which is the best/worst. I pretty much need you to spoon-feed me answers at this point, lol. Thank you so much for your help!!!

Recategorization is a DISASTER for THOUSANDS of eBay SELLERS

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Latest: 8 May 2018
Started by willswebservice,
27 Apr 2018
Recategorization is a DISASTER for THOUSANDS of eBay SELLERS. Their sales have plummeted. IT IS NOT A GOOD BUYER EXPERIENCE IF BUYERS ARE NOT BUYING. Sales drop offs after the 10th of April from 50-100%. eBay does not know WHAT they are doing. Imitating Amazon is NOT GETTING more sales. THIs is NOT my OPINION. It is the experience of thousands of eBay Sellers. I need to sell on many other platforms because than eBay. eBay has been DOWN GRADED. DO NOT HOPE. Complain to eBay about th

Have you been used third party inspection for FBA shipment?

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Latest: 8 May 2018
AQI Service
Started by AQI Service,
27 May 2017
Hi Just check if anyone is using third party product inspection service in China for FBA shipment, are they satisfied with inspections? what else you think they should to improve, like Inspection technique? Inspection Reports? Booking, Communication or inspection fee? Thanks

Looking for a seo expert for my website

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Latest: 7 May 2018
Started by developer.mdali,
13 Apr 2018
I am Mohammad Ali. I have a business of inventory management. My website is . I want to rank this web site in some specific keywords . At present in those keywords my google page ranks in third to fifth position. I want to see in first page. So i find a friendly seo expert for this. Please reply with your contact details.

Your opinion on customized insurance solutions 4 eMerchants

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Started by eSellersInsurance,
5 May 2018
Hi all, I am working for a large Insurance Company and am exploring how we can help you to protect your ecommerce operations. Besides the classical risks like product liability or fire, some of the risks you face I thought about are managing negative customer store reviews, marketplace exclusion/exclusion and product identity theft. Are there other risks that you are faced with that you would insurance to cover for? Thank you very much for your feedback,

Product liability Insurance in the USA

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Latest: 5 May 2018
Jo C
Started by Jo C,
24 Jan 2018
Hi! My business is physically based in the UK but primarily we sell on Our UK based business insurance provider has itchy feet about our USA exposure, specifically on product liability claims. Correspondingly our premium has increased 3 fold year on year. I am wondering if I can source am insurer in the USA who is used to Amazon merchants? Any recommendations? With thanks,Jo

Amazon response to a vendor setting up as a seller

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Latest: 23 Apr 2018
Started by paul1adams,
23 Apr 2018
I'm looking to set up on as a seller. As a vendor in the UK, I'm concerned that Amazon will start selling in France and undercut my price. Is this likely to happen? Has anyone experienced this? Thanks for your help!

tools For Vendor Central

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Latest: 20 Apr 2018
Mattia Stuani
Started by Mattia Stuani,
17 Apr 2018
Hi to all the community! We are a Vertical Italian agency 100% focused on Amazon. I see there are plenty of software for seller central but very few for Vendors. Is some software able to help on the analysis of VC and able to track thousands of asin and showing a quality score of the main listing factors? Thanks! Best, Mattia

Ecommerce issue in india

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Started by rajabose2012.nitrr,
18 Apr 2018
We are here to help e-commerce sellers who are doing business in India and want to start a business in India. How to select niche products which can fit our demographics, how to start a store, how to market and so on. So if you guys are from India, let me know about your issues. We can also talk on skype.

Ebay to Amazon

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Latest: 10 Apr 2018
Started by topdealslimited,
18 Mar 2018
hello, basically, do drop shipping business on ebay. i am using a tool is called DSMtools. my question: is there any tools to sell ebay items on amazon. kind regards, ronee
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