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Latest: 12 Mar 2006
Started by error,
12 Mar 2006
error message : The following error has taken place: Unexpected error during ftp upload In procedure: frmFTPUpload.btnOK_Click 0x80042EFF (-2147209473) The connection with server has been reset. can anyone help please. just paid for ebaitor. spent 8 hours building two adverts and now i cannot get them uploaded!!!???...

help needed: check-out software / services

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Latest: 9 Mar 2006
Started by kedo1009,
3 Mar 2006
Hello fellow members, I am a newbie to this forum. I used to sell jeans on ebay a year ago part time and then stopped because I need to focus on my studying. Now, I am in a long term holiday and thinking to go back ebay. i sell clothings & shoes on ebay with a partner from china. basically, i handle transactions, listings, and my partner handles picture-taking, shipping and inventury. problem often accurse between us, esp when a package shipped to a wrong place or shipped wrong color/ size.

Spoonfeeders users help wanted please

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Latest: 5 Mar 2006
Started by nismox,
1 Mar 2006
Hi, I just wanted to list things with spoonfeeder, but now I got the following question. When you select a time for your item to list, will spoonfeeder launch it according to the time on your computer or according to the time of the eBay (e.g. eBay UK) launch site? Hope that anyone can help me out, so that I can launch things quickly


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Latest: 3 Mar 2006
Started by Sean,
3 Mar 2006
I just downloaded this thing and I can't get it to do anything at all. I downloaded it from the home site. I clicked on the help tab but to no avail. Nothing works at all. Help!!!

Consignment Business

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Latest: 28 Feb 2006
Started by jarrodprice,
29 Jan 2006
I have been entrusted with the task of clearing a warehouse filled with thousands of memorabilia items. I am looking for a management solution that will smoothly help me inventory the vast stock, bar code it, post it, manage the 200 plus weekly auctions at ease, print the shipping labels, import into quickbooks commission sheets etc. I am wondering if I am best with a custom database solution, or a program like Auction Wagon, or Channel Advisor. I will not be opening a store, and this wi

Need auction listing software with scheduling

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Latest: 18 Feb 2006
Started by mrgcav,
17 Feb 2006
Hello, I am a moderatly experienced Ebay user. I am looking to cut down on the Time and cost of posting ads. I am in search of auction listing software for use on Ebay, Ubid, Yahoo & I am looking to reduce my existing listing costs. Currentally I use Ebay Turbo Lister, but they charge for every detail and picture. My current method to create an ad is to using Microsoft Word. Then Edit-Crop-Resize my pictures. Then insert them into Turbo lister. This method is slow and

Listing Template Design Fundamentals

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Started by Kyozou,
14 Feb 2006
It's important to keep your listings clean and very clear for potential buyers. When designing your listing templates, structure is extremely important. Here are some factors to consider when designing your own listing template or selecting one from Kyozou's DesignMaster section in your control panel. 1) Do no clutter your template. Buyer should remain focused on the product up for sale. 2) Ensure that your images are clean, crisp and some what of high quality. 3) Its important to understa

eCommerce Consultant Wanted!

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Latest: 14 Feb 2006
Started by EJ00,
10 Feb 2006
Hey Andy seems like you know alot about about ecommerce. Do you know any complany I can go to and tell them what i want and they go and find the company best for me. Ex. I tell them i need a company to create a eccomerce site for me that has a solid bakend and have such features as payment plan, promotion, featured items on homepage and much more... Thanks in Advance!!

Infopia Marketplace Manager with eBay

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Latest: 14 Feb 2006
Started by MJM,
14 Feb 2006
Is anyone using Infopia Marketplace Manager with eBay postings? Did you previously use Selling Manager Pro? Comments? Thanks!

Which auction sites should I support?

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Latest: 12 Feb 2006
Started by Cr1spy,
1 Feb 2006
Hi All, I'm about to start work on the next release of my auction monitoring software. Part of the update is to add support for addtional auction web sites and I was after some suggestions for sites to include. The monitor is currently compatible with eBay (UK | USA) and Yahoo. So, which sites do you think would be worth while adding? Cr1spy

Marketworks Training, Is it worth it

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Latest: 10 Feb 2006
Started by symcomp,
31 Jan 2006
Hi Marketworks Training seems to cost alot like $450. I've noticed that many big sellers use it though. Is it worth getting Marketworks Training?


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Started by CaptainBearhug,
9 Feb 2006
Hi you guys may want to take a look at this new product - eSellerPro, I know a little bit about it as I was involved in putting together the web site. However I should point out that I have no other ties with the product apart from that - I don't work for them and I'm not on commission or anything like that. But from the information I was given for the site, and the little bit of research I did myself, it does look to be very comprehensive. I was also given a demo and

Which of these mgmt and research programs is best?

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Latest: 9 Feb 2006
Started by underdog,
2 Feb 2006
I've bought a bunch on ebay but I'm new to the selling aspect and would like to get into it full-time if I can. I've been looking for a research program and a management program to use. I've been going through posts and reviews on this site for a couple days now and I've got my research programs narrowed down to either Terapeak, DeepAnalysis or Auction Intelligence. And I've got my management programs narrowed down to either AuctionSage, Selling Manager, or Auctiva. Now I'm kno

E-commerce solution

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Latest: 7 Feb 2006
Started by EJ00,
2 Feb 2006
Does anyone know a Great High-end company that can Creat Both the Backend and Front End? Near enterprise Level-something like,, Any information would be helpful My email address is Thanks Again!:)

Best Automation Service

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Latest: 7 Feb 2006
Started by symcomp,
30 Jan 2006
Hi I was wondering whats, whats the best automation service for the following. If you need inventory managment and bulk scheduling, endicia support, automated relistings etc. Anyone have any advise or experience?

listing HTML question...

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Latest: 2 Feb 2006
Started by in2sky,
8 Dec 2005
Hello! I'm posting here about listings and the HTML code used for descriptions. Here's the deal: I have a shop on ebay and want my listings to look good. All the templates I've seen so far, both free and paid ones are simply, in my opinion, rubbish. As a graphic designer, I'm able to do much better, especially if I want to design a real identity for my listings. Not just that but creating my own template also separates me from others. I use Dreamweaver to create the HTML and Illustrator

Looking for free software that does this :

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Latest: 1 Feb 2006
Leo Mandy
Started by Leo Mandy,
29 Jan 2006
I am just starting out buying on Ebay and I do notice that some people are much better at it then others, so they must have alot of experience and help. What I want is some software (hopefully free!) that does this : 1) Keep track of my items that I am bidding on 2) Does better searches for items than Ebay's search 3) Will allow me to enter a max bid and use it if necessary 4) Does not have spyware!!!! I have been looking at some and I notice that even Webbased has CERTIFICA

How to protect images?

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Latest: 31 Jan 2006
Started by Anonymous,
12 Sep 2004
I sell on eBay and want to protect my images. Before I used to put my name across the my images. That was OK but I really want to stop other sellers accessing my image library. I host my images on Geocities Plus service. I would have liked to limit access to the images folder but it looks difficult. :??? That would actually be the best way. However I have seen sellers add a JAVA scrpt to disable right-click on the ad itself. 8) Any advice??

Auto Delivery of Information Products

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Latest: 28 Jan 2006
Started by mkellyinc,
26 Jan 2006
Does anyone know if there is an ebay solution that can be set up to automatically send buyers download lins to "information" products such as ebooks? One option I have seen sellers use is to customize the "payment received" email and include the link there, but this will only work if you sell only 1 information product. I have many different products and need a custom email auto sent to the customer with a download link to that specific product after their payment has been received. I nee

Drop Off shop software

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Latest: 21 Jan 2006
Started by mattp,
21 Jan 2006
Hi All, New to the forum. Does anybody know of a good ebay drop off shop software package? thanks, Mattp

Software for working with drop shippers

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Latest: 15 Jan 2006
Started by Raffi,
12 Jan 2006
Dear All, I have two EBay accounts, one in which I sell junk (whoops) I find lying around and another which I sell merchandise from drop shippers. The first "personal" account I feel I have under control but I am looking for some software program tailored for working with drop shippers that will automate the passage of info from buyer to drop shipper etc. etc. Could someone suggest something great??? RB
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