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AuctionHelper not accepting new users

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Started by SWhitlock,
28 Jul 2005
Now you can't even sign up as a new user unless you have an e-mail from a reseller. What's up with that??? I did a lot of research and decided to give it a try. Boy, was I dissapointed when I tried to sign up. Does anyone know a reseller? I really don't want to wait until "some time this summer" before they start accepting new users. Thanks

Any eBay software for the Mac?

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Latest: 23 Jul 2005
Started by Anonymous,
11 Sep 2004
I have a Macintosh and have not found ANY Auction Searching software of note (Timeblaster is probably the best I have seen of all of them) which operates on a Mac. :( I'm using an iMAC running OS-X. I also use Safari as my web browser. Is there other software for me?

New eBay Stats - 2nd Quarter 2005

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Started by Andy,
21 Jul 2005
eBay have just announced their second quarter 2005 financial results. Some excerpts: eBay reported record revenues of $1.086 billion, up 40% year over year; record profit of $379.0 million, up 49% year over year, representing a 35% operating margin. :O “eBay achieved remarkable results in Q2,” said Meg Whitman, President and CEO of eBay. “Excellent momentum in the US and Germany, as well as at PayPal, all helped deliver an impressive jump in revenues and profit.” U.S. Market


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Latest: 18 Jul 2005
Started by POPS,
18 Jul 2005
Anyone have any insight to selling configurable items on ebay without having to be a powerseller and paying the $299 a month + $1500 startup fee for solutions like Infopia?? Not sure why they selling configurable items like PC's is a holy grail that requires 300 a month to do.

anybody experienced Learnkey"s ebay courses?

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Latest: 14 Jul 2005
Started by nate55,
2 Jul 2005
hi i was just wondering if anyone here has experienced the Learnkey's ebay training dvds. how are they? and what do yo think of ?????? thanks

Free testing of Video for Auctions

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Started by,
30 Jun 2005
HI please take us up on our offer to test for free our online recording of auction items using your webcam and microphone. Register and send an email to to request the trial

Brick & Mortar Consignment Software

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Latest: 22 Jun 2005
Started by BrianP,
18 Jun 2005
I am in a start up phase of creating a brick and mortar ebay consignment shop. Is there anyone that has experience with various software applications that can assist me in selecting one that will work best? Thanks,

Scheduling and automatic listing?

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Latest: 14 Jun 2005
Started by Anonymous,
13 Sep 2004
I am looking for scheduling and automatic listing (like list this auction every three days for 44 times), etc.

Buying Records Software

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Started by dthogan,
10 Jun 2005
Like many eBay sellers I have 2 eBay accounts one for selling and one for buying. Is there any software that will keep track of what you won that can in turn export the info to any industry standard format, csv, etc.? My seller account I have Selling Manager Pro and use their Quickbooks export tool, but I have to manually enter all purchases. Looking for an automated solution. I have no problem manipulating the data in Excel or Access if I can just get it from my purchases. I am also not

Selling cars?

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Latest: 7 Jun 2005
Started by Anonymous,
2 Nov 2004
Hi there, I wish to dabble in the auction business. My idea is to auction bank repossessed vehicles. Response to my idea has been pretty good from most banks I've contacted. Problem is I don't know what to charge them. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Would you like to help test Abidia Wireless?

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Latest: 7 Jun 2005
Mike Burch
Started by Mike Burch,
25 May 2005
We are looking for testers to help improve Abidia Wireless. We will provide a free license for the software in return for your input on features, ease-of use, performance, and presentation. This offer is open to people with a Palm, Pocket PC, Smartphone, or BlackBerry device. If you are interested, please email with your contact information, device type, and experience with eBay. We are accepting a limited amount of testers, so please inquire soon. You can f

amazon ebay and others integrated

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Latest: 7 Jun 2005
Started by smoothbuy,
12 Apr 2005
anyone here would be able to recomend for amazon ebay and others etc. user a solid program? printing invoices for buyers keep stock record automat auctions listings satistics shipping information automatic emails etc etc and everything integrated for ebay amazon and others

Auction VIDEO

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Latest: 6 Jun 2005
Started by mrcolj,
4 Jun 2005
Any suggestions for Auction Video? The developers watch this board.

Software to revise a Listing

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Started by sunny_boy,
1 Jun 2005
Hi Guys! I am using Turbo Lister to upload listings. However, there is no way on Turbo Lister to correct any mistakes you might have made AFTER they have been uploaded. This means that you have to go through each listing MANUALLY and make alterations. Big tedious chore. Is there any software out there that can alter/overwite existing listings. Jeff

Software to track consignment inventory?

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Latest: 18 May 2005
Started by Anonymous,
13 Sep 2004
I'm reselling items for multiple third parties. I'm looking for an integrated solution that will allow me to manage inventory/auctions/post-auction processing, and be able to track inventory for each third party, I am selling for. I'm looking into HammerTap, but just getting started. So, I thought I'd shoot you my requirements also.

Auction Management for 2 or more eBay accounts

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Latest: 18 May 2005
Started by Jeremy,
16 Mar 2005
Does anyone know of any Auction Management software that supports a user with 2 or more accounts ( or even 2 or more ebay Stores). Looking for something that can be used on Thanks.

SuperSeller for eBay

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Latest: 18 May 2005
Dave Green
Started by Dave Green,
28 Feb 2005
SuperSeller for eBay, is developed by Data Becker. Does anyone have any idea if it's any good, or not? I.E what it's strengths and limitations are? Thanks Dave

Re: Is there an alternative to Auction List?

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Latest: 18 May 2005
Started by Andy,
7 Mar 2005
Hi, Yes, it's a shame about AuctionList. I keep checking the site regularly and will let you know in the newsletter if it gets updated. The closest good monitoring program on the site is eAuction Watcher although that too is in need of updating. It costs $20. It might be worth checking the monitoring capabilities of the free sniping programs [

Channel Advisor, anyone ever heard of or used?

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Latest: 18 May 2005
Lex Graber
Started by Lex Graber,
18 May 2005
Got called by their rep and the software sounds pretty good, but I need to know if any Sellers on eBay are using it and what are the costs and pitfalls?

3 Questions on bulk listings and bulk endings

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Latest: 3 May 2005
Started by goodzee,
3 May 2005
Does anyone know of software 1) add a line of text to ALL auctions in one click.. e.g. “I will be on vacation from July 1-5, no emails or auctions will be responded to, sorry for the inconvenience” 2) close all auctions at 1 click? Close all store listings at 1 click? Close all auction style auctions in 1 click?? 3) that allows one to copy store items to fixed price listings. Ebay seller manager allows converting but it a) limits to 25 auctions at a time b) takes the invent

Moving Auctions from e-Bay ot Overstock

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Latest: 8 Apr 2005
Started by Bargnhtr,
30 Jan 2005
Does anyone know what software or site copies your auctions from e-Bay and lists them on Overstock for you? I ran across it a few months ago but now can't remember the name. Thanks, Esther
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