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Andale versus eBay, what a nightmare

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Latest: 1 Dec 2005
Started by jwjohnson,
29 Nov 2005
It looks like Andales problems late October and early November continues to bite them in the rear. It is unfortunate that their new database cause so many issues but as a MIS Manager, I can't help but wonder why the new database wasn't tested even more before bringing it on line. That is another story. eBay is now going to prevent Andale come February from using the "checkout re-direct" which means people who are using Andale for their checkout services will not be able to use it. The chec

Developer Interviews - Estates On Line

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Started by Andy,
28 Nov 2005
Please post your feedback to the Estates On Line interview here.

Marketworks-best multi platform management system?

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Latest: 27 Nov 2005
Started by martinscott,
23 Nov 2005
I've been looking through all these auction management tools and am getting confused now. I want to find the best tool for making bulk listings on multiple auction sites, which also allows easy customer management and sales reporting. Ideally i would be able to either hold my database on my own computer or be able to synchronise a hosted database to one of my own. a store would be cool too. So far Marketworks seems the best choice. has anybody got opinions, advice or experience they could p


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Latest: 24 Nov 2005
Started by jmzaslo,
5 Sep 2005
I just bought MarketBlast and am committed to mastering what looks like a fantastic program. Their committment to service and education is excellent, but learning it is quite a job (and I'm not new to auction software). Any other MarketBlasters out there? Would love some templates we could share. Anyway, so far (less than 1 month) I really like it and can see the possibilities! :O

Help!! New Powerseller needs auction software.

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Latest: 18 Nov 2005
The Fussy Pickle
Started by The Fussy Pickle,
27 Oct 2005
I am hoping someone can help me deciding which auction software is right for my business. I sell childrens clothes and shoes. I have been using turbo lister and selling manager pro (yuck!). Right now I have all my inventory in my store which holding the price down on my auctions. My husband (a programmer) developed a templete and we host our own images. I need an inventory management system and possible something I can run sales reports on (reports is not a priority for me), automate au

Major Efficiency Problems

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Latest: 15 Nov 2005
Started by koiauctions,
12 Nov 2005
Hi everyone, We run an EBAY store that does about 10k a month in sales. We have been adding listings for about 2 years now, and everything is cluttered. We have no real quick way of making sure what is selling, what isn't selling etc. Basically I am looking for a solution to this problem. We have about 400 listings active at all times. I am sure we are losing hundreds of dollars a month in EBAY fees, and even more in lost sales opportunity. Can you recommend something that would work fo

Developer Interviews - Sellathon

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Latest: 15 Nov 2005
Started by Andy,
14 Nov 2005
Please post your feedback to the Sellathon interview here.

is there any good software out there?

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Started by nyabinghi,
8 Nov 2005
i've run several hundred auctions through each of the following: auction hawk ink frog turbolister blackthorne pro sparedollar andale and others i can't think of at the moment. blackthorne pro is the only one that came close to having al the features i need, but has to be the buggiest piece of software ever. i wouldn't even call it a beta.. is there any software for a medium volume seller that works? it needs to allow multiple listers, as we list quite a few auctions, and can list


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Latest: 7 Nov 2005
Started by jonjoe,
1 Nov 2005
I recently purchaced this software, I had to format my computer twice due to another fault with my laptop, when I attempted to re-activate the onbidder software I was told I was not allowed to after 2 attempts ! so the 12 month subscription is a farce ! you are paying for two installs. The customer services takes to days to email you. has anyone else had this problem?

Need recommendations for multi auction software

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Latest: 1 Nov 2005
Started by muut,
25 Sep 2005
I'd like to sell on Ebay, Yahoo and Overstock and wanted to know if anyone can recommend an auction management software. Initally, I was leaning towards Shooting Star but realized it doesn't handle Yahoo and Overstock.

Auction Management

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Latest: 30 Oct 2005
Started by cookiecat,
30 Oct 2005
I am looking for a basic auction management tool for ebay. I would like these features that I feel are important. I don't need bells & whistles because I would never understand them. I would like some honest advice. Image hostingA gallery where potential buyers looking at an item can also see what else I have for saleintegrated counter system to track hits, times, and bids Currently I am using spare dollar, and they have become quite unreliable. B

Auction Commander Pro...

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Started by Silverado,
28 Oct 2005
Auction Commander Pro... Where are these people. I purchased this software two years ago and now I've heard there MIA! Anybody have the skinny on these folks? They still have the website up. Thanks

software recommendations..ebay motors

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Latest: 25 Oct 2005
Started by nyabinghi,
20 Oct 2005
i'm looking for software to list approximately 500+ auctions a week of different items, all similar categaories, but each item is different. (we sell used motorcycle parts) - i like the speed of auction hawk, as i can list a part in about 90 seconds. nothing else i've tried is as fast (a 1 page lister is the key..) and the ability to create similar auctions quickly, it works. it also has nice image hosting, but i've had problems, they can't fix so far. (no ftp upload of images, and no multi


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Started by,
17 Oct 2005
I am on the team that built . We tried to make the tool as intuitive as possible, but I'm sure we have plenty of room for improvement. If you try out AuctionMapper and find anything confusing or frustrating, please let us know how we can correct the problem. Currently we are mapping only the lower 48 U.S. states, but plan to expand if the project is successful. Our goal is that by using the category tree, item finders, and instantly-sortable listviews,

Developer Interviews - SpoonFeeder

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Latest: 17 Oct 2005
Started by Andy,
17 Oct 2005
Please post your feedback to the SpoonFeeder interview here.

Marketworks - Stop the Insanity!!!

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Latest: 16 Oct 2005
Started by BCF-Enterprises,
12 Oct 2005
Anyone else using Marketworks who is about to lose their mind??!! I've been with Marketworks for a couple of years now. And I've always been the first to recommend them to anyone who asks (and even if you don't). But LATELY... the service is horrendous. Back end and storefront sites are down, features get "dropped' and they aren't aware of it til you tell them. Problems with auto-launching, notifications, the list goes on... I'm about ready to pull my hair out. I have 5 (yes 5)

Products Research Price tools

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Latest: 16 Oct 2005
Khoo Poe Chye
Started by Khoo Poe Chye,
13 Oct 2005
Hello, Can any one recommend me good products research price tool beside Andale. Thanks Benjamin Khoo

Accounting sotware for tax + how to get started

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Latest: 16 Oct 2005
Started by duncan,
13 Oct 2005
I am new to selling on Ebay in any volume and business. I want to start preparing records for tax but its so complicated, the paypal comission on some but not all, listing fees, failures and commissions. It seems a nightmare but people do it. Is there a software to help and how do I start with all this anyway? Please help!!!!

Auction Hawk

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Latest: 13 Oct 2005
Started by Dillon007,
13 Oct 2005
Anyone use Auction Hawk, And give an opinion on how good it works. For Auction management.

shipping quote software

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Latest: 11 Oct 2005
Started by kamelo,
10 Oct 2005
am looking for a software that can give my customers in my online auction the shipping quote for any item we have in the website .thank you

Sniping - an issue again?

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Latest: 6 Oct 2005
Started by Andy,
3 Oct 2005
Sniping has raised its head again, following the launch of mobile bidding tool Unwired Buyer, and rumours that eBay is adding an API call for bidding - reported in AuctionBytes - which could pave the way for faster, more reliable sniping. :O The practice of automated bidding in the last seconds of an auction has been around for years, but still causes much anger amongst buyers beaten before they could re-bid and sellers who blame it
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