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Lego IP suspension

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A review of Thompson & Holt by Marcus_,
Today at 3:20pm
I was selling Lego which was bought from my regular wholesaler however they didn’t have permission to sell Harry Potter Lego. As a result my Amazon account was frozen and they wouldn’t give me access to my money. I contacted Thompson and Holt who explained the issue and offered help, 7 days later my account was reinstated. I am unable to sell Lego but I was told that I can reapply at a later date. I now have 150 boxes of Lego that I need to sell! Here is the email which I got from Amazon.

Good Service Recommend

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A review of Thompson & Holt by taweesakung,
Today at 5:05am
What was good about this product or service overall? Appeal Account Could anything have been better? Yes How was the support? Perfect My Amazon account got suspended for infringement of intellectual property right. I submitted appeal myself twice but it did not work. Then I came across Thompson holt and contacted them. After sending an appeal letter from Holly, my account got reinstated within an hour. It was like a magic for me. Very helpful customer service. Will use again in future wh

My experience has been great. Helpful customer service. Qui.

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A review of inkFrog by,
Yesterday at 9:26pm
:lolWhat was good about this product or service overall? It helped me be an effective seller between Big Commerce and eBay. Customer service was very helpful in getting set up with the least amount of time involved. Could anything have been better? If I was a better computer guy I would not have needed the type of service you provide. That makes you very good and valuable to people like me. How was the support? Excellent and friendly with no complaints. Everytime I called I felt I was bein

US Seller Central account registration - 3 months problem

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A review of Amazon Sellers Attorney by RDK,
Yesterday at 9:03pm
Dear Amazon Sellers Family. I am non US resident, Amazon EU experienced seller. Scaling the business I decided to open US Amazon Seller Account. Over 3 months of horrible account registration process - its failed because of lack of information why Amazon didn't accept all my legal documents with the main one - Utility Bill. I lost the ideas and faith how to figure out this issue. The last chance I decided to do was Kenneth Eade cooperation. I made detailed resume of all my emails with Seller Per

Pay more than snail mail for slower delivery

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Ann Average Customer
A review of UPS Mail Innovations by Ann Average Customer,
Yesterday at 7:39pm
My package was an hour away after 1 day. They are holding it for some inexplicable reason for 5 more days . I could walk to where it is and pick it up and walk back faster. This is beyond bad - it is downright unscrupulous. The company I purchased from could not have cared less about my concern, stating that they have nothing to do with delivery. I asked them to simply log a customer complaint but they kept trying

Extremely Simple + Professional (my case was hard)

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Zach Alexander
A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by Zach Alexander,
Yesterday at 6:31pm
I don't think Brett or his team will have any issues solving most problems if they solved my difficult problem. Brett was super friendly yet professional with his advice If you have any problems as far as selling on amazon, or really selling on the internet in general, I have heard from several people now that Brett will take care of it and I can say, that's exactly what happened. At the end of the day it's best to get advice when your entire account is on the line - overall really gla


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Latest: 12 Nov 2018
A review of inkFrog by Mspence16,
11 Nov 2018
The interface is simple enough however not all out items have synced and we can determine why. The platform breaks into categories but many items listed as sync failed show up in. eBay and of course the exact opposite occurs as well. Additionally the inventory management doesn’t sync back with our site requiring a manually stock adjustment with every order which is cumbersome and defeats the purpose of using a service like inkfrog in the first place. There needs to be better support. We were for

Thank you

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Professional Seller
A review of Thompson & Holt by Professional Seller,
12 Nov 2018
Pity that Amazon does not treat its 3rd party sellers like it treats the customers; twice a year when seasons change our order numbers drop off a cliff and if we get a few negative reviews or A-Z's we get suspended. Unfortunately businesses like Thompson & Holt are now required to deal with Amazon otherwise you will just get frustrated trying to do it yourself.Greta service by Lucy and the team and quick response has meant that our downtime is now minimized. A necessary evil......would definitel


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A review of AMZShark by RobertH,
11 Nov 2018
I have never even heard of this product/website/company yet they have been taking money out of my bank account, weather this has been signed upto using an affiliate website of theirs i do not know. Either way they have taken unauthorised money out of my bank account, which for a company is completely unacceptable. I will be contacting them over this and i will update this in future to prevent others from been ****med by this company. I will remove this review if i am found to be wrong but

Amazon Seller Lawyer Assistance

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by tgm,
10 Nov 2018
I contacted Rosembaum Famularo, P.C. today to discuss an intellectual property issue with our Amazon Seller Account today. I spoke with Jennifer McDonald, she was extremely responsive and answered all my questions I posed. She walked me through the entire process, reviewing my issue, including notices, supporting documentation and other correspondence that was sent. This law firm seems to specialize in Amazon Seller assistance and I'm looking forward to working with them to resolve our issues

county court judgment order against

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Latest: 9 Nov 2018
A review of P4D by avidrori2005,
23 Jun 2016
I made a mistake and sent a package with They lost the package I made a complaint but they ignored me I took them to court and WON the case I spoke to the “manager” of but he was swearing and was very rude.....the name of the manager is Stephen Abel. Stephen Abel the manager of that lost the claim in court, just to remind.... He refused to pay the county court judgment against and he paid though the high court enforcement officer much more that th


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A review of Feedvisor by tom487,
8 Nov 2018
Feedvisor has changed the way we do business. If you are selling on the Amazon platform this software is a must have. Their analytics are above and beyond, they give you all the tools you need to succeed. The repricing itself is fantastic when we joined Feedvisor, (over a year ago) we watched our sales increase almost instantly. Additionally the most important part, we watched our margin increase too. The repricing works to drive your price up, not race to the bottom like most others.

The only soft that works

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A review of ManageByStats by l.cantrell,
8 Nov 2018
Before Manage vy Stats I had have signed up with all soft applications existing in the market, and regret to say that neither was able to make the reporting easier than amazon portal does, so after a free trial I'd go back to crunching numbers in excel. Not to mention that I felt sometimes unsafe to disclose all the data, some of my bestsellers mysteriously appeared on amz after signup with several 3rd party amz reporting tools. That might be a coincidence or might be not. I am extremely h

Awesome Tool

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Latest: 8 Nov 2018
A review of AmazeOwl by Rnesteroff,
13 Oct 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? It is very accurate and easy to use. It provides more analytics. The free version is great and preferable to paid services such as Jungle Scout. See my video comparing Jungle Scout and Amaze Owl: Could anything have been better? It would be nice to have a web add on like Jungle Scout. Having to open Amaze Owl in a separate window can be a little annoying, but other than that no complaints!


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A review of Shippo by BRITTANY WILLIAMS,
7 Nov 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? Adam, was great in gettin what I needed resolved. He was right on top of what I needed. I didn't have to 3-4 days for a response. I barely waited 24hrs for them to help me. Could anything have been better? Nope, he was great. They are timely and great customer service. Adam, knew exactly what to do and how to do it. His support mattered and made me feel important as a customer. How was the support?:) ?Absolutely great. Keep up the work

LOVED IT! With Marcella!

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A review of inkFrog by frappaccounts,
7 Nov 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? :D 150% Service is very good I like it. It's very popular on a site so that's why I did get it for myself. Could anything have been better? 150% very fast and helpful within minutes. Not really everything is already super good as it is. Just maybe technology online and bugs with glitches other then that super great and amazing! How was the support? I wish I could hire them! They were so quick and fast that I wish I had customer

Left Sellbrite for Jazva

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A review of Jazva by Kiera,
7 Nov 2018
We started using Jazva about 4 months ago after we had enough with Sellbrite. We are extremely happy with our decision so far. What we like is being able to have one centralized hub to manage our whole eCommerce business and our wholesale side as well. They helped us get onto more channels such as Walmart and Jet, and helped get all of our products from Amazon listed onto those channels. We are also using Jazva for inventory and warehouse management. This has already prevented oversellin

constant performance issues and accounting/reporting errors

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A review of Feedvisor by Amzseller,
7 Nov 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? only the presentation was good. this company has the best saleforce. and that's the only good thing i can say about this company Could anything have been better? software design is good, however, super major issue with performance - you push a button and instead of seeing software to respond, you might as well go make yourself a cup of coffee, and by the time you will comeback you might get lucky and see the next screen. How was the supp

Professional Service with a Software to match it.

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ATX Luggage
A review of Cloud Commerce Pro by ATX Luggage,
7 Nov 2018
It makes a lovely change to find a company that actually cares about my company. An amazing group of people who are beyond helpful and who all seem extremely happy in their work. I am so thankful that I found CCP as their help, knowledge and fantastic platform makes running my business a whole lot easier. CCP have created me some custom integrated labels for my different sales channels which promotes the different channels individually and also has save me time during the printing and dis

Paid these guys $1000 to make me a Wish and Etsy extensions

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A review of CedCommerce Marketplace Integrations by zico2000,
7 Nov 2018
Paid these guys $1000 to make me a Wish and Etsy extension without realising I was their very first customer for both. So basically using my company as guinea pigs. I expected some teething problems but after months and months of trying to work with these guys to get both extensions working properly and not crashing our Magento site on a regular basis, I got this email: "This is Deepak, Integration Team Lead At CedCommerce You have been using our integration from Fruugo, Etsy and wish An

Tried to use multiple times and failed

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Latest: 7 Nov 2018
A review of inkFrog by brewcustom,
7 Nov 2018
I tried to use this app to integrate BigCommerce with eBay. The bigcommerce integration was already pretty good but I felt it could be better. Initially I did not change my bigcommerce integration so once inkfrog was setup it would duplicate orders. I closed out my built in integration to only use inkfrog. This was a bad idea! Orders were not coming into big commerce and I almost missed some orders. I tried to contact support but they did not help me. I searched and searched but I could not find
2nd Office
Thompson & Holt