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Excellent Service From DIN

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Daisy Dietrich
A review of CrazyLister by Daisy Dietrich,
Today at 1:41pm
After an employee left our company we were locked out of our Crazy Lister account since he had set it up and hadn't shared the password before leaving. I reached out to Din and he was extremely helpful and understanding about the issue. We love working with Crazy Lister. The platform is very user-friendly and simple to make templates with. The cost is reasonable and using the site has increased our sales thanks to the more professional look of our Ebay listings. A+ experience all around!

I felt like a guinea pig

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A review of SureDone by Madman,
Yesterday at 9:42pm
Poor customer service. Poor or zer0 support (One response took over 2 weeks!). Most of all Expensive. There are much better options out there so do your research for the specific products you sell. Complete and utter nightmare costing me thousands of dollars with constant data exchange issues on my eBay and Amazon Stores. Lost data feeds several times losing headers and footers which explained my shipping and return policies.This alone caused a serious influx of cancellations and returns. Not to

Terrible application, do not use Jazva! -1star

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A review of Jazva by qax2013,
Yesterday at 9:39pm
We couldn't agree more with other reviews! Don't use Jazva! It is so hard to use, so hard to understand the "mapping", not user-friendly, wasting your time and money. We've been using Jazva since 02/2019. We were fooled by the salesperson and their online demo. They were super nice and responsive in the beginning. But you will never get what they promised. We sell stuff on amazon and ebay, the only thing Jazva can do right is print orders. We signed a year contract and hoping to use Jazva to str

Accurate insights,data-driven, comprehensive and actionable

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A review of Algopix by karolin,
Yesterday at 8:42pm
It’s really amazing to see that 3 min. product research with Algopix will have a substantial impact on your profit margin!! Before making Algopix my daily go-to research tool, I was checking for hints and information online when to sell, what product, in which market. Basically, it was relying on my instincts and to be fair that proved not being very efficient...After subscribing to Algopix, it seemed almost impossible to carry out in-depth product research manually! Algopix lets me save importa


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A review of Zentail by martyallen77,
Yesterday at 7:44pm
What was good about this product or service overall? Onboarding was simple when changing from our previous system--quick and easy transition. In the time I've been at my job, this is the 3rd system we've had and by far the best! It has been great for maintaining our inventory--overselling is no longer an issue. Could anything have been better? At this point, over a year in, I've not had any issues--everyone I've dealt with has been a huge help! How was the support? The Zentail team

BLOWN Away - Amazing Service

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by guywithaproblemresolved,
Yesterday at 7:21pm
What was good about this product or service overall? They were very helpful even before a transaction was made. They went above and beyond before I sent them any money. Jenn McDonald was especially helpful. Could anything have been better? That is like saying Ice is HOT! No they went out of their way for me. I have NEVER had such great service as I did with Jenn McDonald How was the support? Hands down the best! I could not even begin to tell you how great they are. I was blown a

Algopix gives me a clear picture of what to sell and where

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A review of Algopix by mainchromeprofile,
Yesterday at 2:43pm
I’m using the platform on a weekly basis for almost one year now and I’m getting more and more satisfied over time since then. Even if I was skeptical at first to subscribe to Algopix, it proved to be worth every cent spent - in fact, Algopix pays for itself considering the remarkably higher profit margins that I’m able to generate thanks to the platform :) Also, I’ve reduced my inventory storage by a substantial amount because it’s a lot easier to estimate sales volumes with the platform rather

very satisfied

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A review of Algopix by patricio.john,
Yesterday at 2:23pm
I first heard of Algopix only in relation to Amazon or eBay online sellers that make use of the platform by finding profitable marketplaces to sell their merchandise on. Gave it a try and realized during my trial period that Algopix is also incredibly useful to me as a manufacturer when assessing demand levels for a specific product in different markets (even with international comparison overview) This helped me get a better understanding of my ideal selling price. Algopix presents info

20four7VA is one of, if not the best

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A review of 20Four7VA by ysmaelthomas,
Yesterday at 12:02am
It's been a year since I started working with 20four7VA as a Graphic Artist VA and it's nothing but positive things since day one! The staff are very approachable and ready to answer all of you queries. The overall community is kind and helpful! it's like a big family. if there's a problem between the clients and the VAs, they see to it that the problem is fixed immediately. I'm happy working for 20four7VA and i know it's one of, if not the best service provider in the f

Love the service!

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A review of Atlas Leads by stevehalpert789,
17 Jul 2019
The ungated list is great as a new seller since I can sell all the products on it. I was really struggling to find things I could sell before Atlas Leads. Now I get at least 50 products I can sell every week without having to source myself. The products exceed my standards, with great sales rank and reliable profit. The free inventory management software is incredibly helpful too! It helps me track my numbers and saves me a lot of money since it's bundled in the membership. Support is aw

Widgetchimp Ceased Trading?

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Latest: 17 Jul 2019
A review of WidgetChimp by EbaySellerUK,
4 Jun 2019
We paid £100 For Subscription and can not access dashboard. Only Apache 2 Test Page displayed. Emailed Widgetchimp and Matt Ogborne but no response received. Poor customer service, surely they should at least notify subscribers of issues. I note other subscribers have had their queries ignored. With no response and technical issue not resolved one can only assume they have ceased trading. Instead of bragging about $60,000 in sales in less than 6 months, by basically dicking aro

Terrible - I hope your experience differs

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Latest: 17 Jul 2019
A review of CrazyLister by farmerssolutions,
17 Jul 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? Their initial customer service was pretty good. Could anything have been better? Yes, the whole thing could be better. They badger you after a while, I was trying to get a refund and they wouldn't do it. How was the support? Terrible. Terrrible experience Terrrible experience - If you can avoid them, consider doing so. Their main problem is that their templates belong to them, even if you make one up from their templates and pay

Amazon Product Listing Suspension

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A review of Amazon Sellers Attorney by AlgaeCal,
16 Jul 2019
We have used Amazon Sellers Attorney twice now, and they are great! The first time was for a full Amazon account suspension, and the second was for a product listing suspension. Both times, the team are very efficient and always have the appeal completed within the 48 hrs. Reinstatement seems to follow within 1-2 days of submitting with Amazon. Certainly worth the money and we will continue to use them for any Amazon related issues. They offer quick support and answered any questions we

Worst experience ever.

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Latest: 16 Jul 2019
TGFM Technologies Srl
A review of Direct Liquidation by TGFM Technologies Srl,
16 Jul 2019
Worst experience ever. We're an international buyer, and we scheduled a pickup with our courrier according to their terms. Every things ok till DHL picked up our goods than at this point DHL asked them for information that was MANDATORY for the shipping and that DHL said mandatory from directliquidations, At this point direct liquidation totally refused to provide this information to Dhl. Sounds like dhl one of the biggest shipper of the world don't know how to ship? :)) unbelivable. We

Recommend Brett for Knowledgeable, Friendly, Fast service!

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by signups,
15 Jul 2019
Brett Sondike answered the phone immediately which was a great plus, unlike some other companies that can only be contacted by email. Brett was very helpful and provided a plan of action for resolving my case which also included a complimentary sellers guide which gives insights into Amazon's policies, plus steps to success. Brett with the assistance of Dana made me feel very comfortable and confident that I would recommend them for all Amazon sellers who require specialized and persona

Kenneth is the guy to go to for amazon related issues

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A review of Amazon Sellers Attorney by Thomas117,
15 Jul 2019
I have been selling on amazon for almost a year and with new products coming out, launching costs are always a crucial investment to get the exposure and ranking to setup the success for the future. After launching for a week, my product got some traction and was going well but I was hit with a false patent infringement claim blocking my listing, stranding my inventory, and destroying the ranking of my product which was expensive to get to. Kenneth helped me out and he along with his team,

Generates valuable outcomes (plus amazing customer support)

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A review of Algopix by colin.moldenhauer2,
15 Jul 2019
Algopix has evolved to be an immensely valuable tool for me as a Seller when researching specific products on multiple marketplaces and carrying out my general market/industry research. The platform shows a real-time calculated overview of profit margins, shipping costs and demand levels of a given product based on the unique identifiers or you can simply search with keywords. Additionally, the tool offers some really valuable benefits regarding my inventory management, product sourcing, and com

Algopix is the best tool for finding best-sellers

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A review of Algopix by Emm,
14 Jul 2019
So I’m actually in the dropshipping business and I don't have inventory at hand which I need to sell at the maximum price. I’m actually using Algopix to scout for best-selling products on foreign eBay and amazon markets that I can dropship directly and it does an incredible job! I can take advantage of high demand levels of a product in a specific marketplace and dropship my items based on that. This is almost a guaranteed strategy to increase profit margins!! And if you’re seeking to expand (or

The emailer is a great value, but the support is a steal

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A review of Seller's Suite by mcahill,
14 Jul 2019
I was using Jungle scout for the emailing tool, but it was just so expensive. I heard about Sellers suite and decided to use it because it was a fraction of the cost. It's a good emailer, but nothing really stands except for the price. I don't use the pm tool, so I can't comment on that, but the best thing about this company is its customer support, which acts more like a Amazon consultant. I'm fairly new to selling on Amazon and they have gone above and beyond with answering all of my q

Updated: Good with footnotes

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A review of Feedback Genius by maniplus,
12 Jul 2019
After I complained to customer service several times and informed them I am going to go nuclear, they put me in touch with decision maker to reach out to me and explain / try to sort out the issues. Service is reliable. Dashboard has some info that could be presented better and according to this new contact, this time they are really working on it. Setting up is easy and emails do go out without violating Amazon's TOS which is great. Wish they provided an easier way to provide them wi

Good, effective tool with possibility of modifications.

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Tomasz Dudek
A review of Prisync by Tomasz Dudek,
11 Jul 2019
Good software for smart price monitoring. API access gives a possibility of modifications and adding extra features. Good value/money relation. Appreciate a quick contact and perfect service from Prisync team. The tool is in general very intuitive and allow to divide products into groups/brands/categories. There is also a possibility of transfering different currencies to EUR, which is a usefeful feature for companies comparing markets from different countries. If they introduce a full access to
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