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Do Not Purchase

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A review of Jazva by lprodusa,
Yesterday at 9:49pm
Wow. Don't even know where to start. We were a little hesitant to choose Jazva at first because of the high setup cost of $3,000. They promised us great features and even better results for our company. At first, they told us we were ahead of schedule to push live. This was only because our team was spending 9 hour days doing everything we could to get our products onto their platform. Once all our products were up everything crashed and burned. This is because they couldn't get our account to e

Lucy is a saint

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Sandra Black
A review of Thompson & Holt by Sandra Black,
Yesterday at 7:00am
What was good about this product or service overall? Lucy was very quick at responding, and handled everything well. Could anything have been better? I could have used them straight away How was the support? Really good customer service and gave me instructions of what to write and where to send it. Even had live chat when Lucy was not in the office. If you haven’t tried using these to get your account open it is worthgiving them a try. My appeal that I did on my own was tota

one of the best services in the industry

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A review of ManageByStats by mbdaytwo,
20 Sep 2018
Your dashboard is a compilation of everything AMZ seller needs. Your customer service is the best and your adding new functions is long term strategy to keep your customers (my included) happy and loyal Since you demand lengthy review, I was thinking of copying some chapters from Shakespeare's classical play Romeo & Juliet....but am sure it would be irrelevant, so I didn't But it seems your system insist on it and the 500 characters minimum, so here it is: “My bounty is as boundless as

Great to use when shipping USPS from Canada

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A review of Shippo by LoveJupiter,
19 Sep 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? I needed a platform to print USPS labels from Canada and have them sent to the US via courier to a US based post office. Shippo was a perfect solution, I was able to import my Etsy sales into Shippo so I didn't have to re write out shipping addresses etc. Everything imported great and I love that I don't have to then go and close an order on Etsy and add the tracking number as Shippo takes care of that. Could anything have been better? I

Great features and customer support

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A review of Shippo by craftandt,
19 Sep 2018
Shippo has a really seamless integration with Woocommerce and works great out of the box! So easy to compare shipping prices from different carriers on the interface, and generate customs declarations with data already available from the order. We really like the pricing model that allows us to use this service without committing to a certain shipping volume. We reached out to customer support to request about deactivating the status change on Woocommerce when a label was created. Customer supp

HORRIBLE and shady billing procedures.

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A review of Terapeak Professional by Triple333,
19 Sep 2018
I signed up for the 7 day trial and, as sometimes happens forgot about it. Little did I know that Terapeak automatically signed me up for the $29.95/month "research" package. They never sent emails that would give me a heads up this account was active....just shadily took $29.95 out of my act for 4 months before I discovered it. When I logged in to cancel, I noticed that my selling accounts weren't even connected. You would think that Terapeak would have sent a reminder to me letting me know

Account Reinstated

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A review of Thompson & Holt by Canadakatie,
18 Sep 2018
I contacted Thompson and Holt because they were recommended by some fellow Amazon Sellers on a Facebook Group. My account was suspended because of inauthentic items. The first appeal I sent myself, after I received a notification that my account would be closed I usedThompson and Holt. The service was awesome, they were polite. 4 days later and two appeals my account was activated again. During the 4 days I contacted them by LiveChat and they were polite. The fee was £500 - $850 Canadian


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A review of ZonSupport by GlobalSales,
18 Sep 2018
Fair service, all good, they took care of our Amazon FBA customer service. After you singed up you get allocated your own customer service representative, they take in account information you provide and pretty much ready to go straight after. Customer service they provide was up to a good standard, it wasn't always fluent, but most of the time it didn't cause any serious problems and was just the matter of getting used to our product and business which I understand takes times. All in al

Brilliant service with the most helpful staff

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Latest: 18 Sep 2018
Beth Schofield
A review of RepricerExpress by Beth Schofield,
18 Sep 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? The repricer works very well and is much more effective and customisable than the Amazon own repricer. There are a number of settings that you can play around with to get the rule exactly how you wish, and to suit your level of seller rating as best as possible. I cannot recommend the staff at Repricer more - they are very friendly and will try their best to answer any question you ask (no matter how silly!). They are extremely knowled

Misleading Company, stay away

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A review of SellersFunding by User312,
18 Sep 2018
Mislead customers, claiming they really review your amazon sales figures. They really will run your credit report and used same approach as any creditor. The only diferance that they would put collateral on your sale. Stay away, and choose a credit card with zero or promotional apr. just trying to mimic amazon lending but have no resources they claim. Small pop and mom shop :). They will ask to add their acccoubt as developer, be careful to make sure that will not use your data or sell it someon

Amazing Service

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Tuan Anh
A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by Tuan Anh,
18 Sep 2018
Amazing service! I did business on Amazon for over 01 year. One day, my account was suspended suddenly, i was very confused, i have tried many way to fix it, however no results. My account still was suspended for 03 month and my balance was permanent holding, i was very disappointing until i found out AmazonSellerLaywer, I’ve got great supporting from Mr. Brett Sondike. He is really professional in this field. I’m very satisfied. High recommend for amazon seller who get suspended from Amazon l

the only application I use

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A review of AmzPro by mordobono,
18 Sep 2018
Staying on top of my inventory and FBA fees have become so easy since I started using this application and it saves me a lot of time on my daily Amazon business. I run several reports like long term storage fees, monthly storage fees, overcharged FBA fees etc that I find extremely helpful and cost saving as Amazon seems to be making a lot of “errors” on their charges. I haven’t been able to find the same features in any other software I tested. I recommend this application to everyone. a very we

Amazing tool for EBAY!!!

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A review of 3Dsellers by AmeriproCoinage,
17 Sep 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? It is an amazing program that has every tool to help make life easier and your products and store look absolutely amazing. This product has increased our sales and store look better than we could have ever imagined. I want to thank everyone at 3DSellers for creating such a wonderful tool. Could anything have been better? No, simple to use and mostly self explanatory. How was the support? Support is top Notch, always answer and help in

Great tool for listing design!

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A review of 3Dsellers by oasisgiftsau,
17 Sep 2018
This is a great tool for creating a good looking ebay listing template. Once you finish creating, it can be applied to all of your listings in one click. You can also create a customised ebay store design. Feedback reminder and thank you email are also very effective in maximising feedback left by buyers and maintaining customer relationship. In addition, you can also setup a Facebook store and use it as a way to promoting your ebay products. I have not used video maker and PDF catalog functions

Free trial is a bait

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A review of Ecomdash by Volkanska,
16 Sep 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? Didn’t use much. Could anything have been better? Customer support must be better. How was the support? Support was really bad. After a trial period, which i used only a few times, they have started to charge me abd I only realized it after several months. They have never given me a notice about it. And when I realized it, they refuses to refund even though they saw I didn’t use it. Very bad customer support. They say that they ha

Wouldn't recommend

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A review of SixBit by Dan_,
15 Sep 2018
It has potential and got some goodies but it uses your computer sources and therefore compared to cloud alternatives it's slow. My biggest problem was, my around 100 listings been ended without any reason. Those were had good sale history about thousands. Support wasn't good enough since we are UK based company and they are kinda unreachable. You have to open a ticket and unless you have an upgraded plan which was about $300 in year, you can get reply the day after. So if you have a matter

Quick and satisfactory customer service

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Latest: 13 Sep 2018
A review of BULQ by Irish1,
12 Sep 2018
I read and watched plenty of reviews online about Bulq and decided a lot of the negative reviews were probably from people trying to get rich quick without the business sense to know what they were actually buying. (Warning: if you’ve never sourced this way before, you might be setting yourself up for a loss. You learn and that’s the nature of business.) After a fantastic and profitable experience with my first case, I ordered a much more expensive one just a few days later. To my displeasure

Absolutely awesome!

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A review of 3Dsellers by y.gaber,
13 Sep 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? The 3Dsellers package is simply the best value for money available at the moment. On my first day alone, I received 218 +ve feedback due to the automated reminders. The listing / store designer is so elegant, professional and easy to use. After 2 hours of exploring, I had a new professional fresh look which allowed my brand to really outshine others, allowing me to DOUBLE my eBay sales in about a week. Not only that, but now my SEO a

Easy to set up and use

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Latest: 13 Sep 2018
A review of Shopify by Bigian13,
9 Jun 2014
I have used Shopify to set up several stores. The interface is easy to use and adding products is so easy. Templates are available, some free others paid for, with lots of customisation options available to make your e-store your own. With little or no knowledge you could have your own on-line store up and running in a couple of hours. They now have the option of their own credit card processing in conjunction with Skrill at only 2.1% + .20 per transaction which is a lot cheaper than

Flawless Mercadolibre and Magento Integration!

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David Torres
A review of CedCommerce Marketplace Integrations by David Torres,
12 Sep 2018
CedCommerce is there to help you!, you just need to be there for them along the process. We are a company located in Santiago of Chile and we needed to integrate our Magento Store to Mercadolibre Chile (The most used market place in our country) and the only company that offered the extension without applying sales fees was CedCommerce (every other company offered the integration charging you a fee per sale made at the platform). I decided to go with CedCommerce and noticed the extension was

great to work with

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Latest: 12 Sep 2018
A review of Amazon Sellers Attorney by CHENGHE1210,
12 Sep 2018
my savior to my amazon account, make the account revived so quickly, after we tried more than 7 months with no where to go with amazon team. great appreciated and recommended. we have been struggling with amazon, every time when we called in after 40 mins wait, there was always some directions to lead nowhere, we felt so frustrated. after introduced by a friend of mine, Ken took over, took no time to give us direction and got response from amazon right away, now store opened. cannot express en
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