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Absolutely NOT WORTH it!

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Swigon Marcin
A review of Ad-Lister by Swigon Marcin,
11 Jul 2018
listings have constant problems , technical errors . When you call customer service they act like they don't care and their customer service is just terrible. I had an account for over a yer and I decided to close it as it did not gave me any results and after closing my account majority of the product pictures disappears from my listings and I had no respond or working from ad-lister team. Overall 2 out of 10 !!! AVOID.

Gixen Sniper helps me get everything I want on ebay easier

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A review of Gixen by panya.yos,
Today at 8:22am
Thanks that gives me a power to bid on last second although I'm sleeping. It's reliable and trust service so I can leave my wish list into it and let the system run bidding for me. I can win the bidding much easier via Gixen Sniper.By using Gixen Sniper, I can make it bid for me in last 2 second which is very hard to outbid by others. It improves chance of winning the bid for listings with high competition, and I almost just sit back without do anything much on my wishlist items becaus

Wish I would have signed up sooner

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Angela King
A review of Sellbrite by Angela King,
18 Jan 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? I'm still a new user but so far sellbrite has met or exceeded my expectations. I sell on Ebay and wanted to be able to sell on Etsy and Big Commerce without having to do double work. I'm super excited about the templates to start listing in sellbrite from. No more entering the same info 3-4 times. Theres a bit of a learning curve as with any new software I'm sure, but once you get the feel for it, you'll be rockin and rolling. Could anythi

Extremely Helpful and Prompt!

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Kelly Mahr
A review of Amazon Sellers Attorney by Kelly Mahr,
18 Jan 2019
I am so glad I enlisted Kenneth Eade's help! I am a new seller, and I ran into an issue registering my account. Amazon had immediately suspended my account because they thought I was trying to register two seller accounts. I had started registering the account, but decided to hold off, and not complete it, until I had additional information I needed. When I went back to complete the registration, Amazon thought I was trying to open two accounts. Mr. Eade was very helpful, and prompt with

Solid software

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A review of SellerFlix by robertsondenise61,
18 Jan 2019
I came across this software on youtube (that the owner made several millions of $ and uses this software) and decided to take up on the 30 day free trial they offer. The setup was super easy and took a couple of minutes to connect my amazon account. The main purpose of this software is to automate the inventory management and I would say that feature is pretty good. I initially setup my own rules. I like to see the inventory I need to replenish for the next month as my suppliers turnaround time

Positive Review

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A review of Shippo by Treyesca,
18 Jan 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? Lightening speed email replies and helped out with getting my account verified. I didn’t have to pay to make an account. I’m confident about my purchase. Could anything have been better? I wish the shipping labels were less expensive but that’s because I’m cheap. Nothing negative to say on Shippos end. How was the support? Excellent! Honestly I was a bit skeptical at first since I had to email my photo ID and last four digits of my

They will steal your money

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A review of M2E Pro by TechDude,
18 Jan 2019
When you aren't able to get this configured their support isn't helpful unless your entire system is using standard cookie cutter settings. Their support plays gotcha games using thier customers credit cards. If you stop using this product be sure to cancel your subscription, because if it accidentally renews they will keep your money and you have zero recourse. They tell you to get stuffed and pay more attention to the terms and conditions. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT. STAY AWAY FROM THIS

The best customer service ever!

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A review of Source by glharrell77,
18 Jan 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? Excellent customer service Could anything have been better? A brand new item that arrived did not work correctly and one item was wrong. How was the support? Sean, in customer service, went above and beyond to make sure everything that could be done was done to take care of me! Even when the company my product can from failed to be of assistance he never gave up! I definitely left a happy customer and will be a returning one, thanks to

Very Pleased with Stone Edge

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A review of Stone Edge Order Manager by eComGuyz,
17 Jan 2019
We have used Stone Edge since 2016. We probably don't use it to it's full capabilities, but we've been very happy with it. The latest improvements have really helped out! I don't know of any other software that can do what Stone Edge can do for the price. I would highly recommend. My CSR's think it's easy to use. The support is only available during normal business hours, I wish they were open on the weekend, but it's not that big of a deal. They are very helpful when you do have a problem

Perfect Partner, and Very Loyal

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A review of Floship by FrederickA,
17 Jan 2019
Floship by far has been the most hands on Shipping,Freight, and Logistics company I've worked with. They reached out to me when I was running a crowdfunding campaign offering to manage the shipping logistics of all my campaign perks and they handled that task amazingly. I had a personal rep that worked with me from coordinating the shipping of my product from my manufacturer to Floship's warehouse, to properly barcoding each individual item, to shipping package design, to finding fast global shi

Stay away, bait and switch.

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A review of Cascadia Seller Solutions by moqueca,
23 May 2018
I had a real nightmare of a time with Cascadia and felt fully taken advantage of while in a time of desperate need. I found Cascadia via an FBA podcast and they sounded like nice, capable people, being ex-Amazon employees and all. I was grossly mistaken. I hired Cascadia for a suspension and paid 2x the regular price to get a 4-6 hour turnaround on a first POA (plan of action) appeal, instead of the normal 2-4 days. Because I was paying for the expedited service, Rachel, a co-founder, took my

I've used Lettertrack Pro exclusively on thousands mailings

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A review of LetterTrack Pro by PopeyesPostcards,
17 Jan 2019
I sell thousands of small value postcards online every year. I offer free shipping to my customers and I ship with just a 1st class Forever stamp. I needed a way to offer them (and myself) piece of mind that I shipped their item. LetterTrack Pro sends my customers an email every time their item passes through a USPS sorting center. They can watch their item as it travels to them. They also get emails letting them know that their item is expected to be out for delivery on a certain day. W

Awesome shipping service experience

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Skin Triks
A review of Shippo by Skin Triks,
16 Jan 2019
You guys at Shippo and especially Rebekah has provided an awesome shipping service experience. With Shippo's on the spot help and excellent communication skills through e-mail it makes doing business a pleasure. That is rare these days and I just wanted to voice that I really appreciate it. Keep up the good work and all of us at Skin Triks wish everyone at Shippo a very Happy New Year 2019 Sincerely, Scot Castellaneta | President | CEO Skin Triks, Inc. Exfoliating Bath “SpongEEZe” (Bat

Attorney Ken help me to reinstate my account

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A review of Amazon Sellers Attorney by sky008,
16 Jan 2019
Attorney Ken has helped me to reinstate my account after 3 months suspended. Follow his advise and patiently waiting long time and finally my account reinstate. He help me to draft email to send to Jeff Bezoz. Jeff did not respond my email after 3 times email him witin 2 months period. Finally attorney Ken decide to also send fax to Amazon legal department. After that amazon reinstate my account. I was hoping attorney Ken send the fax to Amazon legal department earlier. But I understand it takes

Great Feedback Tool

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A review of Feedback Express by eventnsfabrics,
16 Jan 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? Feedbackexpress tool has managed our basic requirements as expected. It is easy to use and cost effective tool to manage feedbacks. Dashboard and trader facilities are great. It tracks all the activities and sends reminder promptly. Could anything have been better? As we have stores on Amazon and Ebay, would like to have feedback management for Ebay too. How was the support? Never had requirement to contact support as tool is e

Long Time Beta User

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A review of Taxomate by amzdeals99,
16 Jan 2019
Can't say enough positive things about the taxomate team. They have been incredibly response during the beta and are very open to suggestions for improvements. The other accounting apps I used for Amazon FBA were very expensive and not worth the cost. These guys have all the features I need (COGS, integration, multiple accounts, etc) I need to keep my business running smoothly. If they can keep the cost down they are a game changer in the QuickBooks/Amazon integration. Looking forward to seeing

Smooth and rapid transition to a most powerful system!

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A review of ShipWorks by batteryship,
15 Jan 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? We had to switch from another service/software in order to be able to print a certain bulk mail label type. We had to literally make the switch within hours of finding out about a new regulation. I had never heard of shipworks prior to that, and so I only dreamed we could get it all up and running for our business and switched over literally within a couple hours. Thanks to great software and support, dream became reality. Could anything h

very friendly and great team

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volki tolki
A review of Thompson & Holt by volki tolki,
15 Jan 2019
I wasn't sure that my account would come back again.I'm so lucky to have found here. They reinstated my account with very interesting tactics.Especially lucy thank you.Very patient and very can ask for help without any doubt. I will share the incoming message. ( infringing copyright by listing) .It was a realy hard case. :D:D:D8) Hello, Thank you for submitting your appeal. We have reinstated your account. If you have any funds in your account, they are now a

Terrible Customer Service!

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A review of WebInterpret by spyro,
10 Jul 2018
We have been clients of Webinterpret over a year and it's been a LIKE - HATE relationship. Their Customer Service is the worst I have ever experienced. On the plus side - on a particularly major FUBAR, they refunded the entire amount of the customer's purchase, not just the shipping amount. The main plus is their international shipping rates are better than we can get from UPS or FedEX, and that's why we continue using them. We are able to offer better shipping rates to Canada, AUS,

Terrible Customer Service

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A review of Nembol by Reviews23,
14 Jan 2019
The customer service received was absolutely terrible. The company messed up by not taking action to our emails, we requested multiple times to cancel our account to no prevail. It took months to finally close the account. The customer service was awful, calling us lair for stating we have not received an automatic email. When pressing the cancelling button on the app, it's says to email, when we emailed we had no response. We are having to contact our bank to report unauthorize


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M Schall
A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by M Schall,
14 Jan 2019
After 4 days of my failed attempts, Sal, Kerry and Travis had me reinstated in 48 hours and on the first submission! Very professional, thank you. ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
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