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Terrific experience

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A review of Thompson & Holt by thinpick17,
Today at 2:05am
I have stated all of this same stuff on Trust pilot but that's because it's completely true so I'm just going to copy and paste it here. I've had a terrific experience with this company. Laura continually worked with me and was able to get 7 ASINs reinstated... Just terrific. It was a complicated situation too and I had already tried myself for many months. It took us a while dealing with Amazon but she was able to make it happen. I also worked them a while ago on reinstating and entire acco

Good Over All

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A review of by lostinlodos,
Yesterday at 9:41pm
What was good about this product or service overall? is quick, easy, and intuitive. The software for Windows is easy to use and well designed. If you don’t like the modern interface you can request the older binary as well from customer service; though it has minimal support. The web interface allows you to print stamps from your account, including shipping forms, wherever you are. Could anything have been better? No MacOS software. The only offering for Mac, Linux, and Unix us

Auctiva WAS a big tool for a small price

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A review of Auctiva by epsparts,
Yesterday at 4:49pm
What was good about this product or service overall? When I started using Auctiva it was an easy to use tool, with many of the necessary bells and whistles. I liked it and was abe to make work arounds for the problems. Could anything have been better? It could have been better in many ways, a place to enter item location, a place to enter item SKU, and many other things. All of this is of no matter when the Compatibility tool for eBay Motors Parts and Accessories has been broken f

Over all good

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Maria White
A review of by Maria White,
Yesterday at 4:42pm
What was good about this product or service overall? Fast software and easy label printing Could anything have been better? Several things need changed. 1. Your data base is terrible. When exporting the names are grouped together (exp: first, last name) When inputted you put in separate boxes then why when I export is it together? 2. Insurance is terrible. Why is it that we have to pay twice for damaged items? When I pay for shipping once I should get it back on insurance because I

Updates never go well with them

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A review of by glap,
Yesterday at 4:40pm
What was good about this product or service overall? While it does allow for discounted pricing on many of the USPS services I'm not sure it is worst all the trouble I have with it on an on going basis. Updates never go well and you do not know ahead of time when they are going to mess things up. Could anything have been better? Stop trying to fix what is not broken maybe!!! How was the support? Normally support is very knowledgeable, but still I have to spend considerable time on the p

Help we received from Shipworks was the best!

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Charles e martin
A review of ShipWorks by Charles e martin,
18 Mar 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? It helped automate my client's current shipping solution and attention was paid to our every need making it a seamless transition. Thanks to Jake for creating the Doc Tab templates to the client's specifications! Could anything have been better? No. Jake was always prompt, friendly and helped navigate us through adding FedEx and UPS to the respective thermal printers. He helped us by creating doc tabs for the labels that the client req

Versatile software able to handle complex business

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A review of Agiliron by matthew.hungerford,
17 Mar 2019
Agiliron has helped our business grow dramatically, and consolidate our operations across many different vendors and sales channels. From regular eCommerce shipments, to vendor fulfillment, wholesalers, and even 3PLs we can keep all our orders and inventory data in one place which lets us manage many different relationships with comparatively small staff. The complexity of what Agiliron can do is generally intimidating to new staff and it can take a while to get them acquainted with the system,

Excellent on-boarding, customization, and support

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A review of Zentail by dfoote,
15 Mar 2019
After failing 2 previous times to implement an E-commerce Integration Platform, I have had extraordinary success with Zentail. 1. They spent significant time working with us to learn our work flow. 2. Our work flow was then seamlessly integrated into Zentail. 3. The program has allowed us to use one platform to expand our listings into multiple selling platforms. We are impressed that Zentail doesn't seem to have too many bugs, and this is impressive considering the number of platforms

Bordering on Fraud not refunding within grace period

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A review of Linnworks by TrialMonkey,
14 Mar 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? As inventory management for leading channels within USA and Europe, it works fairly well. Everything else is diabolical far behind the rest of the pack, it all has the feel of a few guys working out of a basement somewhere. Support is good on live chat but awful if you are trying to get your refund even within the statutory rights window. If it is not breaking trading standards bordering on fraudulent behaviour. They use an argument

Speeds up Ebay, controls workers, great customer service

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A review of inkFrog by AgAuCaliente,
14 Mar 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? The product really saves a lot of time and is great for listing many similar items with small variances. I also use it for having workers help me take pictures without having access to all the sales data/pricing etc. I love the master profiles where I can create a new listing with just a few clicks. Could anything have been better? I'd like to see the ability to handle shipping without signing up for another service (i.e, connect to Ebay l

Stellar software company

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A review of ShipWorks by iPioneer,
14 Mar 2019
I have been working with the tech support team over at Shipworks for over a year now and can honestly say they are the best. Period. They always answer the phone and are ready and eager to help. There ability to respond to my requests in a timely manner is what I like most about them. And the product itself is so open and adaptable.It seems there is no problem they have not found a solution for. If you are looking for shipping solution software - stop right here, you have found it. I c

Great guys

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by Chriselliott,
14 Mar 2019
These guys are amazing! Sometimes our business needs a Amazon specialist. We have a family business selling on Amazon we struggle with their rules and we thrive because of their reach. I’ve had different attorneys in my career these guys go above and beyond! Thanks for the guidance. These guys are amazing! Sometimes our business needs a Amazon specialist. We have a family business selling on Amazon we struggle with their rules and we thrive because of their reach. I’ve had different attorneys

Not for a commercial bussiness

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A review of Auctiva by competitiveautomotive,
13 Mar 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? It was a decent service for us starting out back in 2007. But this has changed dramatically and has not kept up with making improvements or dealing with mandated changes required from eBay in timely manners. Get the impression from since it was bought out they seem to only maintain things only at a minimum. Just riding the wave. All companies do have their downfalls or problems that can occur, which is just part of life. We understand that and

You can't find any marketplace like this!

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A review of FreeeUp by kayechang,
12 Mar 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? Could anything have been better?I learned about FreeeUp from a trusted friend. After my half year stint traveling around South East Asia, I decided to give FreeeUp a try. And I’m loving it! I love being a freelancer in this marketplace. Great customer service there to support my freelance business, lots of open projects all the time and a cool place to meet other freelancers. Plus, the two leaders are very hands-on -- they make sure t

Great service for Amazon sellers

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by ddermer1,
12 Mar 2019
Very professional team at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC. They have resolved any problem I have brought to them quickly and with the desired outcome. Have helped me on a number of occasions that others were unable to provide any assistance at all. Love their .pdf's, they have given me a base of knowledge on a number of subjects related to Amazon the law. My #1 go-to for any Amazon related legal questions. Would recommend to anyone who sells on Amazon now or who is planning on doing so in the future

I LOVE using FeedbackExpress!

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A review of Feedback Express by Lauura,
12 Mar 2019
I was a bit sceptical about how FeedbackExpress would help my business but after asking a few questions on the Live Chat, the team really convinced me to try the software and see for myself. BEST DECISION EVER!! The 30 days free trial is super, it really showed me how good the service is and I received a lot of new product reviews and seller feedbacks since!! I had no issues during the free trial but I knew I would get an answer almost right away if I had any question or anything. The supp

Best Customer Service

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A review of ShipWorks by MIGUEL VAZQUEZ,
12 Mar 2019
In my many years working with third party software I have never received better service that from Shipworks staff. Not only is Shipworks the best shipping platform out there, their customer service support is insuperable. Their attitude and courtesy is also outstanding Our concerns and issues are always resolved with our first call We run 7 stores from Shipworks and are very satisffied Highly recommended. ..................................................................................

New to inkFrog

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A review of inkFrog by MainLineHobbies,
11 Mar 2019
We just got started. We found it easy to get items listed. We had a few questions from the start but they were answered very fast. Great support! Some of the features I have been playing around with and found them easy to learn and I am not a computer literate person. It has more features that are easily bulk listed. Not even 3 weeks and we went for the year round billing. We are going to stick with them. We had used a competitor system but this cost less and has more features. It w

Excellent Service, Great Customer Service, Would Recommend.

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A review of ChannelGrabber by totstoteensclothing,
11 Mar 2019
Easy to set up and easy to use system. Great for selling on both Amazon and eBay. Great customer service, fantastic, helpful and friendly team available to assist when needed. Ability to customise invoices extremely useful. Invoices print out in order of SKU's which saves me a great deal of time to pick items from stock. Easy to adjust stock quantities. Ability to print a stock check which enables me to occasionally check all quantities. If you are looking for a multi channel platform th

Excellent Support!!!

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Latest: 11 Mar 2019
A review of ManageByStats by sarahkrupa,
5 Mar 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? Will review again when I've used the product more- It's very promising. Could anything have been better? No How was the support? The support from this group is the best I've received for a very long time! My help came from MaryKay and she was a breath of fresh air. (I believe she's an angel in disguise). She was smart, and understood my problem immediately. Then efficient enough to get it resolved in one sitting, and put me 'bac

Not what you think, be leery.

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A review of BULQ by scancomp,
11 Mar 2019
The positive: their customer service is good, and shipping is fast. Besides the negatives that people always complain about" product condition or missing from manifest," there's a bigger issue in my eyes. If you order a case or pallet, immediately start Watching bulq unboxing vids on YouTube, notice something? They get Alot of the same products you received. Regardless of "type" of merchandise. Now if you're reselling, you will have many many people selling that same item. I.e. I received