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Worst service I have ever used

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A review of Quantity Manager by robbcarpdm,
Today at 3:16pm
Its supposed to change you displayed quantity but it has a timing issue that can result with your entire inventory being shown to ebay when then ENDS IMMEDIATELY all your listings if the quantity is over your limit. Their awlful customer service denies they ever have a problem even when it documented Its got to be some teenager in mom and dads basement to be this bad. Their maint times are during peak US periods and it doesnt run in the back ground while they do maint so you are screwed

Excellent Addition To The World Of Online Product Sourcing

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Dan Ashton
A review of SourceMogul by Dan Ashton,
Today at 12:32pm
I wasn't convinced there was room for a new product sourcing tool for Amazon online arbitrage, but I signed up for the free trial to give it a go. Very impressed with Source Mogul and it's quickly become a vital tool in my product sourcing arsenal Fast Very high match rate Lot's of positive results Easy to use Intuitive I'm looking forward to any additional features that get added, but the 50 sites available for the US and UK are plenty for now. I like it so much I signed up for

Great team!

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A review of Seller's Arena by michaelw,
Today at 1:19am
Having worked with Seller's Arena a number of times over the past year, I can tell you that I trust them over anyone else in this space. The company itself is a full-scale Amazon sales company backed by a great team of hard-working guys. They're professional, easy to work with, and best of all...they get RESULTS! I'd recommend their services to anyone looking to either get started on Amazon with a new launch, or who already has a product they're looking to take to the next level. 5 stars!

Aaron is the man!

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A review of Seller's Arena by BenG,
Today at 12:44am
Aaron Ferrell is an awesome guy, and very driven entrepreneur. Having been both a personal friend and recipient of his professional services, I highly recommend you spend time working with Aaron. He always delivers 110% of what he promises. What really convinced me of Aaron’s value as an entrepreneur was his commitment to his customer’s needs and wants. When he did work for me, he went out of his way to make sure I was taken care of and happy. As a perfectionist who wants every aspect of his

Superb, Excellent Service To Work With

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Boris Chen
A review of Seller's Arena by Boris Chen,
Yesterday at 11:59pm
Authentic, Above and Beyond, and Passionate. :D Those are some of the words I use to describe Seller's Arena and the value they offered me. They take great pride to ensure that I am 100% happy with the services provided whether that's product launch, branding/design, digital marketing, etc. If you're looking to start selling products on Amazon and don't know where to turn, these guys will show you the step-by-step systems to get results! Please don't hesitate to contact these guys if

Very professional, great communication and great to work wit

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A review of Seller's Arena by cm30,
Yesterday at 11:13pm
I worked with Sellers Arena on marketing. Their team is very timely and great at communication, and at being as helpful as possible. They even went out of their way to creat a drive for myself and them to access and share files to make everything as seamless and easy as possible. I was able to message their team whenever I felt the need to as well as get a timely response, not just a short response either, but a well thought out and high quality response to everything! Expect a great experience

Priceless wealth of knowledge

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A review of Seller's Arena by Zodell,
Yesterday at 10:32pm
SellersArena has been a tremendous help with getting my products on Amazon and effectively communicating to me Amazon's best practices. Every time I ran into an issue they were a short call away and always knew exactly what I was doing and how to help. SA is a must have for anyone thinking about selling their own branded products like me on Amazon or also like me selling 3rd party products. They know it all! Navigating Amazon has never been easier with these guys. Ten Stars if possibl

These guys know their stuff!

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A review of Seller's Arena by sellstudios,
Yesterday at 10:28pm
These guys know their stuff! I was struggling with getting products moving on Amazon. Turns out there is a lot more to it than I could have imagined. These guys completely revamped and updated my listings. I went from selling 2 to 3 units a month on Amazon to over 5,000! They were also crucial in helping me getting my products set up on FBA. It would have been a logistics nightmare without them. I have nothing but positive things to say about Seller's Arena. We would still be in the stone age

Professional, great advice

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by sbr223,
Yesterday at 7:01pm
Great experience with CJ and his team. They are very professional, knowledgable and great response time. They helped me with my question and even helped me realize I did not need them at this time, but directed me how to save money by doing it myself! They also helped me know the steps and told me to call anytime I needed help in the future, which I definitely will do! I appreciate such attention to customer needs vs just trying to get the sale. It is great to work with such a great company,

Subject matter experts, gave 5 star advice!

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by sland1,
Yesterday at 4:36pm
I give a full 5 star recommendation to Amazon Seller's Lawyer. They were experts on the subject matter and answered all my questions and really helped me navigate the legal landscape with regards to my Amazon seller account. I was able to speak with someone immediately when I called - they always gave me prompt, courteous and knowledgeable service. You can see for yourself by the other high rated reviews this firm gets! Highly recommended, you will not be disappointed with their expertise!


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A review of BULQ by dsharp34,
Yesterday at 3:59pm
Won a bid on a pallet, went to pay for the pallet to find out they had sold it to another buyer even though I was entitled to it. They stated they would send me a case worth 200$ of my choosing to make up for the mistake. Every one I chose was conveniently already sold. They ended up sending me a case of dollar store party favors that are completely worthless and nothing close to what I wanted. I will never be doing business with them again. If you are a reseller I recommend getting your resale

Excellent Service

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A review of Thompson & Holt by hlnieves,
Yesterday at 1:55pm
What was good about this product or service overall? I am very pleased whit the service.Since the first communication and thru the process, which was fast and effective. I was very tress full because as a new seller I do not dominate the rules of the game. Beside that I was concern for my investment. But I received their feedback in 24 hours and they were in communication with me at all time, which gave some relieved. Thanks to their advise, I was reinstated in two hour since the filing of the

Was good, now avoid!

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A review of CrazyLister by BoJack,
18 Mar 2018
Used to be an excellent product, good value for money, did what it said on the tin, with decent enough reliability. (4.00+/5) Since a "recent" update, where they "forgot to communicate" that the way the system works will change completely overnight and it will not be compatible with variation listings we cant change 80%of our listings as they are not supported anymore, until i find a suitable replacement. Contacted support, they were just shaking their virtual heads in defense,

KW Inspector is in Azon FatCats Training of Product Picking

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A review of Keyword Inspector KIPRT by AzonFatCats,
18 Mar 2018
The single most important decision as a Seller on Amazon is: What product should I sell? If you're using KIPRT, it's like knowing who wins the World Series! KIPRT is an amazing tool because KIPRT search results give you PURE KEYWORD GOLD ! Yes, there's some work involved. But don't you think it's worth it to get the data upfront? Bravo to the creator of KIPRT! I teach KIPRT in my course "Azon FatCats - How to Sell Private Label Products on Amazon FBA." You can pick products with confi

Horrible. Fraud. Waste of $

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One Word
A review of StoreYa by One Word,
18 Mar 2018
We signed up for the Traffic Booster $500/month plan. According to their website, this should generate between 700-1400 visitors. We received only 116 visitors. That's $4.31 per visitor - not sale or engagement, just visitor. Incredibly disappointing. While they are quick to respond to concerns and questions, they take no ownership in their product and are quick to blame the customer. ABSOLUTE WASTE OF MONEY. I understand that revenue generated from paid-for-click advertising can vary,

Good software !! Works well and has many great features

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A review of Selro Multi Channel by npire1,
17 Mar 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? So far the software works well and solves many issues that my last software did not such as still allowing orders that contain kit/bundle items to be sent for fulfilment by amazon. You can also link or merge products that have different sku's on different channels. Listing appears to work well. Invoices and other documents can be customised. The software also fully supports the ebay, Amazon etc European markets which my last so

Outlet Merchandise

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A review of Sellware by michael.mccarthy23,
16 Mar 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? Our account Rep (Chris Lawrence) was very knowledgeable and always willing to provide the needed assistance and/or market updates. The platform provided the needed plug in our company needed as we are migrating to a new ERP system (NetSuite). Could anything have been better? N/A How was the support? Best in Cla

Cancelled service and they will not refund

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Latest: 16 Mar 2018
A review of Selro Multi Channel by netnit,
14 Mar 2018
Selro has been charging my credit card for the past 13 months when I specifically requested a cancellation of service after one month of service. I sent an email requesting the cancellation and they tell me now I had to cancel on their site. I never received a statement or invoices. They stated they will refund one month. I don't understand the logic to this form of doing business. As far as I'm concerned they are crooks. I will be contacting my credit card to reverse all charges....ST

Complete and total waste of time, unethical.

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A review of WebInterpret by npeiman,
16 Mar 2018
Complete waste of time and effort. Took them months to get nothing more than our shop, catalog page up. No translation for any other page so no explanation of our products, features, and benefits. Only sales from them were to english speaking countries that we were already selling to. Then one day while reviewing sales history, I noticed repeat customers of ours that had purchased through the Webinterpret interface, instead of directly from our sites shop page. These orders incurred additional c

Worse company I have ever dealt with

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TK Logistics
A review of WebInterpret by TK Logistics,
16 Mar 2018
BEWARE ! Used this company serveral years ago and it cost me 2 Amazon Europe accounts and huge loss of sales accross the board. Requested the account to be closed and it took them 3 months to do it and they are now persuing me through debt agencies for the 2 months revenue !! I intend putting a counter claim in against them. Take my advice and stay well away, shocking service and results from start to finish. BEWARE ! Used this company serveral years ago and it cost me 2 Amazon Europe accou


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A review of Frooition eBay Design by asa,
15 Mar 2018
bad design poor communication just overall not good we had a bad experience poor support overpriced horrible design no help what so ever implement upgrades just again don't touch it it is bad overall no work to gether they r here only to rip not to do their the best now I'm in a search for a new design which is going to cost a fortune but this frooation just brought our ratings down terrible :' STAY AWAY AS FROM FIRE ITS NOT WORTH THE MONEY AND EFFORT IM EXTREMLY FRUSTRATED and there i
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