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Outstanding Legal advice for Amazon sellers

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by jnebelsick4,
Yesterday at 1:15am
Jenn promptly called me about my inquiry for legal advice within 15 minutes of my email to Amazon sellers lawyer. She then contacted their legal team with my case details and within 30 minutes I had a call from one of their lawyers, CJ. He called me from his son's hockey practice! I was honestly astonished about the level of service that I received. He provided a free consultation, and answered all of my questions. He was kind, considerate, and extremely knowledgeable about the legal aspect of s

Bait & Switch, then Billing Nightmare! Stay AWAY!!!

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A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by Allen26n,
19 Sep 2019
Channel Advisor sold us snake oil on their inventory sync for their Marketplace product, promising that it will integrate with our ERP system (Netsuite) and 3rd party fulfillment company we are working with. After 6 months of signing up with them, integration failed miserably, their support admitted that their API does not work properly for the inventory sync (which is the most important integration in a marketplace software), and they had the audacity to bill us for launch and continued use of

Great Amazon Attorneys AAA++++

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Jose Martinez
A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by Jose Martinez,
19 Sep 2019
The Amazon legal system is a complex web to navigate through and you have to have the knowledge and experience to tackle all sorts of accusations in a delicate and professional manner. Being a first-time business owner and being hit with a baseless and frivolous trademark infringement complains, I thought had to close our family amazon store. My gut feeling told me to contact Rosenbaum Famularo PC amazon attorneys to get their final advice before hiring someone. Brett Sondike himself contacted m

this company is a joke

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A review of Thompson & Holt by joea,
18 Sep 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? there wasn't anything good about this company they promise the world and don't deliver. you hear all the good reviews but what about the bad ones. This lady holly sloan who is a representative of Thompson and holt is a joke she keeps sending you the failed letter for your suspension over and over with minor tweaks to the letter. news flash holly sloane if the first letter didn't get anywhere there probably is a formulation of the letter that i

Best sniper for AU

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A review of BidSlammer by tabbyt,
18 Sep 2019
This service works very well with AU auctions. :D:D:D I was having a problem with a different service where my bid was being placed from a US server, so I wasn't getting purchase credit for my coupon points program. I gave up using sniping for coupon points for a while. After joining BidSlammer on a friend's suggestion, to my surprise it worked. Another plus is the organization of items ... I collect stamps and it is difficult to organize my bids at the eBay site. So I just manage bids from BidS

Gixen is no longer worthwhile, since its basically a PAID se

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A review of Gixen by maer,
16 Sep 2019
Gixen is no longer worthwhile, since its basically a PAID service now, and there are much better ones I moved to Gixen from years ago because gixen was was free. The user interface is ridiculously bad,but hey, it was free. They just slapped it together as cheaply as possible. But that's ok for a freebie website. But not for a paid service. Unfortunately, it only went downhill: First the anoyning 60 second nag screen every time after logging in as a free user. And since a few days, no

The best repricer available, after long research that we did

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A review of SELLER SNAP by ohadmm,
16 Sep 2019
We have been selling online for many years and are using ChannelAdvisor for our operation, but frankly, their Amazon repricer is just too basic for our needs. We looked for a dedicated repricer to help optimize our Amazon stores and after looking into the different repricers (some very cheap and some cost $3000 a month), we found Seller Snap. I can say that from our experience over the past few months, they are the best repricer and analytics solution for Amazon on the market today. Pros:

Incredible Customer Service

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A review of LetterTrack Pro by edvalecar,
14 Sep 2019
I've been using LetterTrack Pro for about a year now, mostly because it allows me to send low-cost tracked letters. I thought it was good with fair pricing, and that was about it. A few days ago, I asked if a certain feature (a better way to access tracking links) was available, and the customer service blew my mind. Todd got back to me within minutes, and later that day, he let me know that a developer had made a change to make things easier. I asked if it was possible to export the links i


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Latest: 14 Sep 2019
Nunya Bitness
A review of AMZ Advisers by Nunya Bitness,
4 Sep 2019
If you like to be jerked around and treated rudely, you will love working with this pathetic excuse for a company These people are rude, inconsiderate. They make appointments that they blow off. My over-all impression is that they are just more ****mers looking for a way to con people who are trying to start up a business. 500 characters? There are a lot of words I'd like to use, but they are not really appropriate for public display where children may be present. These people rea

CJ And his crew are extremely knowledgeable and helpful

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by JRP24,
13 Sep 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? CJ and his team make time to help Amazon Sellers. They are knowledgeable and they provide useful guidance each time I interact with them. I have been working with CJ for nearly 4 years now. I will continue working with him when the need arises. Could anything have been better? Not in this particular instance. How was the support? Great. They are always prompt and it’s been my experience that CJ is more worried about my success

horrible product

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A review of Gixen by Salonist7,
12 Sep 2019
see,if i tell you how darn good this software is and it is darn good,very good and excellent i don't bid to win by a dollar i bid to win as i want that product at a dollar more than the last bid gixen does my bidding for me to my maximum amount usually, just get an email, you won 99% of the time i win, unless i'm out sniped do yourself a favour and don't sign up hint, double hint, triple hint if you really want to win all the information is contained in the bay advanced search examp

Best Option

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A review of Ecomdash by crimescene,
12 Sep 2019
I did plenty of research before ending up at emcomdash. I dont think there are better options. I needed to track inventory among many marketplaces. EXAMPLE: It was getting cumbersome to manually update quantities on hand at amazon and it wasn't helping us grow. Ive got ecomdash integrated with quickbooks, shipstation woocommerce, google shopping actions and amazon. I'll be adding jet and Walmart integrations soon. What I like best of all is the responsiveness to support questions. They'

Laura got me reinstated

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A review of Thompson & Holt by charlier1955,
12 Sep 2019
I have been selling with Amazon for 5.5 years. Never a problem. Then I got suspended for what I thought was a really dumb reason. Obviously Amazon did not think so. I submitted a Plan of Action. It was rejected and my account shut down. I did an appeal . It was rejected. I talked to another law firm, but they wanted too much money. Thompson and Holt assigned me to Laura. It took several days and 4 appeals. I am now back in business. The suspension has been lifted. I have learned to watch

Stay Away

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Latest: 11 Sep 2019
A review of Direct Liquidation by Xavi,
6 Sep 2019
they cancel your orders without any reason. They canceled 2 of my orders although I used the same method that I used to pay for my first order. i had no problem with the payment of my first order, I received the order in almost 15 days but it wasn't worth at all. I already lost weeks because of them. Then they canceled 2 of my orders. Don't trust them Don't do business with them.. They also disable your account though. When you ask them why they canceled your orders, they will say they work with

Best A2X Alternative

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A review of Taxomate by Arichards28,
11 Sep 2019
:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) This is the best A2X alternative we have found. Great value for the price and recommend for anyone looking for an alternative to A2X. Importing settlements was quick and easy. They seem to add new features all the time and it has come a long way. Support has been great. Anytime we had a question, they were quick to get back to us. No complaints all around. taxomate is now our go to tool for amazon quickbooks integr

eBay users lose with Wonder Lister

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A review of Wonder Lister by geowen57,
10 Sep 2019
"What was good about this product or service overall?" What was good? The promise that listing would be SO MUCH EASIER AND FASTER. The truth? 95% of eBay sellers will pull their hair out before they figure out how to use this complicated mess of a program. "Could anything have been better?" Yes, there could have been a free on week trial and then a sign up. But they decided to get on the NO OPTION SUBSCRIPTION TRAP program (which everyone hates BTW) "How was the support?" The support

Kills this CRAP service off already! UPS+USPS = S@#T!!

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A review of UPS Mail Innovations by Ziva,
10 Sep 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? Nothing was good. Three parcels in a row, lost at the Post Office Acceptance point. Starts off on route, then when UPS gives it to the post office at a zip code not too far away from me, it dies and never proceeds. What's worse is the stupid company I ordered the products from keep replacing it using the same horrid shipping service. UPS says it's in the hands of the post office, so take it up with them. Post Office says "we never got it

Fast, responsive and effective support!!!

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Latest: 8 Sep 2019
Gary DeGregorio
A review of Ecomdash by Gary DeGregorio,
3 Sep 2019
Their accessibility is amazing. You can sign up for a 15 minute call time, usually within only a few hours from the time you realize you have a question or issue. Could anything have been better? -- Not that I can think of! How was the support? - Excellent. The person who calls you to discuss your issue or question is professional and very knowledgeable. I was able to get my issue resolved and had time to learn how to do something that I didn't realize was even possible. Very helpful!!! :)

I highly recommend Exigosource for Online Arbitrage

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A review of ExigoSource by habibahhaugstad,
7 Sep 2019
I wanted to try Exigosource after hearing high recommendations of product sourcing support and great customer service. I was placed on the waiting list because they are highly customer-focused and don't have a large number of clients that they offer the same product information to, which I really appreciate. A couple of weeks later I got an email saying that I was approved and I could try out the 3 day free trial and then go into the paid monthly subscription. I was pleasantly surprised to see t

72 hour notice from hell

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A review of Thompson & Holt by GladisA,
7 Sep 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? I received a 72 hour notice from Amazon accusing our store of selling fake products. This was nonsense as we buy direct from the manufacturer. We had read about these notices before but thought we would never receive one because we buy direct. We were recommended to speak to Holly from Thompson and Holt as she had helped a friend of ours earlier this year. Within a day of receiving the notice Holly had written an excellent appeal th


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Latest: 5 Sep 2019
A review of Direct Liquidation by kenankcr527,
25 Apr 2019
???????????????? We had ''Truckload – 26 Pallets – General Merchandise (Target) – Customer Returns'' today. It was our first order, but it is very different than we expected. We have been doing this business for 2 years with b-stock, but we have not any experience like that. As a result, we want you to get all of your items back and give our money back. If you do not do this, We will report all of them with the attorney and go to the court. We will also give bad feedbacks to all of the l