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It saves me so much time

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A review of Algopix by likeofir,
Yesterday at 10:57am
It used to take me hours, if not days, deciding what products to source. Without a doubt researching the market is a time-consuming task because you don’t want to oversee important information. After discovering Algopix, the time it takes me to get to an equally informed conclusion like before has dropped significantly to a few minutes. Their platform not only delivers figures for the market demand, but also calculates your expenses and your profit margin. This allows for a comprehensive overvie

Amazing !!

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Emma Grojnowski
A review of Amazon Sellers Attorney by Emma Grojnowski,
16 Jul 2018
Kenneth is beyond amazing. He answered emails at crazy hours and even on a Sunday. Within 1 day my account was reinstated. I tried to do it myself for a few weeks and not even an email from amazon and within 1 day Kenneth worked his magic. For me it was also his incredible communication, he was so easy to talk to and very very quick, i highly recommend him, worth every cent. I hope i wont every need you again but if i do i would never hesitate on employing your service again. Thanks so

Do not recommend

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united worldwidex express llc
A review of Feedback Genius by united worldwidex express llc,
16 Jul 2018
I wish I could give them 1 star. Their customer service is the worst customer service I ever experienced. They did a price match on the solution - however, there was an overcharge on my account. Their representative told me they would credit me a 1 month free subscription - however they did not. I asked them to contact me 4 times. Nobody contacted me. Finally, when I let them know that I would dispute the charge - the showed my from nowhere. They kept promising me again about gran

A Review of Business Received from TradeKey Since 2016

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A review of Tradekey by Michael.Akinola,
16 Jul 2018
We are Becket international and have to review that Tradekey has been working as our partner to expand our business and developing international markets like European Market and South American Market and so forth. Its been a great tradekey experience as since 2016, we have availed tradekey services and successfully got worth $100,000 order from tradekey buyers. We have set up great association with tradekey customers and now we trust tradekey more and posting this tradekey review for appreciatio

great service

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John Connor
A review of Amazon Sellers Attorney by John Connor,
13 Jul 2018
I contacted Mr. Kenneth Eade on Tom Wang's recommendation, two weeks after one of my listings got suspended. For over two weeks I was trying to reinstate my listing with no success of all. I wasn't prepared for a battle like this and I decided it's time to contact a lawyer. That's how I met Kenneth. His response was prompt, and all communication was professional and very helpful. Kenneth is very calm and polite and he gave me the confidence in what he was doing. If it wasn't for his hel

Wish I could go back in time and not sign the agreement

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A review of Feedvisor by Epic,
13 Jul 2018
When I first signed the agreement with Feedvisor it worked good for the first 2-3 months and then something catastrophic happened with the repricer. Suddenly, in my opinion, there was no difference between Feedvisor and the free Amazon repricer. It seems like the Feedvisor repricer just started racing to the bottom on pricing. We would find that often we would be the lowest price (by far) sometimes by a few dollars. It also seemed to have lost the ability to realize the difference betwee


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A review of by kimberlyreh,
13 Jul 2018
:)What was good about this product or service overall? Everything -- easy to use. Quality. Savings! Could anything have been better? I have a professional office and get what I need. I guess occasional 2 minute How To videos would help my staff get more out of it. How was the support? Fantastic. Always helpful & easy to understand. I've used for MORE THAN 10 years. Love them. They put the post office AND their competition out of business! We do almost every

My Review and Experience About Tradekey Goldkey Membership

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A review of Tradekey by F.Tiago,
13 Jul 2018
Our company is yong yi products manufacturing co. We are a goldkey member at, Originally did not have a good impression on various platforms about tradekey reviews. Many show negative tradekey feedbacks and No matter whether it is foreign or domestic, many of them advertise far other than reality, and many of them just waste time and money by showing tradekey a ****. The return is not entirely proportional against tradekey premium membership but Tradekey and my KAM changed my mind.

Absolutely NOT WORTH it!

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Swigon Marcin
A review of Ad-Lister by Swigon Marcin,
11 Jul 2018
listings have constant problems , technical errors . When you call customer service they act like they don't care and their customer service is just terrible. I had an account for over a yer and I decided to close it as it did not gave me any results and after closing my account majority of the product pictures disappears from my listings and I had no respond or working from ad-lister team. Overall 2 out of 10 !!! AVOID.

Mind-blowingly excellent

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happy customer
A review of RepricerExpress by happy customer,
11 Jul 2018
Product - excellent, very user friendly. rare to find a product that is both capable of complex rules etc and easy to use. I don't think I've even touched on 75% of what the system can do. And they are always adding features etc. Service - exceptional and very friendly - I work nights and bank holidays and and and... and they always seem to come back to me whenever it is that I need help. I would recommend this to anyone who has an online business with amazon or ebay. I actually don't want

Terrible Customer Service!

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A review of WebInterpret by spyro,
10 Jul 2018
We have been clients of Webinterpret over a year and it's been a LIKE - HATE relationship. Their Customer Service is the worst I have ever experienced. On the plus side - on a particularly major FUBAR, they refunded the entire amount of the customer's purchase, not just the shipping amount. The main plus is their international shipping rates are better than we can get from UPS or FedEX, and that's why we continue using them. We are able to offer better shipping rates to Canada, AUS,

A great resource!

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A review of Zentail by kristavintage,
7 Jul 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? I have previously been a customer at both Channel Advisor and Solid Commerce and we ultimately switched to Zentail. They are a younger company so I have found that it makes them more innovative and they are continually upgrading/improving their product. In addition, they are very responsive to issues / improvements and I can actually reach someone when I have a question or concern. Their integrations are robust with the channels and the

Top of the heap!

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Richard Davidian
A review of CrazyLister by Richard Davidian,
6 Jul 2018
CrazyLister templates gave a significant and much appreciated boost to the STR and sales of my eBay listings. There's a bit of a learning curve for creating them, but it's not overwhelming. Instructions are clear and plentiful. You can start with their multitude of templates or create your own. The most remarkable value of the CrazyLister Company is their technical support. These guys, Din, Ofer and others, have your back and are there to help you succeed. I've never experienced better su

Such a benefit to our business

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Mad About Horror
A review of Cloud Commerce Pro by Mad About Horror,
5 Jul 2018
When we started with Cloud Commerce Pro everything we did was manually done. In the morning we would print all packing slips from Ebay then fulfil the orders and log onto the website of the courier and enter each delivery address, size and weight then do the next. After that we then do the same for Amazon then our web shop orders. Now Cloud Commerce Pro handles our dsspatching, purchase ordering, updating sales channels with stock and price changes, and the ability to see real time stock. Be

Easy to use dispatch and stock control system, user friendly

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A review of Cloud Commerce Pro by woody0478,
4 Jul 2018
Easy to use dispatch system, very user-friendly never used a system before. Dispatching is so much quicker, all done from one place. The system selects carriers based on the rules you set up and uploads all tracking numbers to all the platforms for you, so saves you lots of time. You can group orders together saving you time and money. You can search for all your customers from one location using their name, postcode, order number and many other options. You cannot search customer via nam

Bad Day

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Latest: 3 Jul 2018
Gordon Rex penland
A review of BULQ by Gordon Rex penland,
29 Jun 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? Could anything have been better? How was the support?:evil: I purchased a pallet from bulk that I thought was I ended up with I called support and asked them to fix it the

Fast, Cheap, Easy and Profitable

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A review of AMZRefund by VMVM,
3 Jul 2018
I use AMZ Refund every 2-3 months and it always gets back significant money that I can't find myself via account audits. They only charge 8% vs the 25% that the other main player does. Also, this service is one of the only ones that is within Amazon's TOS, as they don't send in 100% automated refund requests (it's semi-automated, as they find the inventory/refund/missing item mess-ups, and then gives you a template to submit the tickets to Amazon, which makes it TOS-ok). All in all, I'll

Works Pretty Good

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A review of Myibidder by Unclekook,
1 Jul 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? It works flawlessly when you have everything set up right. I've been using it for years with very good results. Takes a while to figure it all out. Could anything have been better? Honestly it could be a little easier to use. They work the hardest at trying too get money out of ya but I guess that's the name of the game. How was the support? I have never used support.......................................................................

CJ was excellent in helping us craft a solid plan of action

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by dpeachie,
30 Jun 2018
CJ was excellent in helping us craft a solid plan of action for Amazon, I highly recommend him and his team if you're looking for someone to help navigate the tricky situation of responding to Amazon in a concise and persuasive way. We have tried other consultants in the past and found CJ to be the best of the best and when it comes to your amazon business, it's always good to go for the best, not the cheapest! We will be using CJ as our go to guy for responses to amazon in the future. T

They couldn't suck more if they tried!

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Latest: 29 Jun 2018
A review of Stone Edge Order Manager by MonsoonBlows,
23 Nov 2015
:evil: We have been using Stone Edge Order Manager for 15 years. We started back in the day when Barney Stone was THE man (and Barney did great work). As his team grew and the software grew, it got better and better. But, at some point, Barney decided to retire and in came Monsoon. Having dealt with dozens (even scores) of software companies over my many decades of dealing with computers, I can honestly say Monsoon should get first prize. First prize for being the worst software

A good way to start and expand your bussiness...

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Daniel Y.
A review of Solid Commerce by Daniel Y.,
29 Jun 2018
Solid Commerce help us a lot to grow our business and expanded to new platforms and most popular marketplaces(Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet, Houzz). Our sales grows 3 times more in less than a year with their autonomous system that synchronize inventory, pricing rules and importing/exporting data. The Solid Commerce customer service is great, quick response, specially the tech support team that are always there to help you on any issues you confront. We strongly recommended to try Solid Commerce.
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