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service is trash absolutely no support TOTAL ****

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A review of Feedbackwhiz by Juliusisoa,
Yesterday at 10:28pm
What was good about this product or service overall? ----nothing at all Could anything have been better? ---worst service no support not worth a cent How was the support? ---TERRIBLE\ i sent atlest 3 emails to support team , no refund , stopped working never hurd back What was good about this product or service overall? ----nothing at all Could anything have been better? ---worst service no support not worth a cent How was the support? ---TERRIBLE\ i sent atles

Special new price for *LOYAL* customers

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A review of Linnworks by Amberta,
Yesterday at 6:08pm
Speechless… Linnworks in an OK system. Nothing to roam about. They do stock management, order management, label printing, courier integration. Their reporting tools are non-existent. Customer support is via chat and is very slow, even in emergency. They use a cloud printing system that occasionally goes down and you cant print orders. We have to use a lot of alternative software to run everything smoothly. But It’s OK. For the price it does what it needs to… HOLD ON. out of t

worst customer service.Stay Away

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Steve Stve
A review of ShipRush by Steve Stve,
17 Aug 2018
Customer service is awful. Never take care of customers. I got to bring my UPS Accounts with me, and it was supposed to save me time, and money dont waste your money and time. worst shipping solution I've ever used.No tracking then you can't download the label. Just stay away:evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::

Decent software, good support

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A review of AMZ PIRANHA by Pacifica,
21 May 2019
It gives more than what you need and has responsive support. All my emails were responded in less than 3 hours so far. With the last version we can request support from the application as well which makes everything easier. It could be better if it would accept "a mixed list" of UPC, ISBN and ASIN and process accordingly. Most of our wholesale lists have mixed codes and we have to process the same list two times if we want to process books by ISBN and other merchandise by UPC but overall it'

Thumbs up! Easy to use, pretty fast, and customizable

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Mehmet Kken
A review of AMZ PIRANHA by Mehmet Kken,
14 May 2019
I have tens of price lists from my wholesale suppliers and book sellers. Before AMZ PIRANHA it used to take several days to analyze them and decide what to buy. Since I'm in Germany, it's hard to find an Amazon software which supports European markets by default. A friend of mine suggested it and I tried it two weeks before subscribing. Now, it takes only a few minutes to process thousands of products. It gives me all the information and I can customize the output as I want. Even bet

Great service!

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A review of Thompson & Holt by chris33,
Yesterday at 12:17pm
What was good about this product or service overall? Just explain your issues and work with a professional. Was back in business in a few short days.No need to lose any more sleep. If I have any more problems they will be the first to call on. Could anything have been better? No issues here very happy with the whole process if you had seen my first attempt before signing up to my last appeal you can truly see the difference. How was the support? Excellent always expect a prompt reply to any

Price Hike from Hell! Despicable treatment of "loyal" custom

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A review of Linnworks by ddee,
Yesterday at 12:09pm
Absolute shocking price increase, totally unjustified. The CEO's message regarding affordable and scalable pricing is total utter nonsense, a right kick in the teeth - comes across very condescending. Does not make any business sense either. It seems he has been called upon to clean Linn systems of its mass users they think - who are no longer viable for their business model. The fat cats in the corporate organisation just wish to look after their own without a care and worry for the n

Pick a pricing model, now double, triple or quadruple it...

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A review of Linnworks by MattP99,
Yesterday at 10:55am
I have been with Linnworks for over 8 years. A loyal customer through and through. Yesterday from nowhere came a pricing increase, which on top of the big hike at the end of 2016, will reflect a 7 fold increase to my subscription. Look carefully at the new pricing before considering Linnworks. The opening package doesn't look too bad but take a closer look at your margin per order and then ask yourself whether the model is scalable for your business. If the answer is no then look elsewhere im

Ignore the 8.7 ratings for Linnworks. (Avoid)

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A Khan
A review of Linnworks by A Khan,
Yesterday at 10:14am
Ignore the 8.7 ratings for Linnworks. (Avoid) Ignore the 8.7 ratings for Linnworks. This was for what they used to be. I have been using Linnworks for more than 6 years and we have seen 2 significant increase in the last 2 years. 1) 2017 - Subscription increased from £300/month to £700/month 2) 2019 - The new pricing plan would increase the fee from 700/month to 1450/month So around 400% increase in 2 years time. The new model is to get you in at a lower rate and then increase the price

You can create professional Templates. Fantastic Support

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A review of CrazyLister by ukapis,
21 May 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? The templates are fantastic. You can create professional templates easily for your products. Fully Responsive Layout. Image Hosting and Background Removal can make your listing look even better. Also they provide a variety of objects and icons. Could anything have been better? Don't know. How was the support? The support is fantastic!!! They know how to help you with every issue. With my first template they have done all the redesign

Not perfect but one of the best in the market

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A review of RepricerExpress by Pacifica,
21 May 2019
It's fast enough as it is supposed. To me their pricing algorithm also works well. Only issue is if you are out of stock it does not update the prices of that product and it may cause a big headache. Fortunately, my VA checks my prices frequently and he has realized the problem and now we take a manual action for such cases. Could anything have been better? It's a little hard to understand and use its interface but I couldn't find a better solution so far, so it's okay. How was the

The best fulfilment service we've used

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Torquhil Anderson
A review of Cloud Fulfilment by Torquhil Anderson,
21 May 2019
We've used over five 3rd party logistic providers over a number of years and I can say that Cloud has been by far the best we've used. They nail all the basics that others don't and are extremely reliable. Here are som of the key reasons: 1. Accurate and reliable picking and packing 2. Great rates for shipping on local UK carriers and abroad 3. The most intuitive portal/inventory system to manage orders and keep your customers happy 4. Great customer service that is on hand at the warehous

Great Service!

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A review of Hipshipper by OksanaV,
21 May 2019
Hipshipper is great because of three things: one, my international sales increased after I switched from GSP. The fact that Hipshipper doesn’t pre-charge customs made a huge different because all my items now seem much more competitively priced. Two, their support team is really strong, they go out of their way to resolve tickets. Whether the issue is with the customer or even sometimes eBay they are very supportive and actually generous too. When a customer in Germany started complaining about

Thank you!

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by satriaji,
20 May 2019
My 4 years old private label product listing got suspended because of IP trademark complaints and I was really clueless about that. I've tried to solve by myself but it goes nowhere. For international sellers like me, this issue can be really intimidating. Then I decided to contact This was my first time experience hiring a law firm - thankfully, Jenn McDonald gave a professional and friendly service with excellent information about how to proceed. On the next day, I've

You don't get what you pay for.

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Mike DeMasi
A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by Mike DeMasi,
20 May 2019
Be very, very careful of working with this company. It is not cheap and they don't follow through on what they promise. When it was time to renew on December 28th my account rep said I have been overpaying and said the new price would be $4,500.00 less expensive. I resigned again this year and have never gotten a refund. I open cases with billing at Channel Advisors and they close the case because they say it isn't their department. They tell me to contact my account rep and I email and pho

unhelpful generic bot responses, not very helpful

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A review of WidgetChimp by monkeybiz,
20 May 2019
Live chat support is terrible. Completely ticked me off and would never look back to widgetchimp. Nothing but monkey business from these guys. Wasted my time and didn't get anywhere with solving a simple login issue. Very unhelpful and slow to respond. Such a shame that the customer service is so unhelpful. Would have expected more from these guys. With so many other listing builders out there we found a much better, more up to date alternative in under 10mins. Avoid if you value your time. This

Kenneth and his team did an awesome job

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A review of Amazon Sellers Attorney by donzo,
19 May 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? I got suspended on Amazon due to policies I was unaware of at the time. Kenneth was professional and thorough in his response, and got me out of the mess. Could anything have been better? No, it was all spot on. It was really professional and when I needed the responses to Amazon they were always ready with a response. How was the support? The support was round the clock. It was great. It was really awesome the way they responded to m

Excellent international shipping service

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A review of Hipshipper by oribarak500,
19 May 2019
What was good about this service is that I trust them with shipping my orders and that’s really important for me as an online seller because if there’s a problem and the customer complain it will hurt my ratings and that is really bad. I checked around before I signed up and they had positive reviews. It was also easy to connect my eBay store and update the shipping tables and also easy to use their system. I don’t need to talk to customers a lot because Hipshipper support does that or they at l

Worst Software Ever

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A review of Wonder Lister by hector.gonzales,
18 May 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? Nothing Could anything have been better? Yes, the whole program. How was the support? Terrible arrogant and useless. They always telling you it is the users fault and not their buggy software. If you do not believe all the negative reviews, buy a subscription and try it yourself. There is a reason they release every two to three days a new version of this program. They slogan is; Save time with Wonder Lister, but you need more time si

Urban Seller (Satisfied Customer)

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A review of Urban Seller by Wzon,
18 May 2019
What was good about this product or service overall? - This was by far the most helpful application/crm, It can make life easy on handling ecommerce platforms like ebay , amazon, etc... -Customer All Messages are captured from different platforms and well organized , notification, cases, returns, cancellation,feedback, name it, Urban seller can provide the service you need. How was the support? -Support is exceptional, Any concerns and issues will be address in no time, So f

Very Functional but Severly lacking in Customer service

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A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by sales132,
12 Oct 2018
I've been with channel advisor for several years now and the only reason i'm still with them is i can't find a replacement. I'm so invested in this system, starting over would cost much more. i should have avoided it from the start. Getting onboard was easy enough, they gave us a list of what was needed, we supplied it and it was working in 6 weeks. Which is pretty much the standard, sadly. We have experienced glitches, like the time it made all our prices $10 and i had to shut my stores d
Thompson & Holt