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Good programm

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A review of Myibidder by fezeus,
14 Apr 2011
I use this program not so long ago, but I hope to use it to win more often. thanks to the developers


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A review of ChannelMAX by deadseabeauty,
13 Apr 2011
Channelmax enables you to reprice your inventory with a stunning variety of options. You are in control, the repricing options are endless. ChannelMax is a program we cannot live or do business without. It has saved our company time,money, and energy. We researched numerous repricing programs,and this one is by far the best. *Great customer service,Paul answers emails within minutes and helps with initial setup. *Easy to use after initial setup. *Stunning Capabilities countless options and


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A review of Myibidder by jaguar007,
10 Apr 2011
Good software, helped a lot of time in scoring auctions.

The best option hands down

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A review of Gixen by ozzman,
8 Apr 2011
I've been using gixen for almost 4 years. I'm writing this review because of a request on the login page to share our experiences with the users of this site. Thats a very easy request to fulfill for an author whom has done a great deal and asked very little in return. The service is free with an option to upgrade to a mirror service with a few more perks (no ads, slight customizations, etc.) To be honest most people don't need the mirror service. I know for a fact though from the forums that


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Antiques  Heirlooms by Jorijo
A review of Seller Sourcebook by Antiques Heirlooms by Jorijo,
8 Apr 2011
When my computer crashed and I bought another it came with Windows 7. I had to leave my old programs behind and begin anew. I had been making my own backgrounds and logos and lost that ability. Hit a slump and then noticed a quilter whom I had been following on Ebay had a truly gorgeous site. I noticed that she used SSB. I went to the site and just knew it was for me when I saw the Victorian templates! I drooled until I got the site up and useable. Had a few problems figuring it out (I am old yo

It's Free!

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A review of Gixen by ahanuban,
7 Apr 2011
Gixen has all the features you would expect from an online sniper, except it's free. It's a great concept, and so far it seems to work fine. The only drawback is the ad that pops up immediately before login, which can easily be removed by purchasing the premium (gixen mirror) service, which is VERY cheap.

1 of the Best, if not the Best software for ecommerce selling to come along in years!

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A review of SixBit by ruben,
7 Apr 2011
SixBit software is new, but the designers are not new to the world of listing tools for ecommerce selling. John Slocum and team are in that "GIT 'ER DONE" mode of providing a great software, at a very reasonable price, and SUPERIOR customer service. This software is going to be the most complete, multi level, multi site, all in one package ever to hit the marketplace. I have used their software for over 10 years, thru 3 different total program upgrades, and each is a huge step above the prev

The one and only company to choose for you eBay store design!

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A review of by mymo,
4 Apr 2011
Having noticed dZine Hub on several eBay stores, I was impressed with their work. As an existing Frooition customer, we weren't happy with the shop design or fees they had provided us with so we decided to switch over to a new design created by dZine Hub. I felt the service was fantastic as well as the price they charged us! A massive saving on what we paid to Frooition. I would definitely recommend dZine Hub as the number 1 choice when you are looking for a custom eBay store design! They answ

Best Re-Pricer Out There!

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A review of ChannelMAX by Laing,
4 Apr 2011
I give a 5-star rating to ChannelMAX. I have been using them for a few years now. I researched a few re-pricing websites, and ChannelMAX caught our eye. Their system is very easy to use. I have had many questions over the years, and Paul has always been there to guide me and give perfect advice. Besides being easy to use, it has changed our business completely. We are now more competitive with our pricing, and this has brought our business to a whole new level. Paul also goes beyond the


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A review of Gixen by microchip,
3 Apr 2011
Never had an issue with this. It's not flashy, it's not pretty, but it does exactly what it says on the tin - snipes for you. Even paid for the mirror service for a year last year just to put a bit back into it it's that good. With this for free, you can't go wrong. Set your bids, group them up if you want to possibly win one of several items, and don't worry about anything until you get an email through saying you've won or not. Some people might balk about putting their usernames and pas

Free, and it works! Nothing else like it!

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A review of Gixen by mscforthesoul,
3 Apr 2011
The best auction sniper out there, and its free. Worked on 17/17 snipes so far and counting!

2 Stars Down from 5

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A review of inkFrog by lasvegasdvd,
11 Mar 2011
Let me first state that if I wrote this review 18 months ago, inkfrog would have gotten 5 stars. Best service for a very reasonable price. I was an auctionworks user for years. When I took time off selling on ebay professionally, I returned to find that auctionworks was now a channel advisor and the pricing had gone through the roof. Since I sell on ebay only (Not amazon, not, not webstores,) I started looking for a new management software. My major critria was scheduled listings.

This is the best program you will ever use!

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Family Inc
A review of Seller Sourcebook by Family Inc,
31 Mar 2011
I switched to SSB because I was frustrated with other programs out there. I thought I should try this one before I finally gave up. This is not just easy to use, but the customer service is right there. They are fast and friendly and more important patient. Just try it and I promise you, you will never go back. There is no limits on pictures, you can launch right from the site, more templates than you could possibly use, and they care. I know you think "They Care?". But they really do, th

Great Website for eBay sellers.

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A review of AuctionLinc by ToysForFun,
31 Mar 2011
I registered as a free user but very soon realized that their unlimited 7$ plan is worth spending and i am quite happy with the type of features and support they are providing. With their latest features, i can save search sets based on my regular needs of searching my items. Multiple items scheduled in one shot, made my life too easy.. Their designer templates makes my toys description beautiful. They are giving import items and i can create hundreds of listings from my TurboLister exported

5* Service Provided Here

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A review of by lightecautostyle,
31 Mar 2011
I was first drawn to this ebay company after seeing their designs on ebay of other sellers. I really like the feel of their designed. Secondly, I was shocked at how good the price was - great value! I am a previous Frooition customer and their monthly costs and design fees are too expensive for us, I would even say... way over-priced!! D-Zine Hub is great value for money and is only a one off cost! Perfect for us at Lightec Autostyle. See the design we had done here http://stores.ebay.


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A review of Gixen by smithjackson,
30 Mar 2011
Helllo Everyone ! we are looking for some more helping softwarews .

Perfect Solution for Non Teckie Businesses (me!)

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Latest: 29 Mar 2011
A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by GarethH,
1 Mar 2011
I've read some of the negative comments, and must say I pretty much disagree. We have been a client for at least 6 years, and have experienced fantastic benefits. We are not an internet/ebay only store, and we are not very technically minded and do not have a great deal of time to study the micro detail of ebay/amazon and other markets. Using Channel Advisor lets us take advantage of these markets without "getting our hands dirty". We spent some time integrating the CA system with our ow

Hard to believe it's free

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A review of Gixen by maui_baby,
29 Mar 2011
I've made my username here the same as my username on eBay so you know this isn't a manufactured review. Probably like you, I had spent the last few weeks trying to find a good auction sniping program, so I wouldn't need to camp myself in front of the computer in order to place a bid at the last second. So I went looking and found quite a few services - some looked like the very same service as another, same fees, same layout, just wrapped in different graphics. And I thought that hav

Good design work, prompt communication and great price...

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A review of by bigtoysdirect,
28 Mar 2011
As a new store on eBay, we wanted a way to give us a professional appearance in order to distinguish ourselves from everyone else. dZine-Hub designed our eBay store pages to match our existing website and they did it very fast with very good results. All design specifications were completed and communication was excellent. Would definetely recommend! Carlos Lourenco, GM BigToysDirect

Gixen Sniper Service is GREAT.

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A review of Gixen by chinoquezada,
27 Mar 2011
I'm fairly new into ebay snipping but, as far as what Ive needed, has everything: - Allows me to track my current planned snipes - Shows visual notifications if a planned snipe is bellow current bid - Supports unlimited snipes All in all, this is all I need.

Life-changing, trustworthy software for no cost

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A review of Gixen by ebayddict,
25 Mar 2011
This is the BEST piece of software for coordinating your life on ebay. As we all know, the good things on ebay sell with bids flying in the dying seconds of the auction. Why sit at home poring over the screen waiting anxiously? Log in to GIXEN right now for free and let it do the bidding for you in the last 5 seconds while you enjoy yourself elsewhere. In all the bids I've ever made through Gixen I think it only ever failed to bid in time once. Even my internet service provider has failed to hel
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