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Expensive and Difficult implementation. Overpriced

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A review of Infopia Transact by Rainbowappliance,
18 Jul 2007
Want to charge me $2000 for "Integration". Got some very basic standard training, not the 20 hours that was specified. Software has lots of nifty features. No idea how to use them. They are the most expensive software. Support is very weak. Training and integration is a major hassle. Should have been more suspicious when they insisted on $$$ up front and long term contracts.

Comprehensive solution for businesses selling on eBay and elsewhere

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A review of Volo by Andy,
13 Jul 2007
*** UPDATE JULY 2007 *** eSellerPro now has its own integrated web storefront and can also work with osCommerce stores. It supports many UK and US couriers, and interacts with Sage and Quickbooks accounting packages. A library of standard email replies has been built-in and automatic email answering is in the pipeline. Purchase orders can be generated automatically and sent to suppliers via EDI or fax. Sandbourne's experience in back-end retail systems means there are powerful post-sale

A TRUE enterprise application

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A review of Upshot Commerce by prphotos,
10 Jul 2007
I'm not sure what the last guy is talking about - this is a hugely powerful platform. Unlike most "ebay managers" such as Marketworks, MAS is first and foremost a true ecommerce platform. Call center, sales agents, SEO, wholesale, MLM, marketing tools, ebay, amazon, yahoo, any price engine you could ever want, and much more. The $5200 charge is something I opted for as well - that was for a complete site design and implementation. It was totally optional. IF you are an HTML designer you can

Looks nice, but what's the point of it?

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A review of eBay Desktop by Andy,
6 Jul 2007
San Dimas certainly looks slick and has a few pleasing features: * You can quickly flip between product description and seller feedback * Results and descriptions show a live countdown timer * You can set alerts for 10, 30, or 60 minutes before an auction ends * You can keep an off-line history of items viewed It's a beta product, so I won't criticize the odd glitch and crash. My probably with San Dimas is that I don't understand who or what it's for - beyond niche uses such as the

No customer service

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A review of AuctionBlox eMarketConnect by reddotsteve,
5 Jul 2007
I've no idea if this is an effective tool as it was impossible to make it work correctly. Unclear, misleading, inaccurate instructions combine with non-existent customer support to make this a totally frustrating experience. Surely there is someone out there who can help an online bsiness like ours go to the next level at a fair cost. Any suggestions?

Great free sanity check before listing

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A review of Mpire Researcher by Andy,
4 Jul 2007
This is a good free research tool. It has its shortcomings, but at this "price" it exceeded my expectations! Pros: It's free! It's fast! Very clear results all on one page Easy to apply the findings Cons: only You can only search by keywords. No categories. Only 30 days of data No drill-down If you don't use any research tool I really recommend giving this a try before each listing. If you like it and want more, progress to one of the more comprehensive research tools.

System good, Service behind it, horrible

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A review of MainStreet Commerce BusinessFlow by gizmo6037,
3 Jul 2007
Were currently in the process of implementing "business Flow" and the system is pretty good, but without any instructions or knowledge base, the system has been useless so far. Their service is horrible, it has taken at least one week before they replied to one of our emails which is pushed our launch date back and back. I regret going with Mainstreet, wish I would have gone with a larger company that can provide support.


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A review of AlienFiles by meme63,
29 Jun 2007
i've used this program in the last 3 to 4 months, and have generally found that i manage to get more interest in my auctions. I hardly use any of the features it has, but my favorite thing is the the way that the listings look, and the flash banners.

Auction Hawk is the best

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A review of Auction Hawk by bikesandtrikes,
23 Jun 2007
The review below is silly, on Auction Hawk the customer service tickets are all public and they are all very polite. This user used profanity and when they explain they owe $12.99 balance from previous account the customer wrote terrible comments, I would have cancelled them too I trieda lot and this one was the best. I tried SpoonFeeder, Andale, Vendio, Infopia, and ChannelAdvisor. The others very very expensive and had lots of features but the support just okay. Auction Hawk was $12.99 and

Easy and effective

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A review of Gixen by Andy,
22 Jun 2007
I had a good experience with Gixen. It was easy to set up a bid and it performed exactly as it should. Entering your eBay username and password on a third-party site is a bit scary but if you want to use a web-based sniper that is unavoidable. I will definitely use Gixen again.

First Impressions

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Mister B
A review of GarageSale by Mister B,
18 Jun 2007
My first impressions were reflected in my previous posting, which I am updating with my more recent observations. I am in the demo phase and at first it was very intimidating trying to use and understand the tool bar and many of the options. As I gain experience my opinion is changing for the better. I gave it the five stars because as I become more familiar with editing the power is becoming more evident. I have some issues but they will probably disappear as I use it more.

Simplifies EVERYTHING !!

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A review of AuctionWagon Store Manager G2 by louisville09,
15 Jun 2007
From start to finish, the best software I have used for the consignment business.

i didn't enjoy my short stay.

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Mister B
A review of iSale by Mister B,
14 Jun 2007
I'm at fault partly because I didn't use the 3 free listings offered before purchasing the software. All the hype in their pages about how easy it was to use because it was designed for Mac users was what I wanted to hear. I just bought my Mac last week and am still novitiate. I was vulnerable to a good sales line. My immediate problem was that it was advertised that I could download my Turbo Lister CSV files to my Mac---didn't work. I tried to access my active listings to recover my listing te

Good enough for the job.

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Mister B
A review of Turbo Lister by Mister B,
14 Jun 2007
I have been using TL for several years. I have never had any real problems using it on Win 98 or XP computers. My problems were always with the XP system. Now that I have upgraded to an iMac I find that TL isn't available for their platform. VERY BUMMED. I found the TL to be an excellent organizer of the different templates that I developed for my auctions using only their tools. Their folder options are very useful for organizing. The TL backup is quick and efficient. The software is under cont

Excellent company to partner with

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A review of Infopia Transact by ExpertGameroom,
4 Jun 2007
I've been with Infopia for several years, and I'm very satisfied. I've used them to sell on Amazon, Overstock, eBay, GBase,, PriceGrabber, and Shopzilla/BizRate. If you sell repeatable inventory, Infopia's Marketplace Manager makes it a snap to update, list and sell your inventory. Their bulk import/export tools are fabulous for updating inventory fields in a flash - I couldn't manage a large product catalog without it. Their Configurator tool helps me differentiate my listing

BEWARE!!! Management is neither professional nor honest...

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A review of Auction Hawk by JA-Northwood,
2 Jun 2007
I've been a small-scale eBay user for nearly ten years now, and I've used a number of software packages. This one is the only one I've tried where I can say the management is not to be trusted. I moved while with them and changed banks. I updated my information with them, but they processed the old information, which was refused. I contacted them, received a very unprofessional response, but they did charge the new account. They then double-charged me two more times to 'clear up the missed month

Ok but no support

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A review of AlienFiles by Rizla,
30 May 2007
Purchased this software about 2 weeks ago and was offered the ME software at the same time. The ME is not worth wasting your money on. It is not finnished, you can't add any feedback as stated in their advert and you can't get rid of the stupid "?" in the title bars. Despite contacting them on THREE occasions they refuse to answere any mail. The main software works ok but buyer be aware of the lack of any support for their products. I even asked for a refund for the ME but again... N

Searching for Doba products

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Auction Tracker
A review of Doba by Auction Tracker,
25 May 2007
There isn't much to do when looking for profitable items to sell on ebay. Using Dobas data export tool helped me find niche products for doba. I also found an online resource that doba customers the edge selling on ebay. This site has some good detailed insight on using doba. see www pixelboardlive com

AuctionWagon Almost Destroyed My Business

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A review of AuctionWagon Store Manager G2 by phoenixjn,
24 May 2007
AuctionWagon is quick, efficient, and exciting, until it stops working and starts filing unpaid item reports against your buyers like a death machine on autopilot with no off button. It gets even better when AW's tech team can't solve the problem, and there you are with a piece of junk consignment program and an answering machine full of angry buyers wanting to know why they received an unpaid item report. But that wasn't enough for AW. They called me after I canceled my account, not to ap

Mediocre Solution At Best

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A review of AuctionTeller by phoenixjn,
24 May 2007
Since there are few reviews on this, I feel I should contribute, having tried the service myself. AuctionTeller wants to be like AuctionWagon, a complete consignment solution, and while they may provide this, they do it very unintuitively. The interface is a bit confusing and offputting, and you can't really figure out how to do what you really want to do, like take a customer. Simply as a result of the confusing interface, I couldn't figure out how to take a customer's item and list an aucti

Brilliant free software

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A review of AuctionSplash by Simon,
17 May 2007
I have just had my third auction using Auctionsplash. Its very simple to setup and easy to learn to use. It allows me to produce some fantastic auctions, which I am convinced gets me more money for my listed items. Auctionsplash runs on my desktop and all the information on my watch lists and bids comes automatically back to me without me having to log in and out of Ebay. It save me huge amount of time. You create auctions using the ‘Create Listing’ tool that allows you to see the auction