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Some cool features, friendly, good relist support

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A review of Auction Hawk by chiefauto,
20 Nov 2007
Smooth interface, seems to be time-tested and has latest eBay stuff. Customer service was friendly and articulate even though I drilled them on features -) - Great image uploade - Nice selection of templates and outgoing email templates - support eBay Motors I also like the feature to alert me to neg-happy bidders so I can block the bidders and avoid bad feedback. I can strongly suggest this service, it suits me I sell about 2000 items per month. Well, I sell maybe half the items I li

Hard to use/setup but worth it!

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A review of MarketplaceAdvisor by 91CRxsiR,
17 Nov 2007
I've been with MW for about 6 months. The 1st 2 months were horrible The trasistion period cost me some money because of the high learning curve. Once that was over with everything is running smoothly. The listings are fully cusomizable with preset macros so you can give your listings a much more info rich look with out spending hours at a time on coding. The post sale management could a bit simpler but it works well with Shipworks. The storefront has many features but is very hard to customiz

Good for small-mid level sellers 100-200 SKUS

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A review of Vendio by 91CRxsiR,
17 Nov 2007
I liked this program/service allot. The system allows you to quickly edit / copy and paste from listing to listing.. the vendio store is also great I sold quite a few items on there. The only draw back I faced was that they did not have a custom listing template that I could use to quickly process my new items I would have to insert my own coding. which is why I left to marketworks ( MUCH more complicated ) but if vendio had that one option I would still gladly be with them today.

Solid platform with many high-end features at great price point

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A review of MainStreet Commerce BusinessFlow by jeffamm,
14 Nov 2007
We've been using BusinessFlow for 15 months on our B2C site and are very satisfied with it. It gave us most of the features of much more costly systems, but at a much lower price, so very good on features/dollar. The engineering team is solid and the system does what they say it will do, so my recommendation is to be very clear on your needs and schedule and get a formal quote in response stating what can be done and when. As with any engineering company/product, if you're not clear on your n

It's like Google for eBay

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A review of getitnext by bill020,
9 Nov 2007
As a power buyer/seller on ebay I have long been frustrated by ebays poor search engine and I find I waste lots of time filtering through junk on ebay before i find what I am really looking for. One day I saw getitnext mentioned in an article and ever since I have been using their search engine to find my items on ebay. With a boat load of unique and helpful features not included in ebays search engine, I can't find myself ever going back to my old fashioned ebay searches. Their websites search

If you want to do allot of fooling around this is for you.

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A review of kAuction by pcdave,
6 Nov 2007
I have been selling on ebay since June of 1998. I'm a former user of Auction Assistant. I was spoiled since it's original inception. Once gone I am now on a quest to find something similar. For Kauction you see reviews saying how easy it is and nice tech support. What you don't see is the never ending problems we have had with it. I say we because I have talked to several other website developers and they are of the same opinion. Constant problems such as when trying to list an item the program

Don't buy this program

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A review of Onbidder by dollydogs,
2 Nov 2007
I bought this program back in 2005, it worked for about 8 months and i was impressed by it. Then it stopped working. Repeated emails to support were ignored. Eventually about 3 months later I got a reply and an updated version. This worked for about 4 months before problems arose again, this time it had upgraded ITSELF to the latest version and then refused my activation codes. Again Repeated emails to support were ignored for the standard 3 months. Eventually received a reply with a yet later

AuctionSound WINS!

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A review of CrossPostIt by Cyrus,
19 Oct 2007
I tried AuctionWagon, and demo'ed Liberty4 TA before picking AuctionSound! I've been using the software for a little over two weeks and what has impressed me the most is their staff. No ticketing systems, chat screens, or emails, but real live phone support. After Brett finished my demo his sales manager joined us on the call to see if I had any questions, and I was even introduced to my customer support representative. After a few more calls, I decided to sign up. I must have called the

Saves time - Still has some growth to be great

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A review of CrossPostIt by DropOFF,
16 Oct 2007
I've used AuctionSound and does fall short on a few important things. Lack of accurate reporting of sales in the Report Page. (It DOES NOT total eBay fees from unsold items). They finally added sales tax in the Report Page which is good news. eBay Store support is weak, quantities, automated relisting is there but I can‘t seem to make it work. (which I believe they are working on. I hope they will add a way to tally inventory too and maybe an automatic reorder process!). I feel for PowerSeller b

Would Not Install-No Customer Support-Resisted Refund

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A review of Onbidder by mr_redwoodshores,
14 Oct 2007
I purchased Onbidder from a reseller on Ebay, the only reseller that I know of selling it on Ebay. The program was sent to me, but it asked for an activation code and password to install. The activation code and password that was supplied was not accepted. I emailed Onbidder for 3 months with more than 2 dozen emails and got absolutely no response. I actually began emailing them to get more information about their program before I paid for it and was sent to me. I called them up in England a

I've reached my breaking point with Auction Wagon!!!

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A review of AuctionWagon Store Manager G2 by Cyrus,
24 Sep 2007
This is just not the software I'm looking for to run my business. 1.) Only one predefined auction template 2.) No obvious user guide, welcome letter, or real technical support to assist in the set up of the software's configuration, or help with daily issues during the learning curve. 3.) No way to directly launch auctions. Every auction requires manager approval even if created by a manager which makes you touch every auction twice. 4.) Remote connectivity is absolutely horrid!

I'm Shocked! Finally a program that allows me make money.

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A review of AuctionWagon Store Manager G2 by peakdixon,
12 Sep 2007
I accomplished in 12.5 hours eith AuctionWagon what it took me 2 weeks unsuccessfully with Liberty4 Trading Assistants (read review). Auctionwagon was purchased by one of the largest eBay drop off stores in America. They use the program so it must say something about the software. Everything works just like is supposed to. I really am shocked...having tried others. Their HTML/WYSIWG editor is awesome. I cranked out a HTML template, placed AW's HTML Macros where they should go...and v

Great software

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A review of Terapeak Professional by Chandla,
11 Sep 2007
I feel obligated to post a good review of this software because it has been so helpful. The staff is also very professional. I originally opted for a trial, which I did NOT cancel in time. I was billed, and rightfully so. So I contacted them saying it was a mistake, which they replied to (me not expecting it either) NO PROBLEM! They send the charge back. Now I'm a paying customer, and believe me... it's pricey. But this is what you need if you want to take this seriously. Now for the Te

A dream come true for Australian Trading Assistants!

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A review of CrossPostIt by PaulP,
10 Sep 2007
An easy to use, stable and very well supported application providing everything the Australian Trading Assistant could ask for. Including the management of customers, auctions, inventory, payouts to clients and detailed reporting on income. All of this along with attentive, responsive customer service. Being a web-based solution also means that its works just fine on an Apple Mac. Congratulations Auctionsound - you provide a bargain service at any price. Improvements for the future? Integrat

This is awesome software

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chatsworth online sales
A review of CrossPostIt by chatsworth online sales,
10 Sep 2007
Wow- whoever that power seller is below surely doesn't have a clue! This software is awesome !The staff is Amazing! They are always enhancing to make my life easier! The upgrades they do are on a perpetual wish list from their current customers and they take care of us! I am on 24/7 and have maybe had a 2 minute slowdown, because I was the only one on at the same time they were doing so. We have had a few laughs about that! The cost is so reasonable and is the cost of doing business

Tired of the false information

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A review of Shopster by BillG,
10 Sep 2007
Recently I told a friend about Shopster and they sent me a link to this site, saying they didn't want to try it. I think that Shopster is a fantastic service, unmatched in the world and would love to see my friends succeed in using it. I think that people will have different opinions but some are just spreading misinformation. I've been with Shopster for OVER 1.5 years now and my issue with the above comment is that it is likely a lie but worded to sound real. Why do I think so? Because


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A review of CrossPostIt by drop2sellit,
7 Sep 2007
I put off hiring an employee once I found this fantastic software. They know and understand the business and know and understand customer service. There is nothing I cant do with this software and if I dream it up, they make it happen. It is ever upgrading and making my life easier. If you are looking for software - LOOK NO FURTHER! Feel free to call or email me for more info if you need it 386-341-5657 or

Lack of documentation and support

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A review of MainStreet Commerce BusinessFlow by markzip,
7 Sep 2007
The MainStreet Commerce BusinessFlow SDK is full of features... that's the good news. Using those features is next to impossible. They offer absolutely nothing for documentation, tutorials, or other online/print reference material. Their answer to this is "drop us an email and we will answer your question". Not very helpful when you are trying to develop. As a previous reviewer also mentioned, their support is horrible. The mailbox you send your questions to seems to be something they o

The best service by far...with lots of bells and whistles too.

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A review of BidSlammer by jewelry4me,
7 Sep 2007
I use sniping to buy jewelry, and good deals are scarce for jewelry on eBay so I need to depend on my sniping site. I tried several services (esnipe, bidnapper) and thought they were so-so. I was not really too impressed with the software. I missed bids here and there, especially with bidnapper. Customer service was ok, I guess. When I tried BidSlammer, I was astounded. The bidding snipe time was precise. Software was very intuitive. I can move fast. They have a thing called Slam-It wh

Lost several bids

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A review of eSnipe by jewelry4me,
7 Sep 2007
I liked the layout but missed some very important bids. Reading their site log, it seems like they have periodic problems. I appreciated the fact that they are honest about their shortcomings, but there were too many shortcomings. I know sniping isn't a perfect science, but still, I was sad to miss the items. Oh well. The customer service was good though and the apology was heartfelt, so there's that.

The BEST Auction Consignment Solution, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A review of Laris by OnlineAuctions,
7 Sep 2007
Not to mention the terrific support you get here, this is by far the MOST COMPREHENSIVE All-in-One solution. After testing a dozen Auction and Consignment products and about 6 months of research, we decided this is the one product that fits our needs, by far. Every Module works in conjunction with the other creating a seamless integrated view of your business Making everyone and every process much more productive. It's ideal for organizations looking to manage their auction and/or their con
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