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Support issues and ebay change issues

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A review of Sellathon ViewTracker by weschaub,
25 Mar 2008
I agree that the information in Viewtracker is very good. I used the service for about 18 months. I dropped it about 6 months ago (and was given a prorated refund for remaining months) because of two issues. 1) When eBay made certain changes Sellathon had to provide a new version of the tracking code I had to load into each of my auctions. It seemed like this happened about every 6 months and each time added many hours to my listing process (using Turbolister). 2) For a period of at least a coup


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A review of AuctionSplash by chrish,
24 Mar 2008
As a previous reviewer says this takes an absolute age to install. After waiting an age it didn't work and I had trouble uninstaling it. Absolute waste of time- ****.

Don't think of this as free software: it's certainly intrusive and offers no future guarantees

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A review of AuctionSplash by tsuchan,
21 Mar 2008
There are some things you should know about AuctionSplash at the outset, in order to make an informed choice. The main thing to explain is that although this software claims to be "Free", you shouldn't in any sense confuse it with open-source software... one of the many license agreements you've got to sign-up to says that the company reserves the right to charge for the software at a later date, or possibly to reduce your service level. After your installation, you'll find the main scre

Not secure

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A review of Sniping4Free by nochkin,
20 Mar 2008
Secure certificate uses a fake CA which make this site suspicious. Transferring your password over non-secured network is a bad idea.

Rude support, no SSL

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A review of QuickSnipe by nochkin,
20 Mar 2008
Their support is rude often, you can read their forum to realize that. Sometimes they blame bugs on users, sometime they accept it but do not fix it. And most important -- no SSL, just promises...

Gixen is a legitimate service

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A review of Gixen by Gixen,
19 Mar 2008
I'm Mario Vodopivec, owner and operator of, and this is a reply to the previous review ("BEWARE GIXEN"). The company doesn't make (much) money at the moment, true, barely covers expenses, but this doesn't mean I'm a con-artist. Occasionally accounts do get locked by eBay, but this is result of their own software detecting logins from different IP numbers. eBay then automatically sends an email stating "your account was compromised". eBay support people that respond to your calls lik

Good support

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A review of Gixen by nochkin,
19 Mar 2008
Although, I don't use this service, but I really like their support and willingness to help quickly. Forum is alive and you can get a good response from author and other volunteers with suggestions and fixes to your issues. You feel like at home with your friends. Regarding that post below about stealing password... "Stealing password" websites do not last for more than a few days and do not index in search engines for this reason. Just searching "gixen" in any search engines will give a

BEWARE GIXEN!! Ebay account compromised

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A review of Gixen by consumer1000,
18 Mar 2008
I've been using gixen for several months on and off and never had any difficulty however last night I logged in and within one hour received news that someone had changed my password. I worked it out with Ebay and was also told that several complaints about Gixen have been lodged. I wouldn't have believed this since I've used them many times but the ebay person asked me the common sense question: How does the company make money since most people do not buy their mirror service (which is only

Stay away from this product!!

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A review of Auction Sentry by garyj,
17 Mar 2008
I have used Auction Sentry for years and loved it. Over night, it has become THE WORST PROGRAM I HAVE EVER USED. After the infamous update, it was a nightmare to register (I wonder how many people lost auctions?) and tonight when I deleted an item it kept reappearing and other auctions disappeared alltogether! I didn't know it was owned by Auctiva and I'm surprised. I use Auctiva to list and I love it. How can a product go from being first class second to none to a complete nightmare?? I uninsta

Would be good if you could just simply ad the gallery to listings

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A review of Vendio Gallery by onlinesublime,
12 Mar 2008
....but alas, you can't. Well, you could have A LINK if you wanted. And gallery has 'About Us' and other things to it, deceptively advertised - you can't simply ad the gallery that they show (a shame, seems a good gallery at a glance). You need their lister program (another subscription). Very un-userfriendly to set up (I am computer literate). And grrrrrr.... it's impossible to close your account -- hard to find instructions on how to do it, and then the instructions are inaccurate anyway (th

Very useful information

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A review of Sellathon ViewTracker by onlinesublime,
12 Mar 2008
Above reviews are accurate, this is worth the money. I'm learning a lot. Definitely worth it for the price.

Avoid at all costs

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A review of by fullbins,
11 Mar 2008
I have purchased some good products from them and as long as you can pickup you are relatively safe. You need to inspect your items carefully. Do not accept them if you are not happy. The descriptions from one warehouse to another are very different. I do not think any training went into the grading of the products. If you run into a problem look out! The customer service is poor at best. I am shocked by the rudness and horrible attitude of them. Like the other reviewer wrote "they make a

Holy Cow what a rip off !!!!!!!

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A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by shoemanshoe,
11 Mar 2008
I signed up , I could never get their software to work on Amazon they claim they could not help me to get my items up that it was my responsibility . Tried for five months everyday ,to get launched, phone call finally ended with Scott Lewis and he tells me that they cannot do anything to help me and maybe we should part ways. Channel Advisor worked great on Ebay , no problems or complains on that end, but I couldve listed for free with turbo lister. For amazon for get about it, they are

New Ownership and Going Down Hill Fast

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A review of Auction Sentry by sholling,
4 Mar 2008
The old product was excellent. In my opinion a true 5 star sniper. The company has changed hands and the new owners have announced that they are discontinuing the promised lifetime support for the suddenly discontinued base product, and have forced a new, so far, completly FUBAR version on those with a paid up subscription to the premium Auction Sentry Deluxe. Their forums are full of complaints from unhappy customers. They admit that the program has problems but that keep paid up users from ope

All I can say is WELL DONE!!!

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A review of Zoovy by moetown55,
18 Feb 2008
About time on this eBay issue... I left Feebay last week for good. I for one am tired of being beat up by their tactics. "My" Zoovy people are there for me whether I am frustrated over a technical issue or just a simple question. You Guys and the professional approach you take regardless of my own demeanor is the way business should be run. Just want to take this minute to thank you for all the years of outstanding customer service. Thanks again, Moe

Great for 1 week then it missed 5 auctions over 7 snipes!

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A review of Gixen by aznfoos,
8 Feb 2008
I used AuctionSniper before but decided to try this free service. It was initially amazing, but then it started to miss almost every snipe! I am very dissapointed. Error: EBAY ERROR: PAGE NOT RESPONDING (1) You pay for what you get. I'm sticking to paid service..never misses! DO NOT USE for important auctions!

Can not upload listings to ebay.

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A review of kAuction by Cpickel,
7 Feb 2008
Have used this software for about a year. Like the software, but support is not good. Seems with all the changes going on the ebay, the software can not be updated to do the job, or they do not know how to change the software to make it work. Nice price but if does not work not much good. Will be looking for workable software.

Free taste good :-)

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A review of Myibidder by nochkin,
30 Jan 2008
Good looking free ebay sniper. Pros: I like their e-mail notifications and Firefox integration. Good group sniping. Support of international auctions. It's everything I really need! Cons: No forum to chat and discuss. Sellers support is not fully ready.

Very Low Profits, Poor Inventory Control, Bad Search Engine Optimization, High Wholesale Prices

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A review of Shopster by Shawn,
25 Jan 2008
Shopster is not search engine friendly so you will have a very hard time getting customers. If you visit and analyze their model estores and look at the page's source, you can see what I mean. You cannot control the description, metatags, url, page titles. This leads to very low rankings on search engines. Shopster also marks up the "wholesale" price of the products so much that you hardly earn a profilt when you do sell something. You also have to pay a monthly fee to keep the store open

onbidder - waste of money!

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A review of Onbidder by honey,
18 Jan 2008
I have had the same problems as everyone else - it won't accept my activation key and customer support won't answer my emails. Don't waste your money on this!


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A review of iSale by ortigia,
12 Jan 2008
I was in the Apple store in London last week and bought this software, I assumed Apple had checked it out and that iSale would be a good product, this is the worst program I think I have ever used. In the UK it costs £30 or $60! Yet again see how we are being ripped off in this country, anyway thats another story. Everytime I load a item to sell when I list it, the program crashes, everytime on the second attempt it works. This must have been written by a child it is dreadful, do not buy it. My
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