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Absolutely The Best Listing service Available

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A review of Auction Hawk by ccking1,
25 Jun 2006
Jason at Auction Hawk is the best!!! Always available if you have a question or problem. Stays with you until all is solved. The rates they charge for their service are great, one flat fee with NO hidden percentages. Been doing E-bay for 8 years & found auction hawk 4 years ago. They are a Blessing!!!!!!!!......THANK YOU.....Jason

By far the best I've tried

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A review of Mpire Launcher & Builder by JA-Northwood,
25 Jun 2006
I spent over two months testing and trying various auction management software programs, both desktop and web-based, and the only one that's worked smoothly and offered every feature I desired (and then some) was Mpire. I've had a couple of questions and one problem, and my response from their tech support was quick, accurate and *friendly*. Every auction loaded perfectly on the first try, my auctions look great, and the interface is amazingly easy to use. At times, the formatting of text o

Great product !

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A review of Auction Defender by ilko5,
19 Jun 2006
Auction Defender is easy to learn, and very feature rich. It has all the usual functionality, including bid groups, multiple eBay IDs, time synchronization, international support... Some of the unique features I like are the advanced import - you can import auctions from any eBay search result, and the single-click adding of auctions from Internet Explorer - not having to copy/paste auction numbers makes life much easier compared to some of the other programs. When I compare snipe time with th

Major technical hiccups at Auctiva

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A review of Auctiva by bridgerkay,
19 Jun 2006
I have used Auctiva since September and loved the fact it was free, easy to use and had great templates and free picture hosting, but sadly for the last few months it has become increasingly unrealiable, to the extent that this week the site has been either completely down quite a bit of the time, or the images haven't been showing. The time has, sadly, come to up sticks and move away, as soon as I find an alternative - paid for - but reliable - alternative.

Decent for small to medium sellers

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A review of Zoovy by titaniumpowerseller,
16 Jun 2006
Interface: B Functionality: B Tech Support: A Stability: A Cost: $$$$ Good stuff for your 1st two years in business. Very easy to learn and use. Moderately flexible and configurable. Basic but robust and easy to setup and use ecommerce. Excellent tech support with response time of 1 day or less and online ticket management. Schedulable appoitments with techs for one on one setup, help, etc. Shipping is quick and easy. Uptime is very good and data networks are solid. Integration with sh

An Excellent Choice For Ebay Businesses

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A review of MarketplaceAdvisor by Jaade,
31 May 2006
I am still in the beginning stages of using Marketworks but I am very impressed with what they have to offer. It is true that their system is complex, but it is something that can be learned and will allow for more time in the future. I think that this auction solution is for the serious eBayer. If you want to grow your business or pull it all together into one solution this is it. They offer integration with many outside solution (excel, etc.) and they offer a store front with your own www.

Outstanding software.........

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A review of Volo by direct4games,
18 May 2006
After using Turbo Lister, Marketworks and demanding more we discovered eSeller Pro. The problem we had was that Direct4Games being the largest stockists of video games in the world needed a complete stock, sales, and accounts package all in one system. We can now book stock in with Barcodes with PDAs, and then the system can build Purchase Orders, Stock Control, and submit to various marketplaces, including our Ebay Shop, Amazon Market Place and our website. All stock movements are tracked - sal

Unique and a real time saver

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A review of ezSupport for eBay by Andy,
18 May 2006
Although automated customer support is common on the web, this is the first time I've seen it integrated with eBay. It's a pretty simple proposition: when a prospective (or current) buyer asks you a question through eBay the ezSupport system kicks into action and attempts to automatically answer from a library of questions and answers that you have built up yourself. If it can't find a matching answer, it lets the sender know that their question is being dealt with, and puts it in your st

Great stuff!!

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A review of Tradebox Finance Manager by johndon,
12 May 2006
Recently downloaded the trial version and it does everything they say it does extremely well. Simple to setup and even easier to use, I can already see how it's going to save a huge amount of time. Will definately be buying it as soon as the trial runs out, highly recommended.

Outstanding easy to use product whihc saved us £1000's

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A review of Tradebox Finance Manager by anguscharlton,
11 May 2006
We bought this product quite a while ago and it has saved us a load of money, time, effort and stress. We do around 1000 sales per month on ebay and it handles all our auctions and brings all the data back to sage software for us, producing invoices. Previosuly to having this software we had members of staff spending days inputting invoices and sorting out payments in Sage. We hgihly recommend this product amd feel free to contact us if you want more information

The best one out there!

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A review of MarketBlast by bdjolie,
5 May 2006
After reviewing and evaluating all the other auction management tools, I know without a doubt this is the best desktop solution currently out there. It has a solid foundation and a great price! Although the interface looks nice, I can tell a developer designed it and not a business system analyst because parts of it are a little too high tech for the average person. Yes, it has a steeper learning curve than most of its competition and the customized automation feature is a little cumbersome,

Impressive search options and depth of data

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A review of HammerTap by Andy,
4 May 2006
The DeepAnalysis research process is simple. The user begins by choosing search options, which can include keywords, category, time span, and the maximum number of results. Version 3 will also allow any seller ID to be specified. The time taken to return results varies based on the number of matching listings and can take up to a few minutes, but results can be saved off so the wait is avoided when returning to the same data set. There are a number of standard reports that DA produces automat

Great foundation, but....

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A review of Auction Wizard 2000 by bdjolie,
4 May 2006
It has an awesome foundation and great pricing structure! However, it is a little slow in keeping up with the times and is not the prettiest software to work with. I felt like I was working with a fancy spreedsheet more than an actual user-friendly software. Although I agree with all the previous "dinosaur" reviews, it is good software if you can work with its limitations and benefit from its assets like mulitple User IDs and auction sites. The only other software that has a solid foundation is

Product does not deliver on claims

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A review of Zoovy by FourthAxis,
3 May 2006
In our time using Zoovy we felt Zoovy's ideas were beyond what their product could deliver. Some sellers have had success, but during our use we had major issues We found many aspects of the setup were more cumbersome than competitors yet not as powerful. The user interface wasn't very intuitive, some areas were difficult to access or find. The help section was limited and did not discuss some features at all. However, if you call tech support you will be charged. Some sections discussed bu

The best eBay listing tool.

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A review of Trendy Listing Builder by Sitecubeinc,
29 Apr 2006
I have never seen such a easy to use listing builder. Trendy Listing Builder are is amazing. They provide excallent tech support with preferred one month free trial. Man I was surpriced.

Five hundred stars

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A review of Auction Hawk by auctionmagic55,
25 Apr 2006
I don't usually leave reviews ever but couldn't resist. I found a new home. I tried most of the cheaper services mentioned on this site and this was by far the best. This ain't your daddy's listing service. Flat fees, and some awesome POSH corporate-looking templates. Lots of stuff I didn't think I needed until I used it. Basically all I do is make my descriptions and it does everything else. I don't need to know any HTML. I like how it combines orders without me having to do anything.

A little quirky but does the job

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A review of Bid-O-Matic by Andy,
23 Apr 2006
I have been using Bid-O-Matic instead of JBidWatcher for a few weeks and it has sniped reliably. The interface is a little strangely designed, and there is no English help, but I got the hang of it quickly. The bid groups are particularly useful. As it's a free program it still deserves four stars.

Andale - avoid like the plague, should carry a health warning !

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A review of Andale by saclark99,
14 Apr 2006
Andale Well, where to start? I feel emotionally drained from a downward spiral of incompetence, buggy software, clowns in customer support and most of all, a shockingly bad interface between eBay and checkout. I started off with eBay UK as I fancied the Lister Pro, which seemed a good little tool. Did a few listings with the web/online version too, then Armageddon - having to deal with Customer Support (is that a misnomer, or an oxymoron? Firstly, they deleted my account, which wasn't a

Powerful time-saving features for an unbelievable price.

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A review of Sold! by tekgems,
13 Apr 2006
Installation crashing has to do with your PC not the software. Two SOLD V features worth mentioning: 1) Integration with osCommerce. From the same SOLD V package, you can also have an osCommerce web store allowing you to manage inventory in one place. You could do the same with MarketWorks, Zoovy, or ChannelAdvisor, but the'll charge you an arm & a leg to use their service. 2) Paypal integration. All address details and notes of the paypal payment are automatically loaded in to the Sal

Easy and Free

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A review of Auctiva by GypsyMart,
12 Apr 2006
I've had great luck with Auctiva. And free definitely works for me!

I wish I'd read the previous post!

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A review of SuperSeller for eBay by apexmike,
11 Apr 2006
Absolute doo doo. I looks as though it is going to be good, but I couldn't get it to accept any FTP details, no matter which way I tried. It went through its test and just displayed "Test Unsuccessful", leaving me with just the standard eBay templates. Tech support? Their response "Unfortunately we are unable to assist each and every customer regarding their FTP account details and service providers. We always recommend you use the same FTP provider as your ISP - it seems to be more reli
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