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Giant mistake

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Latest: 17 May 2018
A review of Basil Bookseller Software by BasilPSA,
18 Dec 2017
My place of work, a small local chain of about 8 stores started using Basil 2 years ago. On paper, it looked very promising, with some very cool features sure to make our jobs easier, and the people in charge of Basil did a very good job of upselling it. The reality? Basil was a giant mistake. Even 2 years after the fact, it remains a broken and bug riddled system. It's almost like a beta of a full product, and at it's worst, it feels more like an early alpha. Everyone who works at the

Great Experience each time

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A review of FreeeUp by Sol-,
17 May 2018
I have been using Freeeup for over a year and a half and i hired four people using the marketplace and my experience with their marketplace for freelancers is just amazing! Besides the ease of getting freelancers for your specific needs the freelancers they recommend are super professional and above all super nice all well spoken and great manor it's just a pleasure talking with them they truly represent the top 1% So anyone looking to get great talent for a great price I would totally rec

Amazon Account Reinstated

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A review of Thompson & Holt by crystal,
17 May 2018
Thank you Katie... Going through of several months of back and forth emails with amazon ...Katie finally escalate our appeal to the highest appeal department. Even though we did not get our account fullly reinstated yet. It is still under review. But They have reinstated my account for selling. But still hold our funds while under review. At least half of it got done. I am glad. Because my account was suspended for 1 year already. We are start selling again now. Katie was very responsive, s

Excellent Company to work with!

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A review of BULQ by katiemay3131,
15 May 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? They are very helpful and always willing to work with you if any situations arise. How was the support? Excellent. Most recently I worked with Anthony. He was very helpful and was able to assist with my issue quickly and effectively. Most of the cases or pallets I receive from the company are in great condition. Occasionally you will run in to one that is not up to expectations but they are always willing to make it right. I have confi

Pallet of trash

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15 May 2018
I had purchased repeatedly and only got a decent case about 1/3rd of the time. The pallet I just received was 90 percent actual trash, empty boxes, smashed, wet and dirty. I would think that they could take a 2 second look and realize that they are shipping garbage, instead they call it unexpected returns, meaning there is no recourse. Great if your the seller, terrible for a buyer. Their customer service is hit or miss at best. Luckily they are not the only game in town, so shopping elsewhere


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A review of Thompson & Holt by nickl333,
15 May 2018
Simply amazing service, i was so shocked they could help me, i stood to lose thousands of pounds and staff were without work and these guys got me back selling in 6 hours, they are miracle workers, honestly i thought a load of the reviews were fake as its an industry with some shady company's, but after using this service i can assure you T&H is not one of them, they are so professional, personal and Quick, i e-mailed some concerns weeks ago and i would get a tailored response straight back. t

Starting as an Amazon seller

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A review of Algopix by daniela.eggs,
15 May 2018
Just a few months ago, I started my journey to become an Amazon seller. In the beginning I struggled to get good market insights which made product sourcing not only difficult, but also a financial risk. After reading blogs, watching many online courses, and exchanging with other merchants on social media, I finally discovered Algopix, which helped me gain a better understanding of the market and competition. This resulted in higher profit margins and improving my skills - Algopix helped me lear

more success with algopix...

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A review of Algopix by juergen.schwitzkowski,
15 May 2018
I have heard about algopix and startet to get informed. Very interessting what they are doing. I startet with my own homepage some time ago, with a little hope, that people see my photos and get further on with this buisness. So far I am happy to have a own homepage, but there are always thinks to do to get better. Maybe I should work with algopix together to get more success with I have to think about it. Time is running very fast and I have to think about a way to sell some ph

Stay away from this company

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A review of Shopping Cart Elite by octanelighting,
13 May 2018
Terrible company. Promised 3 months set up that took them 18 months and never even fully completed the work. Site still doesn’t work properly and company fails to acknowledge or fix problems. Wasted thousands of dollars and time. The site is always glitching, their servers goes down for hours at a time on a regular basis. These guys overprise and way under deliver. I would run away from this company and look at X-Cart, Shopify or Magento...anything but SCE. By the way they will randomly overcha

Terrible Company. Bad Customer service. Terrible Product.

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A review of WebInterpret by EMaster,
12 May 2018
Broken product and when you try to cancel they will not cancel but argue with you. Worst company ever. Tried to cancel 5 times and they will not do it. Called eBay about them and eBay told us they are having non stop complaints about WebInterpret. eBay should cut off being a partner of any kind with this company. If they cannot handle a simple cancellation after their product is broken then they should get lost. Advice to WebIinterpret: When a customer wants to cancel do not

Great product and service

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A review of ShipWorks by finlayson,
11 May 2018
We have been using Shipworks for 14 years. It allows us to ship hundreds of orders fast and with accuracy. Shipworks interface allows us to ship using several different options, comparing prices and estimated delivery times quickly and easily. We have stores on several different platforms and Shipworks allows us to download them into their one interface, and ship them from one central place. Shipworks customer service/support people have always been fast and knowledgeable. Shipworks is a

Great company

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by permitted101,
10 May 2018
They actually care about the greater seller community. Brett was extremely helpful and assisted me with the ordeal I had a question on. If you need any help when it comes to selling on amazon. Amazon seller lawyer is the place to go. Very friendly, professional, and courteous. I also needed their help on another occasion and they were able to provide me with what I needed during a relatively short time-frame. When it comes to your business, you need to be able to trust in the right people, and f

Not so SolidCommerce

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A review of Solid Commerce by Izzie,
10 May 2018
There are a lot of problems within Solid. They like to shove the excel tool down your throat and the excel tool is unreliable as best. Instead of moving things from one warehouse to another it made duplicates of everything and deleted the quantity field. So now not only do I have to go back through and delete the duplicates, but I have to also recount everything. Any time I have an issue and try to "chat" with support, I am not helped right away. Instead I am given a response of "Let me

They helped me to reinstate my suspended Amazon account

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A review of Thompson & Holt by Shazkam,
9 May 2018
Professional people and well organised. I can't believe I am now out of trouble when Amazon suspended my selling account nearly a month ago. 5 stars for this great company services. Will use again and recommend to friend if they ever have any trouble with their account. Not sure if other companies like this are real or not but I know this one is genuine. I was a bit worried at start before transferring advance fee to unknown company online but they handled all the matter very professionally and

"Don't Bring a Knife to a Gunfight"

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Latest: 9 May 2018
Daniel Lai
A review of Amazon Sellers Attorney by Daniel Lai,
9 May 2018
Amazon DOES NOT mess around with suspensions, violations and appeals. Make sure you call in the calvary i.e. Kenneth Eade who would provide you expert advice on what needs to be done in your situation. We had an issue with account suspension in which Kenneth drafted us a Plan of Action within his promise of 48 hrs (in our case it was over the weekend and he still rushed it out for us). Most importantly Kenneth was there all the way with us till we managed to get our account back. We attribute hi

After 5 months they're still excellent

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Dustin Snow
A review of ShipWorks by Dustin Snow,
8 May 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? The Shipworks software has changed our business plan. We have been 95% B2B for 90 years. With Shipworks software we can sell direct to homeowners at a scale large enough that we can shift our focus from B2B to retail. For us Shipworks isn't only shipping software, it also helps us monitor inventories with ease and accuracy. We sell on different platforms that all integrate with Shipworks, therefore we can account for product as it leave

Non-existant customer support

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Latest: 8 May 2018
A review of Wonder Lister by steve330,
22 Oct 2017
They offer a 15 day free trial but refuse to answer any questions you send them during those 15 days. Sent several emails and not one response. Maybe they wait for you to pay before answering? There are plenty of choices for listing software on the market, so I was surprised that I didn't receive a single reply. To me this is a sign that things will not work out. I'm not paying a subscription to have my questions answered. I went with a competitor instead who answered questions quickly

dishonet people! Do not buy!!!

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A review of American Merchandise Liquidators by danerf,
8 May 2018
AML is a S C A M !! Do not buy anything from them. I spent 8k for a load that was supposedly good, I was told it might be 10-15% that would be not any good. They sent me a SALVAGE LOAD! Broken junk, non repairable, I could not even sell the parts to try and make my money back. I lost my shirt on this. Phillip Wetherington who "helped me" with this truckload was absolutely no help after I told him the problem. They offered me another truckload at a discount! Why would I want more worthless junk


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A review of FeedbackTuner by ScottWalter,
8 May 2018
Worked out really well, we saw an increase of 2X, 172 product reviews per 28 day period after using this product. And the price is much better. The support is really excellent and we've been using them for about 2.5 months now. We looked at three different services before deciding on FeebackTurner but decided their interface is superior, the support is better, the price is less and they have some nice templates as well as multiple special options like the ability to exclude, include or targe

alibaba brings more competition

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eagle eyes Inspection
A review of by eagle eyes Inspection,
8 May 2018
Alibaba built up several sections within its website, like sourcing, inspection, shipping etc, and all of them are cluttered with many companies. It brights a lot of competition. And alibaba sets up certain rules to rank the suppliers to make more profit. I personally don't quite like to use it. I use alibaba over 9 years ago when I was working in a samll trading company. The work I needed to do every day is to post some new products, and refresh the webpages every afternoon for so call rank

Horrid Experience eBay sales decreased 70%

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Latest: 8 May 2018
A review of CrazyLister by brandonlv,
30 Apr 2018
Concept is great, have more professional looking listings. My experience was the complete opposite. I created a template and applied it to approximately 300 listings. There was an error in the code and the template was not being displayed. The rep could not fix it and during the first weekend I had 1/3 of the sales that I have been having. After 5 days I removed the template which reverted all of my listings back to original text, changed all of the store categories on ALL of the listing
Thompson & Holt
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