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Started by Andy,
22 Sep 2004
This board is for members and developers to promote their businesses and products. Please follow these rules: Use the correct board when starting a new topic. Do not start more than one post on the same topic. Stay on-topic when replying to posts. Do not use profanity or offensive language. Do not link to offensive or fraudulent sites. We reserve the right to delete posts. Due to spam the following types of posts will be deleted immediately.

Seller Desk Amazon Help Desk - Free Beta Invites

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Seller Desk
Started by Seller Desk,
23 Apr 2019 Seller Desk is a cloud based Help Desk service that replaces the Amazon Seller Central Buyer/Seller Messaging with a tool that is robust, feature rich and focused on Amazon sellers and their needs. Just a few of the features: Helps prevent permanent suspension* Alerts let you know if another agent is working a ticket Autosaves draft as you type. Never lose a message again Order Details directly attache

New issue of FBA Monthly is out now

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Started by,
17 Apr 2019
Hi everyone! We're happy to announce that another issue of FBA Monthly is out. It's a curated newsletter with the most crucial news in Amazon Seller space and this time our biggest news are the following: - This Amazon seller lost $400000 in sales after being attacked by self-proclaimed virus of Amazon - The Amazon Marketplace email panic and what you need to do next - The First Step To A Profitable Amazon Business - 'Review gating': Seller offers free product for five-star review on

How I use CamelCamelCamel & Keepa

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Garlic Press Seller
Started by Garlic Press Seller,
16 Apr 2019
I have just written a new guide about how to use CamelCamelCamel & Keepa I will also discuss: - CamelCamelCamel Alternatives - Sales Rank & history - CamelCamelCamel vs Keepa - Keepa is no longer free?

Amzpecty - Price Checker Tool for Amazon Sellers

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Latest: 16 Apr 2019
Started by Amzpecty,
4 Oct 2016
Hey everyone! :D:D:D As I have mentioned in the "Introduce Yourself" forum, I represent a software developer. I'd like to introduce here our product, which we call Amzpecty. In a nutshell, Amzpecty is what we could call a "competitor research" tool. It lets you take a peek at what everyone in your niche market is selling. After all, when we sell, we look at the price range everyone is selling at so we can calculate our own prices and be competitive, while still ensuring our profit margins.

Six questions to retail purchasers

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Kristel Luur
Started by Kristel Luur,
16 Apr 2019
Hello! We are a wholesaler from Estonia called Ursus. We are doing research before expanding to other markets. We would like to know what is important to our clients and get relevant insight about your daily challenges. I kindly ask You to answer following questions. Thank You in advance Ursus OÜ business development team

Scraping product information in seconds

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Started by kiseul.suh,
14 Apr 2019 Do you want to collect product information quickly? will be a good answer. With Listly, you can extract data from a single page, multiple pages, and parent-child pages in ONE click. It works through Chrome Extensions. If you want to know about the service, it is faster to watch the video than to read the explanation. [link=


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Winsolutions Corp
Started by Winsolutions Corp,
9 Apr 2019
We made a list of the top five commonly asked questions when Outsourcing your business activities. Outsourcing as of it is today, is a practical and innovative way to your business. It does not only allow you to move and manage your business easily but it can save a lot of your TIME, EFFORT and RESOURCES. 5. What jobs/activities can I outsource? Any role that can be performed virtually and does not req

Dead sales?

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Started by mikera,
8 Apr 2019
Hi Web Retailers, Happy to be here! I want to help the community of Amazon sellers here, maybe in turn you can help me. I hate bullshit, so here's exactly what the product i've built can do for you. Hami helps amazon sellers internationalize their listings and boost sales in local markets. Product listings are translated by human professional translators. We have over 1k vetted professionals at the ready. After translation, the products get separate listings for the countries, in the


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Started by Yigit,
2 Apr 2019
What do you guys think of Prisync acquiring its competitor Spotlite from Australia?

FREE Brexit Readiness Training for London based SMEs

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Latest: 1 Apr 2019
Started by ebooster,
25 Mar 2019
Hi folks I am a London-based e-commerce seller. Following the Brexit Referendum of 2016, I was pretty clear on how my business would be affected by the result when implemented. At that time I started implementing risk mitigation plans which included opening other Amazon marketplaces, and offering Amazon consultancy (I have 20+ years' experience in ecommerce, and management consulting - so it made sense to combine the two). The consultancy expanded to include experts in UK / EU trade

Amazon Shopify eBay Product Images Edit and Retouch

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hmadi job
Started by hmadi job,
30 Mar 2019
Hey guys if anyone needs a designer, I'm a freelancer in graphic design and photo retouching, I have a good experience in retouching product images, I have been doing it for myself in the past but now I'm doing it to help other people. So if you need any product image editing service (resizing to match the size recommendation on any store, cleaning the product, changing the background or removing it...) for just a cheap price, feel free to check out my Fiverr gig all about product images editin

Repricing for Amazon

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Started by AlphaRepricer,
25 Mar 2019
Hello Amazon Sellers! Interested in making more sales at the right prices? Hone in on the competition, leave out the stragglers or highest priced. Schedule your repricing for the time you expect your buyers to be shopping, Many more features at Alpha Repricer. We reprice continuously. Our fees are very competitive. Try us out for 14 days free with full support. See you all at Alpha Repricer

We are AmzDen, and We are active sellers on Amazon and eBay!

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Started by AmzDen,
25 Mar 2019
Our team at AmzDen has a combined Amazon, eBay, Wish, marketplace selling experience of over 40 years. So we know the daily pains of every technical process, from account opening to verification to category approval to suspension reinstatements, account management, and everything in between.

E-Commerce Checkout Flow

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Started by nthompson196,
21 Mar 2019
Hey! I just wanted to share this resource. It's how on optimizing your e-commerce checkout flow for 2019! I would love thoughts and feedback from anyone who has worked with e-commerce before :)

Grow Your Sales

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Started by selouni87,
20 Mar 2019
We get you orders or you pay nothing You can grow your sales, expand your customer base and improve customer loyalty by plugging the Rewardical program into your website. Rewardical is the easiest loyalty program ever (great for your business even if you already have an existing loyalty program, by the way)! Getting started basically requires submitting your website URL and choosing a participation rate. . Start FREE today...and your first 1000 Rewardicals are on us! Click this link to

Free Jungle Scout License Giveaway

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Garlic Press Seller
Started by Garlic Press Seller,
17 Mar 2019
Hi, I am doing a giveaway and giving out 1 free Jungle Scout (chrome extension) license per month More info about the Jungle Scout Free Download

Flexport vs Freightos

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Garlic Press Seller
Started by Garlic Press Seller,
17 Mar 2019
I always used Flexport as I liked their dashboard. However, their prices have been going insane lately. So I compared the prices of Flexport vs Freightos for example: Flexport 20' container Ningbo - LA: $3513 Freightos 20' container Ningbo - LA: $2432 Difference: $1081 Click here for full Flexport vs Freightos comparison

Amazon FBA | Blog & YouTube Channel

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Latest: 17 Mar 2019
Started by nick.ecommerce,
30 Oct 2018
Hey Guys, I've founded a website to help people learn more about building an amazon FBA business. The site is called eBusiness Boss I put out a video every week on my youtube channel, and i'm looking for more useful topic ideas! Are there any areas of Amazon FBA that you'd like some advice on? I've been doing it full time for a long time now, so i'd be happy to create some useful content for you! Thanks, Nick

3Dsellers Platform Updates

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Started by 3DSellers,
13 Mar 2019
New! We’ve added capabilities to our eBay selling tools, thanks to our user suggestions We’re so happy to have active eBay sellers who’re interesting in improving their selling experience and we take everybody’s suggestions very seriously. 3Dsellers was built by sellers for sellers – we stand firmly behind this concept and welcome your tips with open ears. If you have tips and suggestions of your own, we now implemented a “Request a Feature” button at the top right corner of

New Issue from FBA Monthly Newsletter

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Started by,
4 Mar 2019
Hi everyone! We're happy to announce that another issue of FBA Monthly is out. It's a curated newsletter with the most crucial news in Amazon Seller space. And this time the biggest news are the following: - Do Amazon's new 'Dynamic Bid' ads improve sales? By Practical Ecommerce - How to Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Business with Instagram by Small Business Trends - The New Black Hat Tactics Amazon Sellers Are Using To Take Out Their Competition by Forbes - Beware of Amazon Sellers ****s b
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