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Birmingham ( England ) Online Seller Meetup 22nd March, 2018

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Online Seller UK
Started by Online Seller UK,
2 Mar 2018
Birmingham Online Seller Meetup is free for online sellers and retailers. Our events are well known for providing educational evening and are perfect for any business aiming to grow online nationally or internationally. If you are thinking of starting to sell online, you will learn proven strategies and tactics quicker through our events. So, don’t miss this opportunity! We will be discussing a range of eComme

Free Online Ecommerce Marketing Summit

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Started by dashadangerous,
1 Mar 2018
Hey guys! Here is something free and valuable I want to share with you. In case you’re in charge of marketing in e-commerce business, here is a useful free online conference I advise you to attend on 14th of March. The speakers are 5 experts in various aspects of e-commerce digital marketing from Shopify, WordPress, PromoRepublic, WooCommerce and Ninja Outreach. The topics that will be covered: 10X Your Growth with E-Commerce How Your Online Store Can Compete with Amazon

How to migrate to another shopping cart?

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Latest: 24 Feb 2018
Started by sarahphanthi97,
24 Feb 2018
I’m using Prestashop now, and I’ve been thinking of moving toShopify, cause the business grows really well. What is the best way to do it?

Improving e-commerce corrugated packaging

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Robert Swan
Started by Robert Swan,
23 Feb 2018
Are you needing to improve your current e-commerce corrugated packaging performance and supply chain? If so, we would welcome an opportunity to learn more about your needs and explore where/how we might be able to support your company.


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Started by Fratsy,
22 Feb 2018
Hi, We have launched the first tool that is helping Amazon and Ebay resellers improve their purchasing power and profit margins. Fratsy is a website that sources only Amazon Best Seller Rated products, and groups resellers orders to allow them to all benefit from better wholesale prices. View here:

Do You Overlook These Opportunities in Your Product Catalog?

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Etail Solutions
Started by Etail Solutions,
15 Feb 2018
The biggest reasons why you shouldn't sacrifice catalog optimization at the expense of catalog expansion It comes down to focusing on only one or two suppliers - and your high performing SKUs - instead of adding new suppliers too quickly, which just makes your catalog too large and difficult to manage. You can get big wins on a much smaller percentage of products. The key is to optimize what you already have in your current catalog. You just need to take the time to go really 'deep'

AlphaRepricer, Amazon repricer with phone support for ALL

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Started by AlphaRepricer,
12 Feb 2018
AlphaRepricer is the Amazon repricing tool with full support for their customers. Along with fantastic repricing features, AlphaRepricer provides great customer service. We believe our customers should be able to reach us when they need help. That's why we offer many ways of communication. You can email us, open ticket, or request phone support. None of those pre-filled answers list. Isn't it frustrating to go through a list of existing answers that, maybe, are relevant to you. Many tim

TradeGecko + Magento Integration for inventory management

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Latest: 6 Feb 2018
Started by melanie751,
17 Jul 2014
If you guys are Magento users, you'll be glad to know that it recently integrated with TradeGecko, an industry-leading inventory management provider today introduces its seamless integration with the popular open-source platform, for better inventory management. The TradeGecko integration allows for the efficient and automated round-the-clock management of inventory for Magento shop fronts, allowing businesses to keep stock levels in-sync and up-to-date, all in real-time. This includes featur

Magento Shipping Case Study: The Bamboo Flooring Company

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Started by Parcelhub,
6 Feb 2018 Magento Merchants Enhance Delivery Experience with Parcelhub A recurring theme amongst successful startups seems to be entrepreneurs quitting their job to launch a company in the same industry. Bucking that trend, Chris Elliott launched The Bamboo Flooring Company[/l

Formula and Profit based Min/Max from Alpharepricer

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Started by AlphaRepricer,
5 Feb 2018
At AlphaRepricer, you can set your Min and Max prices in minutes. Yes, even if your inventory is in the thousands. Use formulas to define how you want the Min and Max prices to be set. AlphaRepricer willl then use the formula to set those prices for you. Test it out on your items to see if you like the results. And in no time you can have Min and Max for all or selected inventory. You guessed it; you can have multiple formulas. Because one formula may not be a good fit for all. Do you want to b

Product demo videos production for Amazon listings

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Adjust Video Production
Started by Adjust Video Production,
5 Feb 2018
My name's Yana and I am the E-Commerce Video specialist. We offer product videos for online sellers to enhance their e-commerce listings on Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc. We come up with a special formula for product video mass productions that can cover big product catalogs in a fast manner and great rates per video. Our studio based in LA, California and we can produce up to 160 videos or more per month. link to video samples and pricing:

London Amazon Seller Meetup

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Online Seller UK
Started by Online Seller UK,
4 Feb 2018 Register here London Amazon Seller Meetup is free for online sellers and retailers. Our events are perfect for any business aiming to grow online nationally or internationally. If you are thinking of starting to sell online, you will learn proven strategies and tactics quicker through our events. So, don’t m

Free Video Game Marketplace

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Started by pricecharting,
1 Feb 2018
I launched a video game marketplace (physical games like Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, Playstation, etc) 2 1/2 years ago. It has been steadily growing since. The marketplace charges no fees (we have some premium tools but they are totally optional. It takes about 30 seconds to make a listing manually The site gets about 20,000 visitors per day We have automated tools like bulk uploads and an API for larger

Looking For Shopify Store Partner

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Started by Daniel.L,
31 Jan 2018
Hello My Name Is Daniel Lee( Amazon FBA Business Owner and Shopify Owner) and I’m currently looking to find a hardworking willing partner to help me create/market a new amazing Valentine Themed Shopify store targeted to crush this upcoming valentines day. And Completely divid the store profits at the end of that day. It will be a equal effort with myself putting my current store on hold to take full advantage of this exploding seasonal quarter. If anyone seeing my vision to want to make a few

Manchester Online Seller Meetup

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Online Seller UK
Started by Online Seller UK,
12 Jan 2018 __________________________________________ REGISTER HERE __________________________________________ Manchester Online Seller Meetup is free for online sellers and retailers. Our events are perfect for any business aiming to grow online nationally or internationally. If you are thinking of s

Maximize Trade Shows With Brand Registry & Keywords

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Started by cordelia,
5 Jan 2018
Jan 11, Atlanta In-depth workshop with Q & A to work on specifics for your business. Thoroughly understanding Brand Registry 2.0 give you tons of options for working with vendors on Amazon. Keyword research can help optimize trade shows and make good sourcing decisions. Cynthia Stine and George Lawrence are featured presenters. Details:

How Customized Newsletters Helps to eCommerce Store Owner?

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Jennifer Perez
Started by Jennifer Perez,
5 Jan 2018
A newsletter is most cost effective marketing tool for eCommerce store owners. It help to boost eCommerce growth along with build strong relationship with customers, It plays a vital role in eCommerce strategy. You can read more advantages of newsletters in eCommerce here:

AlphaRepricer, automated and affordable repricer for Amazon

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Started by AlphaRepricer,
3 Jan 2018
Alpharepricer offers an online app for Amazon sellers. Our clients use our tool to automatically reprice their items so that they can effectively compete with other Amazon sellers. We support multiple Amazon Marketplaces. Our customer support is outstanding. We are there for you starting with your free trial. You can request help by opening ticket, emailing or requesting phone support. We can help you with any thing from account setup to actually getting your reprci

Find the best Third Party Channels to boost your store sales

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Jennifer Perez
Started by Jennifer Perez,
28 Dec 2017
In this ever-evolving eCommerce world, it is not just enough to have a simple eCommerce store. The internet as well as your online shoppers have matured, and there is a very less percentage of shoppers who will only prefer single website while looking to purchase. Customers are now more tech savvy and available across different channels to shop, like smart phones, branded eCommerce storefront, social media, marketplaces, etc. So you must expand your sales channels otherwise you will really miss

Automation and Monitoring Tool for Amazon sellers

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Started by Feedbackwhiz,
23 Dec 2017
Hello from Feedbackwhiz! Please check out our awesome automation and management tools! Our support team is available 24/7 and ready to answer any questions. Our tools are great for Brand sellers who want to monitor their feedback and product reviews and allow users to quickly contact customers using automated email campaigns! Keep track of emails you send to your customer and get open-rates so you know which campaigns are most effective. We offer 100% automatic buyer-review matching for

AMZ Labels Adds Support for Amazon LTL FBA Shipments

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AMZ Labels
Started by AMZ Labels,
21 Dec 2017
AMZ Labels has now added support for sellers who ship to Amazon FBA fulfillment centers using LTL truck shipping. AMZ Labels will convert the 6-labels per page format to print on your 4x6 thermal printer. AMZ Labels also supports UPS inbound FBA labels and individual FNSKU barcodes. Print all you labels using a fast and efficient thermal printer - saving you time and money! Try out the free 30-day trial.
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