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eSeller Street pay-per-use eBay Market Research

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Latest: 24 Oct 2006
Started by Michelle,
19 Oct 2006
Hello, I'd like to introduce eSeller Street which offers eBay market research for the past 90 days in a convenient pay-per-use format. Knowing the most recent eBay market prices will: Drive users to your listings using the best title keywords, start day/time, start price, category Help you decide which inventory will make you a profit before you buy Understand a new market and optimize inventory - as shown in this [link=www.esell

Using VOICE on Auction Listings

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Latest: 6 Oct 2006
Started by toppix,
10 Dec 2005
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just thought I'd tell you about a tool I'm using that seems to be working for me. I started using voice in my auctions a couple months ago and I experienced immediate results. My bids and profits have never been higher (and I've been selling on eBay for over 8 years)! If you're interested in using voice in your auctions or website, visit Right now, they're offering a 3 week

Brand New Site - Wanted Buyers & Sellers

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Started by auctionbid4u,
1 Oct 2006
:D Hello everyone. How are you today? I was stopping by to tell everyone about my new auction site that just opened on September 15, 2006. I am looking for buyers and sellers. It is at Registering is free and when you sign up, you get a $10.00 USD credit. We have free basic listings. We have a refer a friend program, for every friend you refer - you get a $5.00 USD credit. All of our upgrades for selling are cheap. Please take a look around, if nothing more, please let me

Eliminate Termplates; automate image capture

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IHS Software
Started by IHS Software,
21 Sep 2006
Are you tired of designing and maintaining Listing Templates? Do you have too many errors in posting your products to auction sites? Are your postings inconsistent? Does it take too much technical skill to enter attributes? Do you have to be an Excel expert in addition to understanding your products? IHS Software can help. We simplify the entering of information by providing a user interface that eliminates working in templates and spreadsheets. We can also control a digital camera to automat

Free eBay Review - improve your eBay Sales

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Started by Auctioning4u,
11 Sep 2006
Auctioning4u Consulting are offering a free eBay review to help companies understand how to improve their eBay sales. Our eBay business health check evaluates your current eBay operations and makes recommendations as to how these could improved. The review covers the following areas: *Item listings. Review of your eBay listing and shop assessing your item descriptions, photographs, terms and conditions branding and listing layout *Operations. Review of your auction management

Auctioning4u eBay Consulting

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Started by Auctioning4u,
5 Sep 2006
Looking to start an eBay business? Unhappy with your eBay presence? Auctioning4u eBay Consulting uses the knowledge which auctioning4u has acquired becoming the UK's leading eBay trading assistant and an eBay titanium powerseller to help companies create profitable eBay businesses. We offer services in the following areas: - Branding and logos - Auction template design - eBay shop design - Auction management software implementation - eBay Market Research - eBay Training Courses

Author required

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Started by manny01,
31 Aug 2006
A programmer needed for a piece of code to be written up for an online server based application to use within auction environment. Willing to pay for the job or go into legal partnership. good potential. application to be patented. Contact me on or on 07973 899 714 Serious enquiries only. Matter can only be discussed in person as opposed to on line or the phone therefore, has to be accessible to Manchester. UK - upgrade. FREE SOFTWARE.

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Started by classified,
29 Aug 2006
The new version of is now available. We have introduced a new facility to export your customer list to a MS Word or MS Works document, so you have greater options in label design. (an example can be downloaded from our website). Full details and software is available from: THIS SOFTWARE IS FREE.

New Auction Website With £20 Free For Joining!!

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Latest: 27 Aug 2006
Started by djglich,
16 Jun 2005
Hi there everyone! My name is Steve and I have just started an auction website. It is going to be massive. If you do sign up, please help us by listing a few items or even try and win the offers. The site is called Lucky Day Bid and its only been running just under 4 days. We have over 25 members and over 40 auctions already. We're going to be HUGE! The site is accessable by the whole world, mainly UK, USA & Europe. Everyone is welcome!! The FREE offer we have,

New eBay Tool, List'd Express Launches

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Started by getlistd,
2 Aug 2006
As eBay has grown and offered more services, the process of selling items on the site has become increasingly complex. A seller has to go through a time-consuming five pages to get an item listed through eBay. List’d Express hopes to simplify this process with its one-page listing tool. List’d Express offers sellers an intuitive and slick user-interface that makes listing on eBay a breeze, it does a lot of the hard work for you.” All users of List’d Express get free image hosting, free sch

Free Unlimited Sniping

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Started by tlsf2000,
31 Jul 2006
Check out this place called I've signed up and have sniped a few things. So far it is free and working great.

Introducing myCooqy Widgets for sellers and buyers

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Started by Cooqy,
27 Jul 2006 Cooqy, the first Web 2.0 eBay search engine, has released new myCooqy widgets for eBay sellers and buyers. The new Seller Showcase is a free, customizable widget that displays a seller's item listings with animated, eye-catching detail. The Seller Showcase allows for many customizations, including text labels, colors, and even your Commission Junction ID. Use the showcase to advertise your eBay listings from your eBay item pages, blog, or any other web page. In ad

Earn cash by advertising auctions on your site!

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Started by webbowser,
27 Jul 2006
Earn cash by advertising auctions on your site! Contextual advertising is a great idea but does not always return the results you would expect. Contextual advertising scans your website for specific keywords, then tries to match the results to relevant, prepaid advertisements. But if a match is not found, you will end up with ads unrelated to the content of your site. Auction Ad Tags removes the guesswork of contextual advertising by allowing you to specify the exact keywords

eBay Feedback Viewer - Free utility

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Started by Cr1spy,
18 Jul 2006
Ever wanted to view a eBay members negative feedback but had to trawl through pages and pages to find it all? I have, so I wrote a little utility to download an eBay members feedback and let me sort and filter it as I required. It's called "eBay Feedback Viewer" and it's free to dowload and use. You can get it from: Hope you find it usefull. Cr1spy [link=http:/

New Free Tools

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Latest: 14 Jul 2006
Auction LotWatch
Started by Auction LotWatch,
16 May 2006
Hi all, We have just added some new free tools & information to our selection and have also updated some of the old favourites. Full information can be found by clicking the link below: More Free Auction Tools HTH Cheers Steve

eBay Item Watcher - Free Download

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Latest: 12 Jul 2006
Started by Cr1spy,
27 Jan 2006
Hi, I released the "Ebay Item Watcher" at the start of this year and it's begining to get quite popular. Not bad for a what started as a personal pet project. The monitor works for eBay and Yahoo auctions. More auction site are to be added in future releases. Based on the Microsoft .Net framework, the application works by scraping auction web pages for item details and allows for alert messages to be set. Home Page: achieves top Google ranking

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Estates On Line, LLC
Started by Estates On Line, LLC,
4 Jul 2006 is pleased to announce that it has received a top ranking on Google for selling estate property. The site offers its users the most complete array of services for selling estate, personal, and business property. Listings placed on the site are search-engine optimized and uploaded to Google for direct search by buyers. Listings can also be launched to eBay via a built-in auction launcher. Results of eBay transactions are automatically captured and reported in a Control

Refer a friend - 1 free mo. of AuctionIntelligence

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Certes Consulting
Started by Certes Consulting,
1 Jul 2006 During July 2006 we are going to be running a special - refer a new subscriber to AuctionIntelligence and we'll give you a free month of usage! To participate, you just need to do these 3 simple steps: 1. Tell your friend about AuctionIntelligence (via email, phone, dancing telegram, etc.) 2. After your friend signs up, get their registration code (in the form S-XXXXXXXX

Want to search eBay by S&H and/or Total Price?

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Started by Cooqy,
27 Jun 2006
Then you will want to check out Cooqy's new exclusive search filters at Cooqy now provides the ability to search eBay for items with min/max Shipping and Handling prices and min/max Total Prices (the sum of the item price or buy-it-now prices plus shipping). Now you can find items with free shipping, or filter out cheap items with high shipping. Or just focus on the total amount of money you want to spend for items. Cooqy is free and supports eBay USA, Canada, UK,

Introducing Cooqy Lite, optimized for dial-up

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Started by Cooqy,
21 Jun 2006
Cooqy (, the first Web 2.0 eBay search engine, has released Cooqy Lite, a smaller and optimized version especially for dial-up users. Cooqy Lite provides faster surfing of eBay auctions than eBay's own HTML website, due to greatly reduced data volumes. 100 search results on eBay without images requires over 500KB of data, while the same search results in Cooqy Lite only requires 30KB. A single item detail page on eBay typically weighs in over 100KB without images, while

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Started by Poppygirl,
21 Jun 2006
They offer high end eBay Shop design, eBay template design services for companies and individuals throughout the United Kingdom. (worldwide coming soon) An unparalleled service will help you to maximise your eBay potential!
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